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Rattan 司藤 Episode 4 Recap

Qin Fang was a little surprised. Siteng Mingming said that he was killed in 1939, but Qiu Shan said that he killed Siteng in 1946. Siteng did not explain, but only said, “kill well”, so he asked Qin Fang to go underground with him. Qiushan dug a hole under the stone tablet. Siteng put her head close to the center of the vine.

In an instant, all the vines were retracted, as if they had been absorbed by Siteng. Siteng saw her green silk. After that, her mana was restored.

When Siteng and Qin were released, it was already the next morning. She asked Yan Furui to wake up Wang Qiankun and put a rattan into his body, thus controlling him. Siteng ordered Yan Furui and Wang Qiankun to gather the hanging door and leave the tile room. The tile house cried so much.

Fortunately, Qin put it on it. Yan Furui was also assured to let him stay. Yan Furui left to find the hanging door with tears. Wang Qiankun still firmly believed in science. After leaving Siteng, he began to doubt life. Wang Qiankun went to the hospital to have a physical examination, and he didn’t believe what Siteng said.

Yan Furui was a little unlovable. He had determined Siteng’s identity. The consequence of Wang Qiankun’s disbelief was that he was knocked unconscious by Siteng the next second. Yan Furui carried Wang Qiankun and ran to Canghongna, Changmingshan, the president of the hanging door, and told them the news of Siteng’s resurrection. When he heard the news, the president was so scared that he couldn’t hold anything firmly and suddenly collapsed in the chair.

Qin released a house for Siteng to settle the child with her, and waited for Yan Furui and Wang Qiankun to return together. At this time, Canghong was contacting his disciples in the hanging door, but the hanging door is now in decline, and there are few left. Yan Furui gathered a wave of suspended children and had to go back to his room to comfort Wang Qiankun. He called Qin Fang and talked to Wafang.

After Wafang was still hungry after the phone, Qin Fang was not here, so he had to find Siteng for food. Children from all over the country rushed to Canghong’s clubhouse. Some of them have become white-collar workers at work, some are celebrities on TV, some are just drivers, and even Miao people. Yan Furui can’t believe it when he saw these strange people appear in front of him.

Can they really deal with them? Steng, Yan Furui is a little suspicious. No one knows what Steng did when he returned to it. She didn’t seem to have any intention of revenge. Everyone gathered to discuss how to deal with Sten.

Among Wang Qiankun was rattan killing. Siteng asked them to beg her. It was certainly impossible for a while. A group of people began to discuss how to save Wang Qiankun. Platinum has been studying the rattan family for many years, believing that they are the evolution of plants. As long as they find a way, they can definitely defeat the rattan clan.

Platinum’s words won everyone’s praise, and their self-confidence finally gave Yan Furui a little hope. Siteng sat at home and had nothing to do. She also took care of the tile room when talking to him. In order to teach herself how to attract the little fish, the tile house took out her treasured small green insect and gave it to Siteng. Siteng’s hair stood on his hair in an instant.

Fortunately, Qin Fang appeared in time, closed the box, and held the tile house far away. Still, Siteng didn’t calm down. He went into the room in silence and closed the window heavily. After returning to the house, Siteng began to think about his way forward. Siteng wanted to find the heartless man who had failed her heart, but now he had to let the hanging man help her find the man.

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