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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 19 Recap

Long Xiao angrily denounced his father Longque for being too pedantic. Knowing that the Yin and Yang album in the arsenal could reverse the Yin and Yang for him, causing him to be a waste of more than ten years, Long Que repeatedly stated that the Yin and Yang album did not have the power to bring back the dead, and Long Xiao didn’t believe it at all. He yelled at Longque. He moved to Longyuan Pavilion for his wife, and kept secrets for the dead ghost brother Rongxuan, but refused to continue his life for his own son. Wen Kexing didn’t want to listen to his nonsense, so he dumbed his throat with a hidden weapon on the spot.

Ye Baiyi can’t wait to learn about the relationship between Longque and Rong Xuan, as well as the kindness and grievances of the year. Longque admits that his wife Yu Chai was introduced by the master sister Yue Feng’er of Shen Yi Gu, and Wen Kexing confirmed to Long Que whether Rong Xuan was forced. He built the arsenal, did Gao Chong force him to open the arsenal? Longque guessed that this was Long Xiao’s nonsense and advised Wen Kexing not to believe it. He was willing to help Rongxuan build the arsenal, and Wen Kexing was immediately dumbfounded.

Zhou Zishu wanted to know the truth of the year, and Dragon Que explained in detail from the beginning. Qin Huaizhang first met Rong Xuan. Later, Dragon Que and others gradually got acquainted with Rong Xuan. Together they punished rape and eliminated evil. Rong Hyun built it. When Longque learned that Zhang Chengling was Zhang Yusen’s son, she called him to his side, and learned that his father had died to protect Liuli Jia. Longque was very distressed.

Longque repeatedly emphasized that even if he had enough five pieces of glazed armor, he would not be able to open the arsenal without the key in Rong Xuan’s hand. Wen Kexing clenched his fists and remained silent. Zhou Zishu knew the entanglement in his heart and shook it gently Hold his shoulders. Ye Baiyi asked about the whereabouts of the key, but Longque refused to say anything. Ye Baiyi pressed him bitterly. Wen Kexing couldn’t bear it. He hurriedly stepped up to stop Ye Baiyi. Ye Baiyi had to admit that Rong Xuan was his apprentice, so he thought. Finding out the cause of Rongxuan’s death, Wen Kexing was dumbfounded again.

Zhao Jing put the lofty spirit tokens into the ancestral hall. He faced the spirit tokens of the two rows of deceased, and he couldn’t express his joy. He was the only survivor of the arsenal that year, and couldn’t help but swear at Rong Hyun’s spirit tokens. After snarling the lofty meal, Zhao Jing triumphantly showed off to everyone that he finally got his wish and took charge of the Five Lakes League.

Ye Baiyi practiced a set of swordsmanship for sealing the mountains. Longque recognized him as Rongxuan’s master Ye Baiyi, and was crying with excitement. Unexpectedly, he was still alive. Longque finally saw the magic power of Liuhe Heart Technique to make people rejuvenate. He clearly remembered that Rong Xuan and Yue Feng’er wanted to send Ye Baiyi’s Liuhe Mind to the original owner of the Changming Mountain. Ye Baiyi scolded Rong Xuan as a stupid, and continued to question the cause of Rong Xuan’s death.

Longque thought of the past that they were together, and a light flashed in his muddy eyes. He remembered that the address of the arsenal was selected by Qin Huaizhang, and Dragon Que had modified it. The glass armor and keys were all collected by Qin Huaizhang during his early travels in the rivers and lakes. Rong Xuan took the initiative to invite Zhao Jing, Gao Chong, Shen Shen, Lu Taichong and Zhang Yusen to compete. Gao Chong accidentally stabbed Rong Xuan’s arm.

Unexpectedly, there were three corpse poisons on his sword. Rong Xuan was very poisonous, and Yue Feng’er was angry. Chasing away the five of them, Yue Feng’er used the forbidden technique of the genius doctor Gu Yin and Yang book in order to save Rong Xuan. As a result, Rong Xuan went crazy, Rong Xuan accidentally killed Yue Feng’er, and then the madman was chased and killed by the world’s heroes.

Before Yue Fenger was alive, she knew that she would never be able to return to the Magical Doctor Valley, so she asked Zhen Ruyu and his wife to return to the Magical Doctor Valley to find a cure for her, and gave Zhen Ruyu the key to the arsenal. When Zhen Ruyu rushed back to Qingya Mountain, Rong Xuan was surrounded and seriously injured. Zhen Ruyu pleaded for Rong Xuan, and wanted to bring Rong Xuan back to the Valley of the Divine Doctor for treatment. The middleman started a melee and was finally killed.

After Rong Xuan’s death, people from all walks of life came to Shen Yi Gu to force Zhen Ruyu to tell the secrets of the arsenal. Zhen Ruyu categorically refused, and they forced the old Gu master to hand over Zhen Ruyu. Mrs. Zhen took the seriously injured Zhen Ruyu and the youngest child and went missing. The gangsters were expelled from the teacher by the old valley master. After the old valley master passed away, the Magic Doctor Valley retreated from the rivers and lakes. When Longque heard the news, it was too late. He deliberately released the news that Longyuan Pavilion could open the arsenal, just not wanting Zhen Ruyu’s family to be hunted down.

Wen Kexing was deeply moved by Longque’s insightful righteousness, Zhou Zishu was also full of emotions, Ye Baiyi promised to help Longque fulfill his wish, Longque was already frustrated, he had no request, Longque instead complained that Ye Baiyi did not He taught Liuhe Mind Method to Rong Xuan. He secretly took Liuhe Mind Method and went down the mountain.

Ye Baiyi clearly stated that Liuhe Mind Method is not a good thing, otherwise it would have been given to Rong Xuan a long time ago. He only regretted not ruining Liuhe Mind Method back then. Longque felt the same way. He glanced at Long Xiao and couldn’t help but sigh up to the sky.

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