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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 32 Recap

Yannian came to Shen Yinmo to inquire about the rumored father’s unselfish remarks. Shen Yinmo immediately said that he was seconding the abolition of the chief of liberal arts, but his message to Chen Duxiu was deliberately fabricated and unreliable. Chen Duxiu has indeed been on the cusp of the storm, and Tang Erhe also knows that someone deliberately gets in the way.

However, Chen Duxiu’s upright character has offended many people and brought a lot of trouble to Peking University and Cai Yuanpei. Since the abolition of the seniority system will be implemented sooner or later, it is better to implement it sooner.

However, Shen Yinmo did not want to let such a person with extreme rhetoric be his boss, and because of this selfishness, he was very guilty and even stopped going to the editorial department. Moreover, Hu Shi investigated the matter and refuted Tang Erhe. Yannian thanked Shen Yinmo for his blunt statement, bowed and left.

Yannian was finally discharged from the hospital. Liu Mei helped him organize his luggage, and the two left the hospital with Junman. Before leaving, he left a letter at the front desk of the hospital and forwarded it to him if Zhang Fengzai came over.

Yannian made an appointment with Zhang Fengzai to meet in the remote woods and hills. Yannian pretended to be angry and sad, and said that he would take his younger brother to study in France to leave the right and wrong. Zhang Fengzai proposed to let him expose Chen Duxiu’s ugly face, and persuaded Chen Duxiu not to influence and corrupt the student movement anymore, and to make the truth public.

They should overthrow Chen Duxiu and establish another leader. Yannian asked him what would be the benefit of doing so. Zhang Fengzai took out a statement that as long as the brothers signed it, they could immediately go to study in France. Yannian proposed two conditions for staying in France at public expense and 500 Dayang. If he agreed, he would sign it, and Zhang Fengzai was required to establish written evidence as evidence.

Zhang Fengzai never set up written evidence for fear that it would be designed again, but Zhao Shiyan and others rushed out with an axe and other tools while negotiating, pretending to reprimand Yannian Qiaonian for his private transaction and wanted Zhang Fengzai to rectify the law on the spot. Zhang Fengzai revealed the identity of the spy of the Beijing Normal Police Department, but was so scared that he had to write down all the nasty things he had done.

Li Dazhao learned of the news that Yannian and others had received from Zhang Fengzai. He also knew that the reactionary government had wooed many teachers and students in an attempt to disrupt the student movement. He also reminded to prepare for large-scale suppression. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao have been listed. In the list of investigations, someone in the government also submitted a proposal to ban the “Weekly Review”.

Li Dazhao and Yannian Qiaonian came to Chen Duxiu’s house together, but found that someone had begun to watch outside the door. Li Dazhao persuaded Chen Duxiu that if something went wrong between the two, “New Youth” and the student movement would be affected, and they unanimously decided not to show their faces for the time being to retreat.

The newspaper published Zhang Fengzai’s self-confession. Wu Bingxiang watched the reporters besieged in front of the police station with furious anger, but Zhang Fengzai calmly said that he was a betrayal, and even composing lies without changing his face, saying that he was a gang member and a student. With a sigh of relief, he caught the newspaper reporter Qu Da into a move, and handed in the materials he had prepared long ago to Wu Bingxiang, as evidence to hand in the money for training.

Chen Duxiu’s house has been targeted, Junman stopped Yannian Qiao Nian from going out again to sell domestic products. Xu Shichang convened a meeting. Britain, the United States, Japan and Italy filed a protest note, demanding that China explain and apologize for the recent personal attacks on the nationals of various countries. He asked the participants to work out practical solutions. Qian Nengxun has discovered that students are engaged in a tug of war with the government, and strikes have taken place in many parts of the country.

Once the students from the north and the south are united, it will be terrible. The form of Beijing has aroused dissatisfaction from foreign forces. Xu Shichang issued a presidential decree to take tough measures to suppress the student movement, forcibly resume classes, and ordered the Beijing Police Department to strictly manage public order and not allow students to sell domestic products.

Qian Nengxun communicated with Xu Shichang after the meeting. He believed that the police, gendarmerie, and the army were a bit too aggressive to suppress the student movement, and the newly appointed replenishment managers Wang Huaiqing and Duan Zhigui even had the title of butcher, but Xu Shichang only referred the problem to Duan. Qi Rui feels that the country is already like this and they have nothing to do.

Deng Zhongxia looked at the sudden increase of police and horse brigade gendarmerie on the street, and knew that the reactionary government was going to make a ruthless move. He hurriedly sent someone to inform Yi Qunxian and the others, and he quickly went to Li Dazhao to report. However, Yi Qunxian, who was too late to evacuate, waited for all the students to be arrested by the police. At this time, the conflicts intensified again.

Zhang Fengzai learned from the informant that major universities would resume large-scale speech activities for thousands of people. For this, Wu Bingxiang chose a good start. Beiheyan will force students to congregate there in the school. Yannian and others in Chen Duxiu’s home printed the leaflet, but because the police on the street were madly arresting people, Yannian Qiaonian and Bailan Liumei were inconvenient to go out, so they had to hand over the article leaflet to the ten-member group for quietly distributing.

The police and gendarmerie rudely guarded the students in the school and prevented them from going out. The students shouted “student prison” in protest. Chen Duxiu stayed at home all day long. It was so boring to catch Yannian who came in to give walnuts and said that he wanted to talk to him. He told Yannian that he wanted to write a letter to clarify two issues, one is the nature of the dispute between the reformists and the conservatives in the New Culture Movement, and the other is the attitude of the reformists to the old Chinese school.

Yannian was also very interested. He listened carefully to his father’s explanation. The debate between the reformers and the conservatives is that academic disputes are not those between ourselves and the enemy, and there has always been no clear boundary between reformers and conservatives. I don’t know when they will exchange positions. The struggle between the two is only the need for social change.

The reformists always believed that Chinese old schooling was part of the world doctrine. They opposed the respect of a small part of Confucianism and Sangang as orthodox, and they also opposed placing the entire Chinese old school on their feet. Yannian finally had a correct understanding of his father’s ideas. Chen Duxiu said that if this letter could not be published, Yannian would testify to herself. But Yannian feels that as long as they have a clear conscience, it doesn’t matter how future generations evaluate it.

In the school, a female student was in a hurry, but the police did not even allow them to go to the toilet. In the parade of the Federation of Students, Deng Zhongxia reminded everyone to pay attention to personal safety and would lead everyone to petition in front of the Presidential Palace.

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