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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 7 Recap

Director Wei briefly inquired about the condition, and then asked Mi Hao what to do. Mi Ha made a wrong judgment and was trained by Director Wei. Mi Ha was a little depressed. After the patient’s condition stabilized, Chen Tao brought Mi Ha in. The emergency department turned around and took her to greet brother Zhou Zhe, nurse Feng Manman and Chen Xiaoyan. Mi Jie wanted to tell Xing Kelei that he had been transferred to emergency surgery when he was resting, but he hesitated and did not send the news.

Although Shao Yuhan did not leave Mi Ha in the Department of Neurosurgery, he was still very concerned about Mi Ha’s situation. He specifically asked Director Wei to ask about Mi Ha’s situation, and hoped Mi Ha could exercise well in emergency surgery and grow up as soon as possible.

At the morning meeting of emergency surgery the next day, Director Wei specifically ordered Mi Yan to follow Zhou Zhe first, and Mi Yan said that he would study well in emergency surgery. Although Xing Kelei didn’t come to the hospital these days, he thoughtfully sent breakfast to the neurosurgery department for a few days.

He originally wanted to give Mi Jia, but he didn’t know that Mi Jia had been transferred. The colleagues in the surgery thought it was Mi Hao. Xing Kelei came to the hospital to see Xiaochao and knew about it. He was a little bit of a fight for Mi Hao, so he went to Shao Yuhan to explain.

Mi Hao knew that Xing Kelei went to Shao Yuhan and hurried to Shao Yuhan’s office, and prevented Xing Kelei from speaking for himself and told Shao Yuhan himself. Will perform well in the emergency department. Seeing that Mi Yan was unhappy, Xing Kelei hurriedly chased him out. Mi Yan also said that Xing Kelei was no longer his instructor, and Xing Kelei didn’t need to care about his own affairs. He also said that there is always no good when the two of them meet together.

Mi Ha and Xing Kelei said that they should not contact him, but he still feels uncomfortable. Instead of taking a taxi home at night, he chose to ride a bike. Xing Kelei never left, waiting for Mi Ha to get off work at the entrance of the hospital. By chance, I want to send Mi Jia home. Mi Ha got into Xing Kelei’s car. The two didn’t talk a few words. Mi Ha was so tired that he fell asleep in the co-pilot. Soon Xing Kelei arrived at the gate of Mi Ha’s community. He didn’t wake up Mi Ha and waited for Mi Ha to wake up. Later, he said goodbye to Mi Yan, and after watching Mi Yan arrive home and turn on the lights, he left with confidence.

Mi Hao went to the neurosurgery department to get the report and asked Yanshan to sign it, only to find out that colleagues thought that the breakfast was ordered by herself. Mi Hao called the takeaway boy and called the person who ordered the breakfast, only to find out that Xing Kelei ordered the breakfast. Xing Kelei’s excuse was that the police ordered the breakfast to thank them for taking care of Xiaochao. After learning that Mi Ha hadn’t eaten the breakfast he ordered, Xing Kelei was very disappointed.

In order to please Shao Yuhan, Yanshan brought a lunch box to Shao Yuhan and asked Shao Yuhan to read her paper. However, Yanshan had not really contacted the cases in the paper. Shao Yuhan criticized Yanshan for being unrealistic and did not accept Yan. Shan’s lunch makes Yanshan feel very uncomfortable.

The emergency department suddenly received a vomiting Alzheimer’s patient. After a simple diagnosis, Mi Jia suspected that the patient had a brain injury. He called Director Wei to check again. Director Wei asked the patient to have a checkup and notified the neurosurgery department to come. consultation. This time because of Mi Jia’s carefulness, he correctly diagnosed the elderly’s condition. After the old man recovered from his illness, the elderly’s family members specially sent fruit to thank Mi Jia.

Director Wei also praised Mi Jia for an unprecedented time, and chatted with Mi Jia after get off work. . Director Wei asked Mi Yan if she had ever thought about why Shao Yuhan wanted her to be transferred to the emergency department. He also said that working in the emergency department was like a war, and asked how long she thought she could stay in the emergency department.

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