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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 29 Recap

Yang Xun received a call from Mr. Fu early in the morning. The fake documents they made could not escape Mr. Fu’s eyes. Yang Xun had to appease Mr. Fu for delaying the time, and then called Qiao Xichuan. Qiao Xichuan let him go. He doesn’t care about it, and soon Mr. Fu will obediently cooperate with them. Pang Yishan came to visit Lin Xiaolan and expressed his hope to lower the stock price. This was the only way to save Dinghua. Although Lin Xiaolan was unwilling, she could only agree.

Mr. Fu received a courier, which contained a mobile phone with a video of his daughter being kidnapped. Mr. Fu received a call before he could respond. The voice from Qiao Xichuan told him to complete the mining contract on time. He also said that he would prepare a gift for him after completion. Mr. Fu was worried about his daughter and had to agree. After Yu Haoran’s accident, Pang Yishan’s intention to win over Cheng Lei became more and more obvious.

Cheng Lei did not really like Pang Yishan before, but it was indeed Pang Yishan who was taking care of the company this time. Miao Lu was a little dissatisfied when she heard these words. Cheng Lei asked Miao Lu Dinghua why Miao Huanyang didn’t show up because of such a big incident. Miao Lu was speechless. Bat tells Geoffrey that Jo Xichuan is working hard now, and Geoffrey lets him not have to follow it anymore, just make sure that his identity is not revealed.

Miao Fei asked Ma Shang to come to the meeting. She greeted Pang Yishan and asked Ma Shang to attend the meeting. Ma Shang was surprised. Miao Fei said that it was strange that the time between the two negotiations was too short, and the negotiation time was set by the other party. Ma Shang talked about this during the meeting in the evening, but the stock issue was not found. Ma Shang thinks that Miao Fei knows his identity, and it is not surprising to be quiet. Jing Jing actually admires Miao Fei very much.

After encountering so many things, she can do what she can do. Ma Shang checked Miao Fei before. She didn’t have time to do this kind of professional training, and Jing didn’t think she was a disguise. Jingjing hadn’t had time to tell An Mu that she needed to sort out her thoughts. Ma Shang still had to go home very late today because he was worried about his father. Quietly, Ma Shang was also very uncomfortable in hiding from his parents. Ma Shang said that he would wait until the case was over before telling them that if the horse mother knew that she would kill him directly.

Quietly sent Ma Shang back home as usual, but met Mr. Fu leaving in a hurry, saying that he had come to talk to Father Ma. Ma Shang asked Father Ma curiously, and the two went into the room to talk. Father Ma wondered all night and felt that something was wrong. Ma Shang could not go to drink and play gambling, nor was it possible to fall in love, so he thought Ma Shang had other jobs outside.

Ma Shang really didn’t know how to explain, but looking at his father’s questioning, Ma Shang could only say that he did some part-time jobs and talked with target customers, and promised that it would not affect his job. Father Ma believed, and reminded Ma Shang to grasp the degree. Only then did Ma Shang ask Mr. Fu. Just now he looked like he was out of luck, and Father Ma replied that he just asked himself to deliver some goods.

President Fu received a call from Qiao Xichuan again. Qiao Xichuan asked him to close the curtains at home. Du Meng, who was monitoring him, was puzzled. According to Qiao Xichuan’s words, Mr. Fu went to the bathroom and turned on the faucet. He Zixuan could not find the production approval document, and Mr. Fu’s private mining operation was completely illegal, so Quiet was very worried. Ma Shang suddenly called and said that he was being followed, and Ma Shang quickly asked He Zixuan to locate it.

Ma Shang led the other party into a monitored intersection, quietly saw the other party’s identity, and said embarrassingly that it was his father. Ma Shang was at a loss for a while, and said he wanted to go home to talk to him, and kept the phone on the whole time. Father Ma was surprised to see Ma Shang come back so early. Jing Jing reported the incident to the Song Bureau. Simply thinking that Father Ma was worried about Ma Shang, but they had to make other preparations. After all, Father Ma and Miao Huanyang, Mr. Fu has an intersection.

Father Ma told Ma Shang that he had followed the road just now, because he was really worried that Ma Shang would do something that shouldn’t be done. Ma Shang explained a few words and left the house in a hurry. Mr. Fu secretly opened a mine in the mine, and He Zixuan couldn’t understand why Ma’s father followed Ma Shang and ran the red light.

This was too hard. Ma Shang couldn’t explain, he knew that Ma’s father had personal relationships with Miao Huanyang and Fu Zong, and he knew himself well enough, and his identity could not be concealed at all. If it is true, then Ma Shang’s identity has long been exposed, and quietly said that there is a way to clear the suspicion of Ma’s father. Jing Jing and Song Ju made an appointment with Father Ma for dinner, saying that it has been confirmed that Mr. Fu is smuggling ore.

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