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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 15 Recap

Qin Zhen has been very frustrated as an assistant coach. He can’t help shaking even with the ball, and being unable to play has always been his demon. After Fu Chuanzhi’s painstaking persuasion, Qin Zhen finally agreed to become Liu Shi’s coach, passing on his own experience and regrets, which is not worthy of his career.

Xu Tan did increase his strength in the duel training with Yu Kenan, but his ranking did not fluctuate much in a team where everyone is striving for the top. From an objective point of view, Yu Kenan is not optimistic about Xu Tan’s current situation. Although Teng Biao does not agree with him on the surface, he also has deep concerns in his heart.

During the intense training, neither Yu Kenan nor Xu Tan had the opportunity to understand the chocolate oolong incident. This beautiful misunderstanding is still brewing. Everyone is adjusting the state of preparations, but before the game, Fu Jingchun found that his ankle was a little strange, but he didn’t pay attention to it.

In June 2006, two weeks later, it was relegation and relegation. It was also an important game for the second team to make it to the first team. Before the promotion and promotion, the second team will conduct a screening match to select eligible players for promotion and promotion.

The game adopts a five-point system, the first to get five points wins, and the top eight are eligible for promotion or promotion. In order for the coach to participate in it, Fu Chuanzhi set up a points system in this competition, and both players and coaches are eligible to bet points for the players.

Players can give points to opponents or themselves, and those with more points can get the corresponding number of starts, which has some decisive advantages. In order to prevent cheating, players can no longer score points after they know who their opponents are. The top eight players can directly enter the relegation competition.

Liu Shiben wanted Xu Tan to help out Tian Ji’s horse racing and liquidate his own strengths and weaknesses so that he could bet more confidently. Unexpectedly, Liu Shi discovered that Xu Tan counted very few points for himself, and seemed to have no confidence in how many points he could get.

The game officially began, and Xu Tan faced Fu Jingchun in the first game. When Xu Tan was even less confident, not only Lei Cheng and Teng Biao scored points on him, but Yu Kenan also scored points, giving Xu Tan the advantage of the first serve. Confidence is given to each other, which made Xu Tan feel calm and finally showed a confident momentum on the court.

Fu Jingchun faced Yu Kenan. The intense exercise made his ankle unbearable. After the match ended with Fu Jingchun’s defeat, he suddenly fell to the scene of the match. The doctor diagnosed Fu Jingchun that the cartilage was fragmented and freed outside the joint. Once the cartilage entered the joint, it would cause irreversible damage.

Although the probability of cartilage fragments entering the joints is only one in a thousand, this will affect Fu Jingchun’s future career. Upgrading and downgrading is imminent, if you follow the doctor’s recommendations for surgical removal, you will inevitably miss the upgrade. With a heavy heart, Zheng Hao chose to temporarily conceal everyone, including Fu Jingchun.

After the internal trials, Xu Tan scored in the top eight and gained absolute advantage points. Because of Qin Zhen’s guidance, Liu Shi has made substantial and long-term progress and achieved excellent results in the competition. During the game, there was finally a coach who could remind and teach, even if just handing over a bottle of water, Liu Shi was moved and satisfied.

On the second day after the game, Liu Shi knocked on Qin Zhen’s door, making Qin Zhen who had a hangover had to get up and accompany him on a morning jog. The relationship between Liu Shi and Qin Zhen seemed to be reversed. Qin Zhen could not drink before the end of the promotion and promotion competition. The two masters and apprentices who had not cared for a long time achieved mutual redemption.

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