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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 6 Recap

Lin Xiaoran could not explain what Huai Nan Xiangwan had said, so as soon as he returned home, he asked his mother for advice on the thinking of an adult. Mother Lin feels that no one can objectively evaluate the standards of maturity and naivety, so in her eyes, her son is always an independent individual, regardless of age.

Because of Wang Qibei’s work as the head teacher, Lin Xiaoran didn’t reject the idea much, but was annoyed that he was always being used. So when he went to Nan Xiangwan to settle accounts again, he saw that the other party shook his head helplessly and left immediately with his food tray.

Zhu Cong saw that Liu Yubai asked him to eat ice cream. He simply told him what is wrong in popular science and claimed that he was seduced by beauty, so he didn’t know it. At this time, Liu Yubai saw Nan Xiangwan appear at the door of the convenience store, so he invited her to have a drink. Unexpectedly, the other party would take the initiative to invite herself to dinner tomorrow.

Nan Xiang went back late to borrow money from his mother. Originally, her mother was unwilling to take the money, but when she learned that the other party was the second best student in the school, she even gave her daughter a supplementary lesson, so she took out the change. In the evening of the next day, Liu Yubai went to the appointment in person, and immediately took out his competition certificate, wanting to save Nan Xiangwan on his behalf.

However, Nan Xiangwan thought the certificate was of great significance, so he tactfully declined it. Lin Xiaoran saw Nan Xiangwan talking and laughing with Liu Yubai in the restaurant, feeling uncomfortable, so he turned and left.

The holidays will soon come. Compared with the joy of others, Zhu Cong is a little bit emotional, because he thinks this is the beginning of depravity. The students in Class 2 envied the youth and vitality of Class 7, but as soon as the voice fell off, Liao Shichang brought Huanggang test papers for everyone.

At the same time, Wang Qibei redistributed the list of class cadres, and Yu Meili continued to serve as the squad leader. As for the candidate for the deputy squad leader, it was left to Lin Xiaoran. As a result, Lin Xiaoran took the initiative to elect Nan Xiangwan as a student committee member, and said that even though her current grades are not convincing, her learning spirit is worthy of emulation.

Wang Qibei heard that other classes have slogans, so in order to encourage everyone to sprint for the college entrance examination, he asked the students to create their own slogans. In the end, Lin Xiaoran proposed to call Chaoyuan his second class, and then everyone agreed. With the creation of the slogan of the 7th class, everyone is full of confidence. Wang Qibei took this opportunity to announce that the school has cancelled the punishment of Zeng Jianfei and believes that he will return to school soon.

Starting tomorrow, the November holiday officially arrived. Under the proposal of Wang Qibei, the students from Class 7 decided to take time to make an appointment to relax in the suburbs. Lin Xiaoran personally invited Nan Xiangwan to join him. Because he couldn’t bear Lin Xiaoran’s shameful entanglement, Nan Xiangwan had to agree, and after careful dressing, he finally went to the appointment in his mother’s clothes.

Seeing Nan Xiangwan coming from a distance, Lin Xiaoran was involuntarily stunned. He had never thought this “General Nan” was so beautiful before, but she was really amazing in front of her. On the outskirts of the grass, everyone gathered at the table to play games. The men and women were in the same group, and there were three groups of people competing. As a result, the degree of tacit understanding between Nan Xiangwan and Lin Xiaoran was unexpected.

When the dinner was over, Lin Xiaoran sent Nanxiang home at night, and Li Shuai and the others suddenly realized when they saw the two people riding away. When Nan Xiangwan was in school the next day, he ran into Liu Yubai on the road. He did not expect the other party to sort out the course knowledge points for him in advance, and he was immediately moved.

The school will start a basketball game with No. 5 Middle School. As a sportsman, Lin Xiaoran naturally wants to participate. Other female classmates rushed to cheer up, but Nan Xiangwan just wanted to take advantage of the quiet of the classroom to review her homework.

On the basketball court, the male students in the Fifth Middle School were arrogant. Even so, Lin Xiaoran was not afraid at all. Under the coach’s instructions, everyone did their own warm-up exercises.

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