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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 28 Recap

At the Dinghua negotiating table, Pang Yishan negotiated with the investor, and the other party was Qiao Xichuan. Qiao Xichuan used his real identity and talked about the impact of the medical accident as soon as he came up. Qiao Xichuan’s company, United Intelligent Manufacturing, was a small-scale investment before. This time it is obviously abnormal for such a big deal. He Zixuan and Du Meng think it is a leather company.

Pang Yishan asked Dinghua whether the projects they were developing could be shared after they injected capital. Pang Yishan and Professor Zou directly stated that it was impossible. Just after the meeting, Miao Fei received a quiet call. Wanting to find out about the other party’s situation, Miao Fei answered truthfully and showed her the other party’s information. The other party had no business dealings with Dinghua before, and Miao Fei hadn’t even heard of them.

Ma Shang met Mr. Fu when he returned home. He came to find Ma’s father. The two have been friends for many years. Hearing that Ma Shang is now in Dinghua, Mr. Fu asked about the situation by the way. Mr. Fu was in the DS material raw ore business, and he also complained about Pang Yishan. Mr. Fu said that his daughter was going to study abroad. Ma Mu asked him if he had bought Dinghua’s stock. She also said that Dinghua’s stock was traded professionally, and some of it would rise after buying it now. The horse’s father hurriedly stopped, and the horse mother was angry and patted the table and left. Ma Shang then inquired about Mr. Fu, who is now busy looking for customers.

The horse mother was sulking in the room, and Ma Shang hurried in to comfort him, and quietly told the horse mother that Lin Xiaolan had been hospitalized for the past two days and that she could not handle Dinghua’s affairs. Under this circumstance, Dinghua’s stock would definitely not rise again. The horse mother was immediately anxious, and Ma Shang persuaded her to stop the loss in time, but the horse mother worried that she would lose the money and be nagged by the horse’s father for a lifetime.

After the meal, Ma Shang rushed to the meeting. He Zixuan determined that United Intelligent Manufacturing was a leather bag company, but behind him was the Hermes Group. Both cases have Hermes. It can be determined that Lianhe Zhizao’s investment in Dinghua has a purpose. Qiao Xichuan has investigated quietly. He has an innocent background, but he came back just after Chen Can entered Shuangqing.

After the meeting, Ma Shang and Jingjing went home together, and Ma Shang suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, and Jingjing was very worried. Ma Shang said to tell Jingjing one thing, and ask her not to tell others. Ma Shang said that he still had a year at most, and quietly saw that he was joking, so he told him to wait until the case was over before he died. Ma Shang was anxious, and quietly told Ma Shang that he was a little lucky to be quiet when he wanted to investigate this case. Maybe an outsider could help them find some information, but she didn’t know what it was like now. Quietly crying, after all these years, she can finally get a good night’s sleep.

Mr. Fu couldn’t get in touch with his daughter and was so anxious that Yang Xun quickly contacted her, but fortunately, he was just picking up the luggage. Pang Yishan and Qiao Xichuan met in private, and quietly followed. Qiao Xichuan hoped that Pang Yishan would give himself a profit and promised to give him a kickback. The horse mother and the horse father discussed whether to sell the stock, and the horse father’s attitude was much better. He also said that he would help the horse mother to give Ma Shang some food.

As a result, Father Ma went to the company with dinner, and the security said that he had left work long ago, and recently the personnel department has been going to get off work normally. Father Ma didn’t tell the horse mother about this, but he kept waiting for him to come back in Ma Shang’s room, asking him if he had something to hide from them. Although the father of Ma understands that Ma Shang has his own life, he is still worried that Ma Shang is going the wrong way. Ma Shang can only say that he will go back and explain.

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