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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 3 Recap

Mi Yan was ousted from the training team by Xing Kelei, and could only wait in the camp every day. She happened to meet fellow Li Shu, and she volunteered to send him home when he saw that his legs were inconvenient. Unexpectedly, it was dark on the return trip, and there was heavy rain. Mi Yan lost her way in the mountains and fell off the hillside and injured her feet.

When Xing Kelei learned that Mi Ha had not returned, he was anxious to look for him, and finally found Mi Ha’s trace under the hillside. He came up, and even braved the rain to carry her back to camp. Mi Hao thought that he was caught out of the camp again this time, and he must have left behind. Unexpectedly, Xing Kelei acquiesced in her stay. It turned out that Xing Kelei figured out the reasons why Mi Hao went out of the camp several times. He saw Mi Hao’s enthusiasm, and finally understood her.

Shu Wenbo misunderstood that Mi Ha was able to stay because Xiao Xia helped her walk through the back door and made accusations. Xiao Xia Wo Huo and Shu Wenbo broke up. After Shu Wenbo found out that he had wronged Xiao Xia, he was very guilty.

However, Xiaoxia deliberately embarrassed Shu Wenbo during the filming and asked him to repeatedly show and cooperate with the shooting, and Shu Wenbo agreed. However, Xiao Xia found bleeding stains on his shoulder. It turned out that his old shoulder injury had not healed, and the wound was opened after repeated drops. Xiaoxia felt guilty.


Version 2

The rice barrier called and asked him why he was so targeted. However, the barrier said that if he was aimed at the rice barrier, the last time he left the camp without permission, he fired the base. The base asked the base to solve his own problems first, and then trained next year. After saying that, he left. Mi Yu still refused to give up.

At the gate of the base, he waited for Ruan Qingxia to come back with Ruan Qingxia. At this time, an old man took a bag of things and said to the policeman on duty at the door that he wanted to put things at the door. The policeman on duty refused. The dispute between the two attracted the attention of Mi Yi and Ruan Qingxia.

Uncle Li, an old man, an orphan on the mountain. Two days ago, the mud on the mountain When the stone flow broke out, Uncle Li was rescued by the barricade. Uncle Li was grateful and came to deliver things to the barricade every other way, but the barricade insisted on not taking it. The policeman on duty took it once and was criticized by the barricade.

The policeman on duty no longer dared to take it. Mike kindly reserved something for Uncle Li first and offered to send Li. Uncle goes back.

Late at night, Ruan Qingxia had not waited for Miyu to come back at the door. He happened to be seen by Yukelei. Yukelei was a little worried and quickly went up the mountain to look for it. He called Miyu, but Miyu’s mobile phone did not have a signal. Miyu lost his way in the mountain and accidentally fell off the hill.

Fortunately, she heard the call of Yukeba. , quickly made a statement to indicate his position. He wanted to lift Mi, but found that he could not stand up. He hesitated for a moment, and finally carried him back. The base carried Mi to the infirmary. The base handled the wound and said that he sent Uncle Li back. The base said that he knew it, and Ruan Qingxia reported the situation to the leader of the base. The base finally let the team return to continue training.

After Shu Wenbo knew that Ruan Qingxia went to Hao Team, the leader of the Niekai base, he thought that Ruan Qingxia took advantage of his position to let the Hao team pressure the Nie base and left Mi Yi, and also scolded Ruan Qingxia. Ruan Qingxia was a little angry. Yi Kelei told Shu Wenbo that Ruan Qingxia was just to explain the situation, and did not let Hao team open the back door.

Shu Wenbo chased him. I regretted it. I went to the shooting scene to find Ruan Qingxia. When Ruan Qingxia saw that Shu Wenbo was coming, he wanted to shoot the video of Shu Wenbo falling from high altitude.

Ruan Qingxia was still angry. On the pretext that the video was not well shot, he let Shu Wenbo drop from the sky again and again, causing Shu Wenbo accidentally pulled the old wound. After the video was shot, Shu Wenbo sent Ruan. Qingxia apologized and said that his injury was nothing. Ruan Qingxia felt a little guilty. In the afternoon, Ruan Qingxia received an express delivery again.

It turned out that Shu Wenbo broke Ruan Qingxia’s cosmetics before, so he bought another one for Ruan Qingxia, but he did not know that he bought a shanzhai. Although it was a shanzhai, Ruan Qingxia was moved by Shu Wenbo’s intention.

The denko base suddenly gathered the students and began to simulate the comprehensive training assessment. It simulated the situation that a mountaineering enthusiast accidentally slid into the valley while climbing and needed rescue. As in previous training, every group of five people, each group had a special police officer to protect the cadets, but did not give them technical guidance. denikeleinian The members were assigned to Yan Shan, Chen Tao, Xiaohui, Liu Rong and Mi, and Kelei personally led this group.

Miyu’s group took the lead in finding the injured, but just when it was about to rescue the injured, news suddenly came from the walkie-talkie. The second group found the critically ill injured and urgently needed mountaineering ropes.

Seeing that the injury of his group was not critical, Miyu decided to give the mountaineering rope to the second group first, and the other members had to agree. . Because it took time for them to help the second group of people rescue the injured, they spent the longest time in this group, but the base gave them the highest score, praised them for deciding the order of rescue according to the injured, and reminded Mid to pay attention to the basic training of ropes.

On the day of absence from class, Mi Li did not learn the basic training and rope surrender of rope. In order to make up for this course, he went to the special police officer Li Nian to make up for the lesson. What Mi Li did not know was that as soon as he left, he brought the rope to him. After seeing Li Nian teaching Mi Li, he was a little upset and left silently.

In the afternoon, Shu Wenbo took Ruan Qingxia to the field to shoot actual combat training. Halfway through the shooting, Ruan Qingxia suddenly wanted to go to the toilet, but the special police were not allowed to go to the toilet during training, and there was no toilet in the wild. Ruan Qingxia was unwilling to solve it on the spot. Shu Wenbo could only drive Ruan Qingxia back to find the toilet.

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