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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 2 Recap

Shao Yuhan left after the operation and was blocked by Mi Ha. Shao Yuhan mistakenly thought that Mi Ha was a brainless medical fan, but Mi Ha told him that she came to save the life of his friend Ye Xiaoman. Mi Ha asked Shao Yuhan to see Ye Xiaoman’s case. Shao Yuhan was finally persuaded to leave Mi Ha’s phone number. Mi Ha was very happy.

She rushed back to the training base and ran into Xing Kelei again at the convenience store. Mi Yan flickered Xing Kelei to take her into the camp, but when she entered the gate, she learned that the person in front of her was the rumored demon instructor Xing Kelei. Xing Kelei immediately pulled the bell to gather and fined everyone to run in a circle. He told the crowd that some of them sneaked out of the camp, one made a mistake, and all were punished.

In fact, Xing Kelei heard from Mi Yan in the afternoon about the arrogant mentality of these students, and deliberately used this to establish rules and inform everyone of the importance of emergency rescue training. Mi Yan felt that Xing Kelei was insidious, but in order to get her certificate, she had to bow her head and admit her mistake. Xing Kelei finally sentenced her to stay in the camp for inspection and clean the toilets of the base. Mi Yan missed the bath time after cleaning the toilet.

He thought it was going to be stinky all night, but Xing Kelei made an excuse to let her clean the bathroom and give her a chance to take a bath. In fact, Xing Kelei recognized Mi Yan as the girl from two years ago at the first sight. He admired Mi Ha’s bravery, but thought that her unruly problem could be cured. In the following training, the two pointed their needles to the Maimang and refused to give in to each other.


Version 2

After Mi Yuhan came out of the intensive care unit, he quickly took Xiaoman’s medical record to ask Shao Yuhan for advice. Shao Yuhan was busy catching up with the plane. Mi Yuhan talked about Xiaoman’s condition as he walked. I hope Shao Yuhan could have a look, but Shao Yuhan said that Mi Yuhan had invested too much emotion into the patient, which was very unprofessional, Mi Yu retorted.

If numbness is a profession, she would rather never be professional. Shao Yuhan hesitated for a moment, but still took over the medical record in Miyu’s hand, and asked for her contact information. She said that she would reply to Miyu after reading it.

Although it is unprofessional to invest too much emotion into patients, it is better than numbness. After seeing Shao Yuhan, Miyu rushed back to the training base. She bumped into the base again. When she followed the base back, she heard the people of the base calling the captain of the base. Only then did Mi Yuhan react.

The person in front of her was the base. The base looked serious and asked Shu Wenbo to pull the bell and asked them to assemble urgently. After everyone gathered, Zhang Qingqing and Chen Xiaoyan were called out of the game. The two men cheated Shu Wenbo into taking their official holiday in the afternoon to escape training. Just now, they heard the conversation between the two of them.

Knowing that they had cheated Shu Wenbo, they asked them to run ten laps on the playground as punishment. They were guilty and did not dare to refute, so they had to go obediently. Run. The base taught the rest of the people again, reaffirmed the discipline of the training base, and said that someone sneaked out of the camp this afternoon.

The base did not say that they were a group, one made a mistake, and all of them were punished. They were just 15 minutes late for the assembly. Now they are free to run 15 laps, and finally finished 15 laps. The base also told everyone the significance of this intensive training, let everyone take it seriously, and said that the day will start real training.

When Mi and Yanshan rested, they complained about the base. Yanshan was worried that Mi base would offend the base, and it was likely that they could not get the certificate of completion. Mi base was not sure. The next morning, she wanted to apologize to the base, but the base said that he should be expelled from the camp without permission, but he was still soft-hearted and only deducted 30 points to Mi.

Remember her once. He said that next time, let Mi Mi Mi agreed. Mi Mi Mi quickly agreed. Before leaving, Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi cleaned the toilet after the training, and Mi Mi Mi also agreed. After Mikri, Iri took out a greeting card from the Iraqri, which was a thank-you card Iririored for Iri.

Miu missed the opening time of the bathroom because of cleaning the toilet. When Miu Keba was about to leave, she suddenly appeared and asked her to clean the bathroom and gave Miu the key to the bathroom. In fact, Miuba was deliberately doing so to let Mibaba. Miba, and Miba also reflected the intention of the Baba.

The next day in training, the base was supposed to be interviewed, but he suddenly changed his mind and asked Shu Wenbo to give the interview. He personally took the students to practice. During the lunch break, Mili washed his head. The base was still pouring water for Mili. Mili looked up and was shocked to see that it was the base. He slipped when he was about to leave.

When he fell down, he fell to the ground with his own base. When he fell, Mi’d remembered that the special police who had saved him at that time had fallen to the ground in his arms. The two were a little embarrassed. Mi’s quickly explained that he was not intentional.

When Ruan Qingxia, the director of the TV station, also arrived at the training base. Shu Wenbo was responsible for receiving Ruan Qingxia, so he took her to the dormitory first. Shu Wenbo picked up her luggage hard, and Ruan Qingxia’s suitcase broke down, and the contents of the suitcase scattered all over the floor.

Shu Wenbo felt very guilty. And the training here was not smooth. Mi, I thought that I had passed the project of transporting the wounded, but Ikelei let her lie on the stretcher to experience it herself. Only then did I know that I had my problem, and I could only accept the punishment. Before leaving. thought That I had returned my helmet to the Iribut, but let go before I got it. Mi I solved. Released that his hand was not held firmly, but the surgeon’s hand could not shake, and asked Mi’s hand to train alone at 2 p.m., the surgeon’s hand could not shake. Two years ago, he also told Mi’s. Mi’s voice heard this familiar words and fell into meditation.

When Miyu went to drill, Shao Yuhan suddenly called, hoping that Miyu could take Xiaoman to the hospital to do some supplementary information. When Miyu heard that it was Xiaoman’s business, he did not care about training at present.

He told Yukai that he had something to do and left. Mi Yu took Xiao Man to the hospital for examination. Shao Yuhan said that foreign research institutes have studied new drugs for this disease, and the effect was remarkable, and there were also cooperative treatments for new drugs, but all of these must be carried out abroad.

He could help Xiao Man fight for this opportunity, but Xiao Man hesitated a little. Mi Yi saw that Xiao Man was worried about the cost. Shao Yuhan said that because it is medical research, medical expenses can be waived, but the living expenses abroad need Xiaoman to bear it himself. Mi Qian persuaded Xiaoman to go abroad to treat diseases and he can help him with the living expenses.

The camp again made it angry with the camp. As agreed, it was prepared to expel it. It tried hard to explain, but it said that discipline is more important here. If it can leave the camp without permission here for private reasons, he is not sure what Mi will choose when he is really in danger. He was very wronged by the training of Yukelei.

He said that he would never leave. He really wanted to learn something, not just for the completion certificate. This scene was seen by Shu Wenbo and Ruan Qingxia. Ruan Qingxia and Mi Yu were friends.

Now he came forward to comfort Mi Yu. In the evening, while doing sanitation, Mi Yu chatted with Ruan Qingxia and talked about the hardships of the past few days. At this time, Shao Yuhan called and said that he had found a charity fund and was willing to help Xiaoman pay part of the expenses. In this way, with the financial support of Mi Yu, Xiaoman was saved. Mi Yu was very happy and in a much better mood.

The next day, the base began to carry out field training with the cadets. Each group of students was accompanied by a special police officer. All the cadets were assigned special police, but they did not call the name of the cadet. The base took a look at the cadet and did not speak, so he led the team to set off.

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