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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 33 Recap

Workers also joined in the parade. Li Dazhao learned that the detained students were injured because of violent arrests. In addition, many people were sick without water or medicine. Li Dazhao wanted to visit, but he himself had been spotted and it was inconvenient to go there. Li Dazhao suggested that everyone should unite as one and donate money and materials to the detained students, and everyone should make their own efforts.

The people blocked the intersection and asked for water and food. Wu Bingxiang was happy that the people had helped him a lot, and he gladly agreed to send food and clothing to the students. Liu Mei and Junman brought food to see Yi Qun and waited for the students. The students finally had a chance to eat and meet with relatives and friends for a short time.

Zhao Shiyan came to Chen Duxiu’s home and told them that the protesting students were injured in a struggle with the military and police, and that Hu Renyuan was about to officially take over as the president of Peking University. Now, students across the country are on strike, workers are on strike, and businessmen are on strike. Everyone is participating in the patriotic movement, and the victory they are looking forward to is not far away.

Zhao Shiyan found Liu Yipin staring at Li Dazhao, and they took turns to guard Li Dazhao’s side so that he would never go out at will. Li Dazhao led the students to make banners and posters on the campus of Peking University, and arranged the situation of the student movement. The pregnant Zhao Renlan came to the campus to see him with food and a change of clothes. Li Dazhao was grateful and annoyed for his wife’s thoughtfulness.

The students dispersed, and the exhausted Li Dazhao finally sat down to eat the cake and soup made by Zhao Renlan. Zhao Renlan looked at the Peking University campus. She envied Li Dazhao from going to school since she was a child, but as a woman in old China, she never had the opportunity to go to the entrance hall to receive education. Li Dazhao offered to take her to school around. He felt guilty when he touched his wife’s belly.

He had been busy with student sports and had no time to take care of his family. But Zhao Renlan understood him very well, and even proposed to take the child back to his hometown some days later, and give him the salary deducted by Cai Yuanpei to give him the deducted salary, so that he can do what he wants and should do. It’s a blessing in life to have a wife like this.

Chen Duxiu carrying a briefcase wanted to go out for a walk, but his family members stopped him from letting him out, but no one could stop what Chen Duxiu really wanted to do. The students chanted the slogan of severely punishing traitors and ran on the street, because behind them were a large number of army soldiers with guns and horses. The gendarmerie set up machine guns at the entrance of the school to watch over the students.

The people cooked food along the street in order to deliver food to the students in custody in time. The students clinging to the fence on the window still chanted rejection of the Paris Peace Treaty and safeguarded national sovereignty. Seeing this situation, Chen Duxiu’s heart was extremely moved. He walked alone into the lonely Peking University office building and sat on the ground against the walls of the corridor, humming a small song from his hometown. Chen Duxiu recalled the scenes and events of these years. personal.

Hu Shi and Li Dazhao rushed to look for Chen Duxiu anxiously, but Chen Duxiu was unwilling to speak out while listening to their relatives and friends. Li Dazhao and Hu Shi paced in the corridor hoping to wait until Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao excitedly asked Hu Shi, is this the Republic of China worth fighting for? The school that was supposed to study and educate became a prison for patriotic students. He didn’t understand what was going on in this country.

Hu Shi believes that if the general strike was not adopted, the current situation would not be achieved if the method of easing was adopted, but Li Dazhao firmly believed that the reactionary government should be fought to the end. Hu Shi, who has always been elegant and calm, finally broke out. He worried about Peking University and students. He also worried that Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao would ruin his academic career and happy family. He was even more afraid that the New Culture Movement would be completely destroyed.

Li Dazhao supported Hu Shi, who was almost collapsed. He firmly believed that if a country’s power overwhelmed justice, then the people would have the right to exercise democracy. China needed a complete revolution and must combine thought and action consciousness. For this reason, he died nine times. No regrets, although tens of thousands of people are also going.

Chen Duxiu silently listened to their discussion, got up and stood up and just said that he wanted to go home and stay there, eating and drinking. Hu Shi called to him with tears, and Chen Duxiu stopped and turned around to tell them that Gonghe was dead, but he would not die.

At home, everyone was waiting for Chen Duxiu to come back to eat hot pot. He entered the door but poured a glass of wine and picked it up, apologizing to his wife and children. He was neither a qualified father nor a qualified husband, nor a good teacher. He is a man determined to save the country. He can’t just watch the students being humiliated but indifferent. He must do something for this country. Therefore, his family may still suffer because of him.

For this reason, he is very guilty and helpless. Yannian and Qiaonian also apologized to their father. They are determined to dedicate their lives to the country. They may not be able to do their filial piety to their parents and their relatives and friends. Yannian called “Dad” to fill up the glass for Chen Duxiu. After so many years, the father and son’s heart is finally settled. Can be unlocked today.

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