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Remember My Boy 我曾記得那男孩 Episode 22 Recap

In the winter of 2009, Zhou Jingmang told her parents that she didn’t want to go to Xiamen University, but wanted to go to Huaqing University. Her mother thought she was a bit reckless, while her father thought she took the admission exam in Xiamen as a military training. Later, his mother was also persuaded, and Zhou Jingmang finally let go of her hanging heart. Zhou Jingmang was studying while eating. Li Yuxiang walked over and sat opposite her and asked her if she had abandoned Xiamen University because of Zhang Yang. Zhou Jingmang did not hide it, but admitted directly. Because she felt that because Zhang Yang wanted to be a better person, there was nothing to be ashamed of.

Zhang Yang texted Zhou Jingmang and asked her to come to the teaching building to find herself. Zhou Jingmang stopped eating, and hurried to the teaching building. Zhang Yang came to Xingshi to inquire about the crime, and asked her why she had to abandon Xiamen University. Zhou Jingmang lied that Huaqing University is also very good, and the dance department there is very good. famous. Zhang Yang stopped questioning, and instead gave her an apple as a Christmas Eve gift to her in advance. Wee Chen paid for the milk tea for Shen Weiwei and gave her an IOU for medical expenses. This time, Shen Weihua’s attitude towards him was not as blunt as before. She asked Weichen if she was begging for herself by doing this.

In the early hours of the morning, he laughed like a self-deprecating smile, saying that his father still needs to be hospitalized, and that he might have to trouble her mother later, and then left with the bag. When Qin Zhen asked for directions, she accidentally saw Wee Chen, she wanted to help, and she mistakenly thought she was a weak person, and didn’t have a good face to her. Qin Zhen waited until he came out and explained to him that what he said just now was not intentional, but he didn’t listen to it early in the morning. Zhou Jingmang and Zhang Yang walked back together. Zhang Yang gave her a guard. Zhou Jingmang also wanted to give him a gift, but Zhang Yang didn’t ask for it. Instead, he tied the pigtails to Zhou Jingmang.

According to the news, nurse practitioner Qin Zhen was rescued on the street and accidentally hit by a car and entered the hospital. Zhou Jingmang immediately ran to the hospital to see Qin Zhen after hearing about it in the morning. At the same time, I heard his classmates talk about it in the early morning, and he lied and got a stomachache in his heart, so he asked for leave from Teacher Xiao Ma. When Zhou Jingmang found Qin Zhen, Shen Linghuan was already by her side, and Qin Zhen roughly said what happened yesterday. Zhuang Jie came afterwards and brought snacks to Qin Zhen. As a result, the snacks were confiscated by the nurse. Zhuang Jie still had a bag in his pocket. The four of them ate together, talking and laughing, and there was no hurting sadness at all.

In the early morning, he avoided Zhuang Jie, Shen Lianhuan, and Zhou Jingmang, and then went into the ward to see Qin Zhen. Qin Zhen was kind-hearted and said that his injury had nothing to do with him. In the early hours of the morning, he was used to being arrogant, and Qin Zhen said that was just what he wanted. Zhuang Jie heard these words just behind him, and angrily grabbed Wee Chen’s collar, and Qin Zhen persuaded him, but Zhuang Jie didn’t do anything to him. Zhang Yang returned to school and gave Zhou Jingmang a necklace as a gift. Soon, with one hundred days left in the college entrance examination, Teacher Xiao Ma asked everyone to go to the top of the school and shout what they wanted to say. Zhang Yang was the first to speak. His speech was sincere, and everyone couldn’t help clapping and cheering.

In 2015, Shen Winghuai’s ballet investor gave them three days to make this ballet show its bright spots. At night, Zhang Yang couldn’t sleep, and walked out of the dance studio. Zhou Jingmang heard the movement and came out with him. After chatting with Zhou Jingmang for a few words, Zhang Yang had a new idea. He told everyone about his ideas, and Li Yuxiang agreed, but he asked Zhang Yang to also participate, and Zhang Yang decided to consider it.

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