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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 31 Recap

Hearing Chen Duxiu’s remarks, Hu Shi knew that it would be useless to say more. He said that he would invite Chen Duxiu to drink another day to plead guilty and then left. The police rushed to the street on horseback, brandishing batons and beating the students who were dispersing the assembly and procession. Yannian was hit by the baton in the head to save Liu, and collapsed to the ground. On rainy nights, Chen Duxiu, Junman, and Bai Lan Qiao Nian were holding umbrellas and shouting the names of Yannian and Liu Mei on the street. Liu Mei was holding the unconscious Yannian sitting under the eaves and crying. Chen Duxiu rushed to carry his son on his back. hospital.

Yannian, who was awake in the hospital, looked at his sleeping father beside him, took out his clothes and covered him with the sheets. Chen Duxiu breathed a sigh of relief when he saw his son wake up and read the articles he had written all night. Yannian knew his father’s patriotism, but he was also worried that his father’s actions would bring danger to his family.

An announcement was posted on the campus of Peking University, requiring students to leave early, and graduates must take exams as scheduled, and they cannot graduate without exams. This move simply pinched the student’s three inches. If the student is on holiday, the strike is meaningless, and once the student is about to prepare for the exam, it is equivalent to resuming class. The Ministry of Education then issued documents for the appointment of civil servants and diplomatic judicial officers.

Li Dazhao and Hu Shi discussed countermeasures with the student representatives in the red building. Chen Duxiu rushed over and had a fierce confrontation with Hu Shi about whether to continue to adopt a frontal struggle. Deng Zhongxia brought the decision of the ACSF, and the representatives of the Paris Peace Conference are struggling to support it. They telegraphed the ACSF to resist the pressure and resolutely protest.

However, in order to evade the government’s hard-line suppression, the Federation of Students proposed to resist by selling domestic products and boycotting Japanese products, in order to retreat into progress and carry out the struggle to the end. Chen Duxiu knew that Hu Shi’s speech was heavy, but he also insisted on the idea that China can no longer retreat and that they must move forward. The ideological differences between the two brothers made Hu Shi very helpless.

Wu Bingxiang knew that Chen Duxiu was the main backstage of the student movement. He accepted Zhang Fengzai’s suggestion that Chen Duxiu would be embarrassed on all sides and no longer have time to consider the student movement. He decided to besiege him by inciting the professors at Peking University who were at odds with Chen Duxiu.

Wu Bingxiang then proposed to ask Zhang Changli to come forward to meet with Director Li of the Ministry of Education and professors at Peking University. In fact, he wanted to stand on his own. Zhang Fengzai also proposed to find Chen Yannian by himself. If Yannian was able to instigate rebellion, Chen Duxiu would be completely isolated and helpless.

Director Li of the Ministry of Education invited Gu Hongming, Huang Kan, and Liu Shipei to dinner. Gu Hongming knew that Zhang Changli was in the banquet and immediately understood that it was a Hongmen banquet, so he turned to the car and left.

Zhang Changli hurried out to greet him and introduced Director Li to Gu Hongming and others. Gu Hongming sullenly entered the hotel helplessly, but did not enter the banquet. He only sat in the cafe on the first floor. He directly asked about the purpose of the banquet, and Liu Shipei also bluntly said that he would not dare to drink this nameless wine.

Zhang Changli sang a red face and invited to sit down on the second floor, but Gu Hongming and the others just didn’t move. Director Li had no choice but to be frank and tell the names of Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao and Hu Shi one by one, and begged them to walk into the lecture hall and resume teaching first. If they can take the lead in opening classes, they will recommend that the three be in charge of Peking University together with the new principal, and they will no longer be suppressed by Chen Duxiu.

Upon hearing this, Liu Shipei made it clear that although they did not agree with the academic views of Cai Yuanpei, Chen Duxiu and others, they also remembered that they were a Chinese. Although they did not agree to the student strikes, they agreed that they were resolute about the Paris Treaty that was humiliating and humiliating the country. Can’t sign. Director Li looked at the three people who left in anger, and blamed Wu Bingxiang for messing up.

Zhang Fengzai came to Chen Yannian’s ward with a flower, and said that he was expressing condolences on behalf of the Propaganda Department of the Federation of Students. Zhang Fengzai is now the editor-in-chief of the “Xue Haichunqiu” column in the “Gong Yan”. He claims that this column supports the student movement and he firmly opposes the Paris Peace Treaty.

But Yannian turned a deaf ear to Zhang Fengzai’s rhetoric and refused his interview. Zhang Fengzai immediately handed over a pile of so-called witness statements that were unfavorable to Chen Duxiu received by the column editor, telling Yannian that these things would cause a near-destructive blow to Chen Duxiu once they were published in the newspaper.

He also used Shen Yinmo. He Tang Erhe once recommended Chen Duxiu to teach at Peking University, but now he is trying to remove Chen Duxiu from the post of dean of liberal arts and science. It is a problem to slander Chen Duxiu. Yannian knew that Zhang Fengzai was a threat, but he was also worried about his father’s situation. After Zhang Fengzai left, he got up and picked up the statement materials.

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