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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 28 Recap

Elevenniang came to Xianling Pavilion, and she was willing to compensate for the loss of Xianling Pavilion. Master Jian knew that Elevenniang’s love for embroidery, she was going to use the compensation of Elevenniang as a share capital, and she would run the fairy together with Xiniang in the future. Lingge. After that, Lin Shi appeared to know the identity of Eleven Mother, he was shocked, and hurriedly came to ask Master Jian for verification. Lin Shixian was disappointed when he learned that Eleven Mother was indeed Mrs. Yongpinghou.

On the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Xu Lingyi accompanies the eleven mothers to go out for fun. He is very fond of the eleven mothers. When he hears that the beautiful lady who throws pots and begs for cleverness can get two lanterns and join hands with her white heads, he pulls the eleven mothers forward without a word Cast a pot and beg for cleverness.

The two got two lanterns, and when they came to the river to watch the lanterns, Xu Lingyi made a promise to the eleven mother and kissed her. This night, some people were happy and some were sad. Lin Shixian thought about Eleven Niang in his heart. He came to the river lonely.

Amber saw Lin Shixian’s lonely figure. She came to Lin Shixian and comforted Lin Shixian with words. In the future, Lin Shixian will surely find what she likes. people. After Humber left, Lin Shixian took out the bracelet he was going to give to the eleven mother, threw the bracelet into the river, and cut off his thoughts.

Lin Shixian woke up from a drunk, he asked Antai to investigate the truth about the murder of the mother of the eleven mothers. After the matter was found out, he left the capital and cut off all thoughts. An Tai said that he was already looking into the matter. Lin Shixian asked Master Jian to ask the eleven mothers to come out. He told the eleven mothers of the results of his investigation. It was not the stab wound that actually caused Aunt Lu’s death, but the hidden Arrow wound from a knife wound.

Eleven Niang came to Ci’an Temple again to look for clues. She met a hunter and learned about the situation from the hunter’s mouth. The hunter claimed that the pirate was holding a woman hostage, and that the woman was shot and killed by a leading official, and then everyone chased the fugitive. The eleven mother couldn’t believe what the hunter said. It was Xu Lingyi who came to encircle and suppress the fugitive. But the hunter’s quiver contained the Xu family’s unique three-sided arrow. Go check that hunter.

When the eleven mother returned to Xu Mansion, Xu Lingyi personally made a lantern for the eleven mother. He hugged the eleven mother in his arms, and all the beauty in the world was not as good as the eleven mother beside him. Eleven mothers nestled in Xu Lingyi’s arms and remembered what the Orion had said, and she avoided Xu Lingyi with blinking eyes. At night, Eleven Niang got up halfway through her sleep. She carefully examined Xu Lingyi’s three-sided arrow, and found that this arrow was not unusual with the arrow picked up by Orion.

Ge Lao Chen raised the matter of the victims in Shandong, and Ou Lixing was willing to go there, but Ge Lao Chen thought that the road to Shandong was far away and the matter was serious, so he handed it over to Xu Lingyi, and Xu Lingyi responded. In Xu Fuzhong, Brother Yu ran into Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang did not blame Brother Yu. She saw the handkerchief Yu was wiping sweat, and unexpectedly found that the embroidery on the handkerchief was the same as the embroidered cloth in her hand. Wan Daxian also returned home at this time. He had already checked the identity of the Orion, and the Orion was innocent, and there was nothing suspicious about it.

All kinds of evidence point to Xu Lingyi, but the eleven mother still doesn’t believe it. She prepared a boiled wine to invite Xu Lingyi at night. When Xu Lingyi was drunk, the eleven mother asked about the murder case at Ci’an Temple and wanted to know how her mother died. Yes, Xu Lingyi didn’t say how Elevenniang’s mother died. She just kept saying that it was his fault. After hearing this, Elevenniang walked out of the room in despair and asked Dongqing to take off the two lanterns at the door of the room. , She and Xu Lingyi can’t go back to the beginning.

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