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Rattan 司藤 Episode 6 Recap

On the day of Qiu Shan’s gift, Sto united several people against Qiu Shan in the Xuanmen, and several people who opposed Qiu Shan’s participation in the Xuanmen pretended to agree to her, and helped her get in touch with the imprisonment after the incident, but actually wanted to kill Sito after the incident . Si Teng took advantage of the chaos to release the vine killer, wounding many people in Xuanmen. Shen Cuiqiao was seriously injured because of chasing out, and died before the age of thirty. Seeing that he was over, Qiu Shan swore an oath to destroy Sito and kill Sito when he was weak in giving birth. The people present didn’t know how Qiu Shan caused Sito to mutate, probably only if Neng Qiu Shan came back and asked him.

An Man took the two kidnappers and found the private ward where Zhao Jianglong is now living. Many people are in charge of it. They didn’t have a chance to start. An Man took the initiative to offer them and won Dong Ge’s trust. She also defrauded Dong Ge’s feelings. Let him protect himself along the way. Shan Zhigang went to Lixian to meet An Man. An Man was excited when she learned that Qin Fang was still alive, but she had lost the trust of Qin Fang, Shan Zhigang and others. An Man knew that she couldn’t be with Qin anymore, so she began to plan for herself that she would get the lives of those people and the Nine-Eyed Dzi Bead.

Qin Fang cared about the safety of his ex-girlfriend, and was teased by Si Teng as a fool. Si Teng also pointed out that Qin Fang’s friend Shan Zhigang had obvious problems, and Qin Fang told him to keep him away from An Man. As a result, he left the company he was cooperating with and instead actively intervened in the investigation. Shen Yindeng found Yan Furui in private to inquire about the relationship between Siteng and Qin Fang, and specifically told him that she would not go with them at the party tomorrow, because she had other plans.

The next day, everyone at the Xuanmen came to the hotel, but Si Teng didn’t rush to dress up and dress up, seeing Qin Fang very anxiously, and finally Si Teng packed himself up, and then came to the hotel with Qin Fang. Although everyone was waiting very anxiously, they stood up in fright when they saw her coming. Although the teachers were very angry about the killing of Sito Shita, they were helpless. Sato said that he did not want to fight against the public, so she asked whether she had seen or arrested other Yao people. She gave three days to leave the room, and Qin Fang went to another room with Qin Fang through a miniature camera. Watching the reactions of the hanging masters, none of the hanging masters seemed to have seen a tribe like her.

Sato, who held the eyebrow pencil again, suddenly noticed a camera in front of him. Qin Fang followed her gaze and immediately reacted. When he chased out, he saw a woman’s back. He didn’t even want to chase after him. The man fell to the ground, but was fascinated by the Miao woman’s purple magic pupil. When she woke up, the woman had disappeared. Qin saw Chen Wan in his memory in his eyes, and he returned to the room in a daze, but Si Teng told him that the woman just now was Shen Yin Deng. When Siteng heard that Shen Yindeng and a dead friend of Qin Fang looked alike, he was suddenly curious.

After Shen Yindeng escaped, she returned to the Xuanmen people. She deliberately provoked the discord and said that Si Teng wanted revenge. She knelt down and knocked three heads without waiting for everyone to react. Everyone heard that Si Teng had imposed a restriction on her Xuanjian Cave. This led to their no one under the door now, and one after another expressed their condemnation to Sato. And Shen Yindeng, because of Xuanjiandong’s hatred for many years, said that he must kill Sito. Only Bai Jin thoughtfully, he didn’t speak any more, until Shen Yindeng said that he was pregnant, Bai Jin and everyone were shocked.

Yan Furui bought a lot of supplements for Siteng. After he learned about what Master Qiu Shan had done to Siteng, he took the initiative to apologize, and Sitou offered to let him go to Canghong as an undercover agent. In order to save his life, Yan Furui finally agreed. Up. In fact, Sato is quite a good person, and he also prepares favorite snacks for Wafang. In the past few days in his life, he also set a swing for Wafang and completely bought the Wafang.

On the other side, Shen Yindeng was particularly concerned that there was nothing unusual about Sato after giving birth. She wondered whether it was due to Sto’s mutation or cannibalism. She asked about Platinum. Platinum used his mysterious rhetoric to deal with the past and extra. Tentatively, Shen Yindeng will be as unscathed as the last Xie Teng killing, Shen Yindeng nervously cleared it away and hurried away. When Qin Fang went to bed at night, he thought of Chen Wan, and dreamed that Chen Wan called him in his dream and could not sleep all night.

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