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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 30 Recap

Chen Duxiu pointed out that the spearhead of the national struggle should be directed at the traitorous government, and asked Yannian Qiaonian to mimeograph the article immediately.

The next day, the students handed out flyers in the street, gave speeches, and excitedly shouted the slogan of love my China to defend the motherland. Student representatives such as Zhao Shiyan, Deng Zhongxia, and Xu Deheng took to the streets, expounding the declaration of the Federation of Students, and chanting the various evils of the traitorous government.

The entire streets were filled with patriotic shouts. In the Changjin store, Li Dazhao shouted that Japan was unreasonably occupying Qingdao in Shandong Province. The weak government was going to sign the Paris Treaty that would humiliate the country. The workers shed blood and sweat every day, but they never really got their rights in this country . Li Dazhao called on the workers to support the students’ patriotic behavior. The workers clenched their fists and shouted to the death to defend their sovereignty.

After listening to the speech that everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world, Shen Deling, the director of the spinning machine monopoly office, also stepped onto the podium and said that he would disclose the spinning machine patents to the people in order to promote the development of China’s technology.

The police rushed in to drive away the assembled crowd. Bai Lan stood on the podium and sternly reprimanded them for being a group of confused bugs with police caps and batons in hand. The students did this to save China and also to save them. Hearing Bailan’s hoarse cry, the police put down their batons one after another, and even turned to support the students’ appeals.

In Changsha, Hunan, Mao Zedong gathered representatives from more than 20 schools to negotiate support for the May Fourth Movement in Beijing. Deng Zhongxia was appointed by Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao to come here. As a native of Hunan, he returned home with emotion and excitement. Deng Zhongxia reported the situation in Beijing to the teachers and students present. So far, all the students can do is to persevere and set off a nationwide patriotic movement to save this country that is on the brink of collapse.

Speaking of the purpose of this movement, Deng Zhongxia immediately stated that they are trying to urge the government to refuse to sign the Paris Peace Treaty, arouse the awakening of the whole nation, and let workers become masters of the world. Deng Zhongxia distributed the article written by Chen Duxiu to the students in Hunan. After reading it, Mao Zedong announced that he would immediately establish the Hunan Student Federation to launch a general strike in the province and unite with all sectors of Hunan to form a big coalition to pressure the government.

At the same time, he also suggested that the founding of “Xiangjiang Review” echoes with Peking University’s “Weekly Review”, and Mao Zedong, who has both ability and political integrity, was also elected as the editor-in-chief of “Xiangjiang Daily”.

At Tianjin Nankai University, Ma Jun, the vice chairman of the Federation of Students, introduced Zhao Shiyan and Zhou Enlai to everyone. Zhao Shiyan explained the situation of the student movement in Beijing, and distributed the “Weekly Review” he brought to the students. Deng Yingchao of the Tianjin Women’s Patriotic Association proposed that Liu Qingyang led a team to organize the students to go to Beijing to petition, and also elaborated on the affidavit drafted by the Tianjin academic community. Nankai also founded the Tianjin Student Federation Newspaper.

Zhou Enlai was hired to become the editor-in-chief of the Tianjin Student Federation Newspaper. He gave a detailed and incisive introduction to everyone on the current situation of the newspaper and the overall purpose of the establishment. He also proposed to focus on innovation and revolution, calling on new ideas to transform new youths, bringing together such aspiring people, and awakening the will of the Chinese people.

In exchange for donation funds, Nankai actually hired Cao Rulin as the school manager. Zhou Enlai walked to the student group demonstrating, and sternly disclosed the news to the public, claiming that it was a shameful shame to Nankai. He vowed to lead the student group to protest against the school.

In the Beijing government, Qian Nengxun held a meeting on behalf of Xu Shichang. The Japanese minister asked the Chinese government to take tough measures against the student movement. Wu Bingxiang pointed out that all classes of society have been involved in this activity, and the spearhead has been directed at the government. The means will inevitably lead to greater riots.

The Presidential Palace proposes to strengthen patrols, prohibit social radical actions such as gatherings, demonstrations, and handing out leaflets, and punishment will be imposed on those who refuse to obey the stop. Qian Nengxun pointed out that we must do both soft and hard, but also have a degree of hard work, but Wu Bingxiang is very dissatisfied with Qian Nengxun’s smooth remarks. In the end, everyone reached an agreement to allow students to leave early, increase the civil service examination system, and dispatch spies to penetrate into the students to instigate rebellion.

The students in Peking University saw the government’s announcement to strictly ban the anti-Japanese trend. They think that even the horse teams are now patrolling the streets. They fight when they see people. They are very arrogant. The students decided not to implement the three-day resumption order. If they can no longer resist them, they will leave the school to find another way to save the country.

Chen Duxiu asked Yannian Qiaonian to go to the Red Mansion to bring the mimeograph machine over, and to print out all the comments on the Japanese envoy and Duan Qirui, which will be distributed by the group of ten tomorrow.

After Yannian Qiaonian left, he met Yu Zhengting and the others. They were supposed to be busy giving a speech tomorrow, but they held the leaflet and said that the teacher was out of order and was going to send the mimeographs to Fu Sinian and the others. Looking at the news that Peking University was moving to Shanghai, Yannian was surprised, but Hu Shi felt that the school moved to Shanghai away from the political whirlpool of Beijing. The most important thing for students to study is that they can study at ease.

Yannian returned with a mimeograph machine. Chen Duxiu asked them why they came back so late. Qiao Nian told his father about Hu Shi’s proposal to move Peking University to Shanghai. Chen Duxiu was shocked. After reading the proposal, he was furious that Hu Shi did so by drawing salaries from the bottom of the tank, which would make the student’s exercises fall short.

But Yannian believes that Hu Shi is also a professor at Peking University, not Chen Duxiu’s follower, and he has the right to express his thoughts and ideas. Chen Duxiu pushed aside everyone’s obstacles and went straight to the Red Mansion, yelling that Hu Shi’s move was a betrayal and would create divisions. Li Dazhao hurried to appease, but Chen Duxiu was so excited that he ordered neither the leaflets nor the signature letter to be sent.

Li Dazhao communicated with Hu Shi. Hu Shi was afraid that the Beiyang government would really dissolve Peking University and arrest Chen Duxiu and others. He believed that moving Peking University would save everyone. But Li Dazhao also believes that this is because Hu Shi’s thinking has been biased, which has confused the primary and secondary relationship between the destiny of the country and the individual.

Chen Duxiu said that moving to Peking University to the south is tantamount to fleeing. If Hu Shi has become a counselor looking forward to the future, how can he bear the reputation of a young mentor. He said that Hu Shi brought Peking University by himself, so he should be brought back by himself.

Hu Shi rushed to the Red Mansion, Chen Duxiu told him that the proposal of Peking University’s southward move had been completely destroyed, and that he could not become a sheep tamed by the Beiyang government. Hu Shi’s return to China is to do a good job of a new culture. He is dedicated to inspiring the thinking of Chinese people. He still believes that scholars should draw a clear line from politics, and politics is only a matter for the government.

He supported the May Fourth Movement, but now all schools are on strike, and no one is serious about learning. Is this the China Chen Duxiu wants to see? However, Chen Duxiu told him that China’s business is booming, not waiting. The reason why China has the current situation is because there are too few Guo Xingang and too many Hu Shizhi.

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