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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 4 Recap

Ruan Qingxia finally found a place. Ruan Qingxia was in a hurry to get out of the car and go to the toilet, but her clothes were hung on the back of the chair. Shu Wenbo quickly stopped Ruan Qingxia and said that if she moved again, all her clothes would be opened. Ruan Qingxia quickly asked Shu Wenbo’s help, but let the clothes be more rowed. Ruan Qingxia quickly asked Shu Wenbo to take off his clothes to himself. Ji, Shu Wenbo had to do so.

Ruan Qingxia came out of the toilet and looked at Shu Wenbo waiting for herself outside foolishly. She felt something strange in her heart. Suddenly she fell in love with Shu Wenbo.

Soon, the training assessment went to the last item. The rope fell from high altitude. Mi Yi looked at the 27-meter tall building and was a little scared. When he saw that Mi Yi was nervous, he encouraged Mi Yi, but Mi Yi still couldn’t relax. The students went downstairs smoothly. Soon, there was only one person left on the roof, and the time was one minute. A second passed, Mi Yi summoned up his courage and began to go downstairs. Just halfway down, Mi Yi fainted because he was afraid of a high attack and failed to complete the assessment.

The graduation party was prepared for the students and issued the graduation certificate to the students before the party began. However, because he failed to complete the surrender, the base did not give the graduation certificate in a responsible manner. Miu is not discouraged. She knows that she is indeed not qualified to get the certificate of completion now.

After everyone dispersed, Miu is alone at the top of the mountain. Miu came to comfort Miu. She also joked whether Miu can’t think about it, but Miu said that her life was saved by others desperately. She would live well. Miu talked about herself two years ago. The incident of being kidnapped by the robbers has been praising the special police uncle who saved her at that time.

The barrier was speechless. He was very concerned about Mi’s regard as an uncle. He also asked if he had misread it. However, Mi’s said that the special policeman was very calm and calm in the face of danger. He must be not young.

In the evening, Ruan Qingxia also came to join in the excitement of the graduation party, and told Mi Yi about what she liked Shu Wenbo. Soon, the graduation party began. Chen Tao said that they had let the instructor abuse for two weeks.

Now it was time to abuse the instructor. With that, he put a bracelet that can measure the heart rate on the knot, and said that if it was If they can make the heart rate of the base of the base 100, the base will be punished. The other students let the base do all kinds of sports, but the heart rate of the base does not make the base 100.

When it comes to the base, Ruan Qingxia will let the base stare with the base with the beauty trick. When the two look at each other, the base’s heart rate keeps rising. At this time, someone pushed the rice barrier, and the barrier subconsciously hugged the barrier, which directly made his heart rate soar to 120.

Everyone said that the hero of the base was sad about the beauty pass, and he was willing to bet and lose, and the base could only be punished. After punishing the barrier, Chen Tao and others shouted to punish Shu Wenbo. The barrier took the opportunity to slip away. Miqi was worried that the barrier had just been reorganized, and handed over a bottle of water to the barrier.

When Miyu went to the toilet, I suddenly received a prompt from the mobile APP. An accident occurred eight kilometers away and needed emergency rescue. The situation was critical. Ikelei and Miyu rushed to the scene. The truck at the scene was stuck at the edge of the mountain road, and the driver was also stuck in the driver’s seat and bleeding all the time.

Miyu proposed to get on the car to stop the driver’s bleeding, otherwise It’s too late, but the base is worried about the fear of the height of the sky, but the sky is very insistence. In order to save people, she tried desperately to overcome her fear, but she slipped and fell. Fortunately, the base pulled the rope to save the sky. After the base slowed down, she began to try to enter the cab again. This time, the base did it with her body. The bridge made Mi Mi climbed from herself to the cab.

Miyu quickly checked the driver’s situation. After letting the driver resume breathing, he quickly stopped the driver’s bleeding. Finally, he insisted on coming to the ambulance. After the ambulance rescued the driver, Miyu found that the forehead of the driver was broken, but the hemostatic bandage had been used up. In a hurry, Miyu could only take off it with his sling vest to give it. The barricade was wrapped.

The next morning, the Hao base went to the leader of the Hao team and applied for a replacement emergency rescue certificate. The Hao team had some accidents. It was clear that the base killed the completion certificate of the rice team before. Now why did he let himself reissue it to the rice team?

The base quickly explained that yesterday’s performance showed that Mi’s that Mi can overcome the fear of heights. The Hao team also heard about this. He said that there was no problem to issue a certificate of completion to Mijie, but he asked whether he had a crusher base and wanted to pursue Mijie with the help of his position. The Hao team quickly denied that there was no problem in falling in love, but if you fell in love with a doctor, neither of them could take care of their homes, that was the problem. After that, he signed the base of the rick.

In Renxin Hospital, Director He told several doctors who had just finished training that there was only one doctor who could enter the neurosurgery this time, and the rest of them could only stay in the major surgery, so that they could work hard. Yanshan’s strength was strong.

Everyone thought that Yanshan must be able to enter the neurosurgery in the end. After Director He left, Mi Yi and Yanshan took the elevator. I was going upstairs, and I happened to meet a patient who was sent to the emergency department by my colleague upstairs for examination. He also said that the surgical elevator was occupied and could only take the work elevator. He asked the two to send the patient up. The elevator ran halfway, but suddenly broke down.

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