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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 5 Recap

Director He quickly learned that Mi Hao and Yanshan had another patient trapped in the elevator. Shao Yuhan just passed by and learned of the situation. He quickly directed the nurses present to prepare various surgical equipment and find someone to respond. The elevator had to be repaired halfway. In a few hours, Director He hurriedly asked the two to confirm the patient’s condition.

After an urgent inspection, they found that the patient’s physical condition was a little poor. The two reported the situation and showed Shao Yuhan the patient through a video call. After Shao Yuhan saw the situation , I said that I would open the elevator door and pass the surgical equipment in, and let them both operate on the patient in the elevator, but Yanshan was very nervous.

After all, they have no qualifications and the operating conditions are so poor. She was very afraid of taking responsibility when something went wrong, so she never dared to do the puncture for the patient. Mi Ha could only take the surgical equipment when she saw it, and did the puncture for the patient herself. Fortunately, Mi Ha treated the patient in time. His condition stabilized, and after the elevator was repaired, he was taken for follow-up treatment.

Renxin Hospital is about to hold a meeting to announce which department the doctors like Mi Jia will be assigned to. Shao Yuhan read the list. As expected, Yanshan was assigned to neurosurgery. Shao Yuhan asked Director He to add another person and said that he He will personally explain to Dean Zhang that the person Shao Yuhan wants to add is Mi Ha. As soon as Shao Yuhan left, Xing Kelei came. He greeted Director He and said that he had come to Mi Ha. It turned out that Xing Kelei specially bought a new vest for Mi Hao and returned it to her, and then asked Mi Ha to eat together at noon.

Xing Kelei failed to wait for Mi Ha, so he was called back to perform the task by the phone in the team. Mi Ha and Yanshan bought coffee for their colleagues. Chen Tao took the gift bag Xing Kerei gave to Mi Ha and found that it turned out to be one piece. In the old sweater, everyone suddenly went gossiping. Mi Tu got rid of a few people and called Xing Kelei, but Xing Kelei was on a mission and did not receive a call. Mi Tu saw Xiaoman when he passed the ward and learned that Xiaoman’s visa had been issued. Mi Yan was very happy for Xiaoman, and told Xiaoman to start treatment after he went abroad, and told Xiaoman that he had gone to neurosurgery and would follow Shao Yuhan in the future.

Xing Kelei and his colleagues tracked the suspect all the way to an abandoned factory, and started a gun battle with the criminals in the factory. During the gun battle, Xing Kelei’s teammate Xiaochao was unfortunately shot down by the criminals, and Xing Kelei and Shu Wenbo hurriedly knocked down the rest. The offender sent Xiaochao and the suspect to Renxin Hospital.

The patient’s condition was urgent. The hospital notified the neurosurgery department for a consultation. Shao Yuhan looked at the situation of both of them. Both of them are in critical condition. It is very likely that they need to be prescribed at the same time. There was an operation, but the hospital was not staffed enough. There was no second doctor who could perform the operation.

Shao Yuhan hesitated and decided to perform the operation on the suspect first. Because the suspect’s indications for the operation were more obvious, Li Nian saw that Shao Yuhan was going to perform the operation on the suspect first. Shao Yuhan impulsively accused Shao Yuhan, but Shao Yuhan said that he was a doctor, not a judge, and he was only responsible for treating illnesses and saving people. Before long, Xiao Chao’s indications became obvious.

Shao Yuhan finally decided to perform two operations at the same time, but Yanshan did not understand Shao Yuhan’s approach, worried that the hospital would be responsible if something went wrong, but Mi Ha said that life is greater than the system. After being heard by Shao Yuhan, Shao Yuhan was very satisfied with what Mi Ha said. The operation started soon. When Mi Ha thought that the operation was going to end smoothly, an accident happened.

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