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Rattan 司藤 Episode 5 Recap

Yan Furui finally found a group of suspended children, but he couldn’t find a way to save Wang Qiankun for nine days. He called Qin Fang and explained these things. After Qin Fang heard about it, he asked him to bring Wang Qiankun back as soon as possible.

Si Teng should not want his life. Hang up the phone, Yan Furui began to laugh secretly, secretly said that he was good at acting, deceived Qin Fang, and let him relax his vigilance, hanging door and others seemed to have discussed a way to deal with Si Teng.

When Qin Fang hung up the phone, the tile room was carrying the tea prepared by himself and bringing it to Si Teng. Si Teng saw his trick and deliberately applied a few strokes to his face with a brush. The tile room cried. Qin Fang hurriedly came to inquire. Siteng didn’t say much, but just handed him the tea. Qin Fang thought she was wrong about tea, and was choked by the salt water without any precautions. Only then did he know that it was a good thing that the tile house did, and he deserved to be bullied by Siteng.

Huang Yu, the owner of the Huang family, once helped Qiu Shanyu kill Siteng. They said that there was a way to solve the rattan killing. Yan Furui firmly believed that Huang Yu’s only remaining daughter was 80 years old, but she was sober, and there must be a way to solve the rattan killing.

Siteng has lost her mana now. She asked Qin Fang to help her keep secrets. She forced the hanging people to do things for herself by fearing her. Shan Zhigang helped Qin Fang investigate the people who had an accident during Dana’s time and found Zhao Jianglong, who had problems. At the same time, An Man took the two people who kidnapped him to find the hospital where Zhao Jianglong lived. In order to make him valuable to him, An Man claimed that the goods were in Zhao Jianglong’s wound, and the two believed it.

Siteng was idle and asked Qin Fang’s girlfriend An Man, and recalled to him about the events before the crime. On the other hand, Shan Zhigang had also investigated Zhao Jianglong. Shunteng found that An Man’s real identity was actually An Xiaoting. Shan Zhigang told Qin Fang about this matter.

Qin Fang was silent for a moment, so that Shan Zhigang could not be involved. Go. At the same time, Wang Qiankun has been dragged into the room to cast spells by hanging disciples. Yan Furui, a disciple of Qiushan, was refused because nothing. Yan Furui and Mr. Bai, who opened the live broadcast, wondered outside the door about why Siteng Ming knew that rattan killing was solveable, and why he still used rattan killing to restrict Wang Qiankun.

Seeing that the two were about to think of the answer, Wang Qiankun’s call came from Wang Qiankun and others’s house. When they entered the house, several capable suspended children had spit blood and fell to the ground, and several people nervous to save people did not care about the strangeness of the Miao woman. Platinum took the lead in calling Siteng.

Siteng said that she had asked Yan Furui to speak. She just asked for something. As a result, Yan Furui didn’t care at all, which involved their group. Siteng suddenly said that he wanted to invite everyone to dinner.

Everyone was a little annoyed. She invited someone to dinner and threatened him with rattan killing. The oldest Canghong lay in the lounge chair. He suggested to ask the old man Huang Cuilan who provided the solution to rattan killing first. Maybe he could learn more about Siteng’s story. From Huang Cuilan’s old population, Yan Furui heard about Master for the first time.

Although he worshipped Qiushan as a teacher, he never learned the hanging skill. It was all because the change of Siteng was caused by Qiu Shan. He wanted to use Siteng to achieve himself. Although he succeeded, Qiushan wholeheartedly regarded Siteng as his servant and deliberately let Siteng in himself.

The figure appeared in front of the beloved, which finally angered the sto. Just when Qiushan received both fame and wealth and was about to enter the hanging door, the hanging door received a report letter, exposing Qiushan’s collection of alien things.

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