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Remember My Boy 我曾記得那男孩 Episode 24 End Recap

Early morning decided to tell the truth, this matter has been buried in his heart for many years. On the eve of the college entrance examination that year, the money at home was not enough. In the early morning, he was in the Internet cafe for food and accommodation. He came out and saw a mobile phone dropped on the ground, so he took it privately. He originally wanted to divide the money with Zhang Yang, but Zhang Yang did not do so. In the early morning, he asked him to return the phone to the owner, and asked him about the lost money. Unexpectedly, Zhang Yang was arrested, and the incident was brought to school, but Zhang Yang never confessed him. He who said this, let go of the big stone in his heart, Zhang Yang saw that he was drunk, so he asked Zhuang Jie and Li Yuxiang to take him back.

Zhou Jingmang then knew that she had misunderstood Zhang Yang, and she also told something about that year. Later, she went to the rental room to find Zhang Yang, but the landlord’s aunt gave her Zhang Yang’s courier. Zhou Jingmang found that it was Zhang Yang’s photo, which was the surprise Zhang Yang had said before. Seeing this, Zhou Jingmang couldn’t help thinking about Zhang Yang and cried. Recalling those memories and the past, Zhou Jingmang finally calmed down and prepared for the college entrance examination. Soon, the college entrance examination began, and as it ended, Qin Zhenlai celebrated Shen Winghuai and Zhou Jingmang. She used her mobile phone to help Zhou Jingmang check the admission status.

Zhou Jingmang knew that she had been admitted to Huaqing University, but it was not her favorite Chinese major, but business administration. She ran home and questioned her parents. The parents admitted that they had changed her wish without authorization, but they kept saying that it was for her good. Zhou Jingmang was very angry. The first time she had a fierce argument with her father, her father was angry. What Yang gave her was thrown out the window. Zhou Jingmang ran out, but the things had been picked up. Zhou Jingmang remembered his notebook, and ran to the school to find the notebook, and helped Li Yuxiang return the notebook to Zhou Jingmang in the early morning.

Zhang Yang asked Li Yuxiang to give Zhou Jingmang the notebook. After seeing the lost notebook, she cried bitterly in the empty classroom. Those fond memories with Zhang Yang seem to have become sad things for her now. Soon, her parents sent Zhou Jingmang to school. When she grew up, it was the first time she had been so far away from home. The parents wiped tears distressedly. Zhou Jingmang met his roommate Tian Zhu in the dormitory and became good friends with her. At this time, Zhang Yang was making money in external performances. In order to save money, he always ate instant noodles and even performed on stage regardless of his body.

As a result, he fell off the stage because of fainting, broke his ligament, and couldn’t dance anymore. Zhou Jingmang and Li Yuxiang met on campus. Li Yuxiang asked about her major. She downheartedly said that her major was business administration. The counselor asked her to talk because she noticed that she was not in the state of studying recently. Suddenly, Zhou Jingmang saw that a classmate was about to transfer to another department. She also decided to study hard and strive to be able to transfer to another department. Speaking of the past, Zhang Yang understood roughly, and he assured Zhou Jingmang that he would never let her down again in the future. Three months later, Shen Winghuai’s ballet was officially performed.

Their performance was praised by everyone, and everyone applauded for them in the audience, including Zhou Jingmang’s parents, Teacher Shi and others. It’s rare that everyone is here. Shen Weiwei suggested that everyone play the game of dream paper. Zhang Yang and Zhou Jingmang wrote each other’s names. Zhou Jingmang’s parents, Tuo Zhangyang, gave Zhou Jingmang a gift box. Zhou Jingmang opened it and saw that it was something his father had thrown away. It turned out that his parents had been very guilty after quarreling with her, and then they have been bothering to help her collect it. There is also a letter in these things.

In the letter, the father apologized to her and said that he and her mother would no longer interfere with her dreams. Zhang Yang took out the ring at the right time, hoping that Zhou Jingmang could marry him. Zhou Jingmang put the ring on her hand, did not speak, pulled Zhang Yang, and gently pressed a kiss on his lips. The past is going forward, but the future is still there, and it’s never too late for good things to start.


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