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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 17 Recap

Dai Xixi was angry to find Wen Ruxue’s theory. Ding Huiqiao hurriedly stopped her and advised her not to pour oil on Wen Ruxue’s fire. But Dai Xixi couldn’t swallow this breath. She ignored Ding Huiqiao’s block and went straight to the studio to find Wen Like snow, Ding Huiqiao followed closely behind.

After Wen Xiaoyang confessed to Du Jiamu, he did not get his reply for a long time, and there is no Du Jiamu class today. Wen Xiaoyang feels uneasy, Douzi kindly persuades her. When Wen Xiaoyang learned that Du Jiamu was in the office, he sent the written plan to Du Jiamu personally. He also explained that the case was inspired by the twin dolphins story. Wen Xiaoyang also looked forward to such a relationship between life and death. He hoped that Du Jiamu would reply to her as soon as possible. Du Jiamu Unable to accept her feelings, Wen Xiaoyang didn’t buy it at all.

As soon as Dai Xixi came to the studio, she rushed over and hugged Wen Ruxue tightly, thanking her for her constant companionship and spiritual help. Wen Ruxue was confused by her sudden enthusiasm. Dai Xixi complained that she shouldn’t pretend to be online. Man, I almost fell in love with her. When Chen Jiaqian pushed the door in, Dai Xixi’s expression changed drastically, with grievances and embarrassment on his face. Chen Jiaqian was at a loss. Wen Ruxue hurriedly reconciled and took them both to make handmade silk flowers.

Wen Ruxue, Chen Jiaqian, Dai Xixi, and Ding Huiqiao were working together, and no one was willing to speak. The atmosphere was very depressing, and Wen Ruxue had to stand up and enliven the atmosphere. At that moment, Cheng Tianye, the producer of “Lilly Show Tonight”, came to the studio. Dai Xixi mistakenly thought he was a client and strongly recommended Wen Ruxue’s studio to him. Cheng Tianye explained his intentions and wanted to invite Wen Ruxue to do it. The guest of the show, Wen Ruxue didn’t want to be the news that attracted people’s attention, so she politely declined.

Dai Xixi complained that Wen Ruxue should not refuse Cheng Tianye’s invitation. The show was very popular. Wen Ruxue could take the opportunity to promote the studio. Wen Ruxue was not moved at all. Ding Huiqiao and Chen Jiaqian also persuaded Wen Ruxue to be interviewed. , She didn’t want to be used by Cheng Tianye, let alone the last hot search, they had no choice but to give up.

As soon as Cheng Tianye returned to the company, she heard that Lily was dissatisfied with Mia’s manuscript and was furious in the studio. Cheng Tianye hurried in to comfort her and asked everyone to hurry up to eat first and continue recording after half an hour. Cheng Tianye called Lily to the dressing room. Lily instead complained that Cheng Tianye should not go to Wen Ruxue. She didn’t want to lower her status to interview a wedding planner. Cheng Tianye admitted that Wen Ruxue had refused. Lily urged Cheng Tianye to marry her as soon as possible. , Cheng Tianye worried about lowering the ratings after marriage, the two people disagree, and finally broke up.

Dai Xixi bought the package, but Ding Huiqiao had left beforehand. Wen Ruxue wanted to add Sanya’s photo to the public account before leaving get off work. Dai Xixi saw her and Li Wensen’s selfie and asked about their relationship. Wen Ruxue After a smile, Dai Xixi didn’t ask much.

Ding Huiqiao went to Li Wensen’s house to get the documents. She pressed the familiar door code and entered the room. The furnishings in the room remained the same. Ding Huiqiao couldn’t help but remember the sweet past of the two of them together. She took out the old ones from the shoe cabinet Slippers, took out the file from the drawer, Ding Huiqiao opened Li Wensen’s wardrobe, she was touched by the scene, and her heart was filled with infinite emotion. Luo Shang called her suddenly, Ding Huiqiao remembered that the two of them had made an appointment to watch a movie together, and she rushed over to the appointment.

Ding Huiqiao couldn’t watch the movie, so he concentrated on sending a message to Li Wensen. He wanted to send him the file tomorrow. Li Wensen replied that it would be too late for tomorrow. Luo Shang grabbed the phone and let Ding Huiqiao watch the movie. Ding Huiqiao He didn’t want to delay Li Wensen’s work, so he grabbed it from Luo Shang. The audience in the front row was angered, and the two of them had to come out first. Ding Huiqiao wanted to return to the company and let Luo Shang freely choose to go or stay. Luo Shang felt very disappointed. He regarded this date very importantly, but he never expected that Ding Huiqiao would release the pigeons.

Duan Xu came to President Chen’s dinner by appointment, but Liu Ke did not expect that Liu Ke would also attend this dinner. Duan Xu learned from the project manager of Umeng Capital that his company was planning to invest in President Teng’s project, so he persuaded him to think carefully. Duan Xu found out this There is a problem with the data in the software, and Liu Ke has been following Duan Xu’s conversation with his boss. After drinking and eating, Liu Ke reminded Duan Xu to check the data of Mr. Teng’s project. Don’t miss the opportunity. Duan Xu called up the project as soon as he got home and stayed up late to check the data again.

Mia joined the company after winning the host contest, but she was always arranged to write the manuscript behind the scenes. Cheng Tianye decided to let Mia be the host, and Mia naturally couldn’t ask for it. Lily was dissatisfied with the new assistant director. She left the studio and went back to rest. She overheard the conversation between Cheng Tianye and Mia and mistakenly thought that Mia was going to replace her, so she slapped Mia in the face. Amano repeatedly explained to Lily that she would not listen at all.

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