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Youth Entrepreneurship Manual 青春创业手册 Episode 23 Recap

The MR smart city project has fallen into a bottleneck, and the plan does not have a good point of contact, and the team has fallen into a downturn for a while. Gao Yanan wanted to hold a birthday party for Luo Lixia, but she did not expect her ex-girlfriend Joanna to appear on the day of the birthday party, causing a misunderstanding. Gao Yanan and Luo Lixia quarreled and almost had a car accident. Luo Lixia firmly expressed her love for Gao Yanan, and Joanna was no longer possible, and the emotional crisis was lifted. At the same time, the car accident also gave Luo Lixia inspiration, Luo Lixia proposed to use MR’s mature technology to do intelligent transportation, reduce traffic accidents, and benefit people.

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