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Killer And Healer 恨君不似江楼月 Episode 18 Recap

After reading Jiang Yuelou, Chen Yuzhi came back and talked to Song Rong and others about the plan. Just as Jiang Yuelou analyzed, they should find out the identity of the dead. Chen Yuzhi asked Song Rong and Sun Yongren to visit the workers who marched that day. There should be more than one person who instigated the riot. Let Chu Ran write an article to guide public opinion to win the public’s attitude on the matter.

Section Chief Zhao came to Director Zhan to talk about today’s affairs. After the police station persuaded Jiang Yuelou, he wanted to pay according to the list without going wrong, so he didn’t go to the scene today. As a result, Jiang Yuelou stabbed such a big one. Basket. Director Zhan comforted him that he had little to do with him, so he didn’t have to worry about it.

Chen Yuzhi summoned Wang Meng and asked him about the identity of the dead worker. He was the old eighth who collected protection fees from the dock, and he was considered to be outside the Golden Horse Hall. Wang Meng said that the old bachelor was usually lazy and couldn’t do coolies. Chen Yuzhi said it was a conspiracy. This time the target was Jiangyue Tower. Wang Meng told Chen Yuzhi, Zhao Jingming, the mysterious person behind the scenes.

The accomplices who instigated the workers before found Zhao Jingming and wanted to sit on the ground to raise the price. He told Zhao Jingming not to lose money because of small mistakes. Zhao Jingming pretended to agree to his request. He turned around and went to the driver to get the money. Zhao Jingming shot him in the back and he fell on the bridge. on. Chu Ran wrote an article to persuade Yiren to change her secretly. Director Zhan specially came to wait for Chu Ran, and happened to meet Chu Min together to send Chu Ran to work.

Chen Yuzhi came to see Jiang Yuelou in prison under the pretext of seeing Jiang Yuelou. He would tell Jiang Yuelou what he had heard from Wang Meng, and Jiang Yuelou told Chen Yuzhi about his plan. Chen Yuzhi told Jiang Yuelou not to trust other people easily, nor those close to him, and let Jiang Yuelou wait for his news.

Director Zhan sent Chu Ran to work. When the colleagues saw that they were uncharacteristically, they greeted Chu Ran very enthusiastically, and even the editor-in-chief came to flatter her. After Chen Yuzhi came out, he told Song Rong and Sun Yongren about Jiangyuelou’s plan, and asked them to do it. Chen Yuzhi’s departure happened to meet the Director Zhan who came to the police station. Director Zhan asked about the situation of Jiang Yuelou. Chen Yuzhi invited Director Zhan and Zhao Jingming to participate in the charity fundraising.

Song Rong went to the newspaper to find Chu Ran, who happened to be away, so he asked Zhong Yiren to help inquire about the dead worker. Director Zhan came to see Jiang Yuelou in jail and brought a bottle of wine. Jiang Yuelou couldn’t believe him, deliberately pretending to break the bottle without holding it firmly, and promised to invite Director Zhan to drink after going out. Zhong Yiren heard the news and told Song Rong, Song Rong left the money and ran away.

As soon as Commander Zhan came to the exhibition mansion and saw Boss Jade, he said that he was an actor, and he scolded Director Zhan for uselessness, and he wanted to drive Boss Jout out. Boss Jade naturally refused. His coming and going were not that Commander Zhan could interfere. Yes, he said he only listened to Director Zhan and went upstairs. The affairs of Chu Ran and Song Rong were done, only Sun Yongren had no news, and Chen Yuzhi advised him to be patient. The charity fundraising is also ready, just waiting for everyone to arrive, and killing two birds with one stone not only raises funds but also exposes the people behind the scenes.

When Director Zhan came back, he saw Commander Zhan sitting on the sofa and asked him why he didn’t go to his mansion. Commander Zhan said that it was too cold to supply charcoal fire. Director Zhan looked at the people around him. He said Mr. Liu had remembered the wrong days, so he was not prepared. Director Zhan apologized to Commander Zhan and punished them another day. He didn’t expect Commander Zhan to say that they had been eaten by wild dogs in the mass graves, and Director Zhan asked him to restrain himself.

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