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Remember My Boy 我曾記得那男孩 Episode 21 Recap

When Zhou Jingmang received a call from Qin Zhen, he learned that Zhang Yang had gone to Nanjing to study quietly. My mother noticed that she was not energetic these days and planned to take her to the seaside city of Yancheng to relax. Zhou Jingmang saw that Yancheng was not far from Nanjing, so she agreed to go with her parents. After arriving in Yancheng, Zhou Jingmang pretended to be uncomfortable alone and did not go to play with her parents. In fact, she bought a ticket to Nanjing, but she left a letter to her parents, even the ticket was left at the hotel. When the ticket arrived, she had to return to the hotel. Later, she found the ticket next to the letter, but it was already delayed at this time, and she crumpled the ticket into a ball with some anger.

Zhou Jingmang sent a lot of messages to Zhang Yang, but there was no news as if it had fallen to the sea. While she was sitting slumped by the sea, Zhang Yang magically appeared again. Zhou Jingmang’s mood was ups and downs, anger and surprise were intertwined, she pushed Zhang Yang away in a fit of anger. Zhang Yang had been waiting for her at the beach for a long time, and when his stomach groaned, Zhou Jingmang finally came to him with a lunch box. The two reconciled and played around on the beach. Before Zhang Yang left, he learned that she had sent a lot of messages to himself. He grabbed Zhou Jingmang’s cell phone and read all the messages. Suddenly, he was in love with Zhou Jingmang. Guilty.

On the day of school, Zhou Jingmang brought a lot of health care products, and Teacher Xiao Ma asked other students to ask her to go to the office. At first, Zhou Jingmang was still very nervous. After arriving at the office, Xiao Ma took out envelopes and told her that her novels were published in magazines, and the magazines sent samples. Zhou Jingmang was overjoyed and wanted to be the first to tell Zhang Yang the good news. Zhang Yang made several calls to Zhou Jingmang at this time, but she mistook them for advertising calls, and hung up all of them. Fortunately, the persistent Zhang Yang finally got through and Zhou Jingmang happily shared the news of the novel with him.

Zhang Yang saw the magazine on the book stand, and begged others to give it to himself. It was not until the evening that Zhou Jingmang told Shen Winghua of the news of the novel, and Shen Winghua was also happy for her. The name of the novel is very peculiar, and Zhou Jingmang admits that Zhang Yang helped him. That night, Zhang Yang rushed back to school and met Zhou Jingmang, but the two communicated over the phone. Zhou Jingmang had poor results the following month and was depressed. Teacher Xiao Ma gave her the registration form for the independent admissions examination of Xiamen University and encouraged her to keep working hard. Zhou Jingmang was very happy and told Zhang Yang about it.

Zhang Yang was also very happy, but he asked other people to know that there is no dance department in Xiamen University. Every day after that, Zhou Jingmang studied harder than usual. When he was sleepy, he took out Zhang Yang’s photos and refreshed after reading it. On the day of the exam, Zhou Jingmang performed normally and passed the independent admissions examination of Xiamen University. Shen Xihui helped her get back a copy of the admissions brochure of Xiamen University. Zhou Jingmang saw that there was no dance department in Xiamen University. She hurriedly went to Teacher Xiao Ma in a hurry.

In 2015, Shen Winghuai made an appointment with Li Yuxiang, Zhou Jingmang and Shen Winghuai could see that Zhang Yang was jealous and teased him. Li Yuxiang came with his girlfriend Tian Zhu. The mature people no longer care about the past, but smile and reconcile. Zhang Yang’s name has long been like a thunder, but Tian Zhu really wants to see Zhang Yang himself. After seeing Zhang Yang, Tian Zhu praised Zhou Jingmang’s good vision, and Zhang Yang himself was a little more handsome than the picture.

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