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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 21 Recap

The King Scorpion found the anxious ghosts, happy ghosts, and impermanence ghosts and sent them to destroy the Xianxia faction. Heiwuchang protested and was stunned by the poisonous bodhisattva. The impermanence ghost was very angry and forced the poisonous bodhisattva to hand over the antidote. When the individuals disagree with each other, a fierce dispute occurred.

The King Scorpion shouted to stop them, threatening the impermanence ghost, and the impermanence ghost had to follow suit. The Scorpion King sent Qiao Luohan to act with them, in fact, he wanted to monitor them, and asked Qiao Luohan to leave a few livelihoods for the Xianxia Sect, so as to frighten the various sects in the world.

The anxious ghosts and happy ghosts don’t want Zhao Jing to be a gunman. The impermanent ghosts have long seen Zhao Jing’s sinister intentions, but they have already betrayed Wen Kexing and don’t want to lose Zhao Jing’s life-saving straw. The practice of Xing is still shuddering, and Wen Kexing skinned the old ghost master alive before becoming the leader of Ghost Valley.

Zhang Chengling wondered why Wen Kexing didn’t return to Four Seasons Villa with Zhou Zishu back then. Zhou Zishu clearly remembered that Qin Huaizhang had something to do at the time, and it was inconvenient to bring the injured Zhen Ruyu and his family of three, so he promised to pick them up in three months. Qin Huaizhang finished the work. Returning to the small village where they lived, he found that it had already been razed to the ground. This matter became Qin Huaizhang’s lifelong regret, and he still missed his second apprentice Zhen Yan until his death.

Zhang Chengling guessed that Wen Kexing had recognized Zhou Zishu a long time ago, but he refused to recognize each other. Zhou Zishu concluded that Wen Kexing was unspeakable. Wen Kexing heard what they said, with mixed feelings in his heart. He pretended to come back to meet Zhou Zishu and the others. Zhang Chengling hugged him affectionately and called Master Uncle.

Ye Baiyi was willing to atone for Rong Xuan and wanted to help Wen Kexing. Fulfill a wish. Wen Kexing only wanted Ye Baiyi to heal Zhou Zishu’s injury. Ye Baiyi immediately got up and went to find someone to treat Zhou Zishu’s injury, and asked the three of them to go to Four Seasons Villa to wait patiently.

Wen Kexing learned that Zhou Zishu’s injury was rescued, and he closed his mouth happily. Zhang Chengling was also very happy. The three of them, their masters and apprentices, hurried back to Four Seasons Villa. Yu Qiufeng came to see Zhao Jing. Zhao Jing complained that he didn’t come to the hero meeting. Yu Qiufeng told Zhao Jing a rumors about it. It is widely rumored that Luofumeng was Zhao Jing’s untimed wife. On the day of his wedding, Zhao Jinghe The gentleness of the rich side made the daughter elope, Luo Fu Meng became frantic, and wanted to kill all the saddlers in the world, Zhao Jing remained silent and listened to his narration.

Zhao Jing originally asked King Scorpion to send people to transfer Luo Fu Meng away, but those people died in the Yueyang School. Zhao Jing suspected that Yu Qiufeng had robbed Luo Fu Meng away, and King Scorpion was going to kill Yu Qiufeng to vent his private anger. Zhao Respect him not to act rashly, so as not to lose the truth. Zhao Jing sent Wushu to notify the anxious ghost to do this.

Wen Kexing saw Bo Qingsi’s secret words on the street and hurried to meet the two people. They were the survivors of Bo Qingsi. He told Wen Kexing about the tragedy that Bo Qingsi had encountered in detail. Wen Kexing forbade them to return. Qingya Mountain. Zhang Chengling entangled Zhou Zishu to tell bedtime stories. Zhou Zishu was so disturbed that he asked Wen Kexing to tell him, and Wen Kexing told him about the funny story of stealing honey when he and Zhou Zishu were young.

The anxious ghost was ordered to come to the Huashan faction to find Luofumeng, and met Liu Qianqiao head-on. The two men fought, and the anxious ghost knocked Liu Qianqiao to the ground in an attempt to plot against her. The King Scorpion came with the Poisonous Bodhisattva afterwards. Luo Fu Meng ran out of the room, screaming “Jing Lang” madly, the King Scorpion was stunned, and the anxious ghost mistook him for seeing Luo Fu Meng and mocked him. The King Scorpion killed the anxious ghost in annoyance.

Yu Qiufeng hurried back, begging King Scorpion to release Liu Qianqiao, and promised to hand over the glass armor to King Scorpion. Yu Qiufeng vowed to protect Liu Qianqiao, and the Poisonous Bodhisattva exposed that Yu Qiufeng was the world’s most unsuccessful man. At that time, Liu Qianqiao was publicly humiliated by his wife and disfigured, but Yu Qiufeng did not dare to come out. Liu Qianqiao had to admit that the glazed armor she gave to Yu Qiufeng was fake, and wanted him to help rescue it. Luo Fu dream.

Liu Qianqiao knelt down in front of King Scorpion, willing to watch for him. King Scorpion learned that Luo Fu Meng had drank Meng Po Tang and was now crazy. King Scorpion asked Poison Bodhisattva to take Liu Qianqiao and Luo Fu Meng with him. see. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing took Zhang Chengling to Four Seasons Villa. When they were drinking tea on the side of the road, they suddenly saw the injured Xianxia school disciples passing by.

They learned from the tea stall owner that Xianxia school had been looted. Zhou Zi Shu immediately took the two of them to see what happened. Gu Xiang and Cao Weining met the injured Xianxia school disciple halfway. They were puzzled and ran into Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu head-on.

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