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Remember My Boy 我曾記得那男孩 Episode 23 Recap

In the summer of 2010, Teacher Xiao Ma reminded everyone to prepare for the last mock exam before the college entrance examination. Zhou Jingmang and Zhang Yang discussed the performance. Zhang Yang believed that the performance was not normal, which made Zhou Jingmang a little angry, but Zhang Yang apologized to her afterwards. Perceiving that Zhou Jingmang’s face was not so good, he touched her forehead and found it was hot, Zhang Yang sent her home without a beak. At this moment, Zhang Yang received a call from his mother. After he returned home, his mother said that the family’s funds were not able to be used, and the house needs to be mortgaged first. They planned to live in their hometown. Zhang Yang’s father waited for him in the study, and Zhang Yang went in to talk to his father.

My father gave him a special training form to remind him to take the college entrance examination and stop thinking about dancing. Zhang Yang disagreed. He felt that what he learned was his own freedom and his father had no right to interfere. But his father was very determined this time and returned his rental house. Zhang Yang was very angry and left home angrily. Zhang Yang took the bag and went to the Internet cafe, but he did not expect to meet Wee Chen here.

Zhou Jingmang didn’t know what happened to Zhang Yang’s house. After he recovered from his illness, the school started to study Zhang Yang’s political knowledge in the morning. Zhang Yang did not sleep well, was in a very poor condition, and did not answer well. Zhou Jingmang prepared a gift for Zhang Yang, but Zhang Yang did not see it. Before school was over, Zhang Yang took the bag and left. He said that he had asked for leave and called him if he had something to do.

As a result, Zhou Jingmang had been unable to stay away for a whole day. Shen Ying said that she was sick for the past two days, and Zhang Yang was indeed abnormal and often left early. Zhou Jingmang called Zhang Yang, but couldn’t get through. Zhang Yang called Li Yuxiang for help, borrowed money from him, and Li Yuxiang sent the money to the Internet cafe to give him. Zhou Jingmang also came. She saw Zhang Yang in the Internet cafe and misunderstood that he was playing games here. The two had a very unpleasant chat. Zhang Yang was angry that she misunderstood herself, and the two broke up unhappy. Later, Zhou Jingmang knew that he was extreme and kept waiting outside the Internet cafe, but Zhang Yang never came out.

Since then, Zhang Yang has hardly appeared in school. When Shen Yinghuan and Zhou Jingmang saw him again, the principal and his father were talking. His father slapped him in furious anger, and Zhou Jingmang was frightened as he watched from the side. Zhou Jingmang went to the playground alone to talk to Zhang Yang. Zhou Jingmang, who was impatient for a while, said that if he could not enter the university, then they would not be good friends. These words completely broke Zhang Yang’s heart. Zhang Yang was lost and left with the bag, and the relationship between them began to become very delicate. After that, Zhang Yang stayed in the Internet cafe for a long time and did not answer his father’s call.

The next day Zhang Yang called his mother. Only then did he know that his father fainted yesterday and the doctor said he had a heart attack. Zhang Yang returned the money to Li Yuxiang, saying that he would find ways to return other money to him. Zhou Jingmang has been frantically working on the questions, and declined the invitation of Shen Yanhui and Qin Zhen to take graduation photos. Teacher Shi learned that Zhou Jingmang had lost her heart recently, so she specially came to talk to her and enlighten her. As a result, a rare smile appeared on Zhou Jingmang’s face. In 2015, Zhou Jingmang received a box of express delivery, which was a facial mask Zhang Yang bought for her. Shen Lihua and Tian Zhu are therefore very envious of her.

When Yu Huitong came to see them, Zhou Jingmang asked her to join them, and Yu Huitong said that he could help them with some suggestions for amendments. Everyone decided to let Zhou Jingmang join them, because they were all an indispensable part of this youth. After the dance practice, they went to dinner together, and they also appeared here in the early morning, which had not been seen for a long time.

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