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Rattan 司藤 Episode 3 Recap

Qin Fang took Siteng to the mall. The first thing was to change her clothes and make her look like ordinary people.

The clerk took her a rabbit down coat, which was scolded by Siteng, believing that the clerk killed animals indiscriminately. Qin Fang quickly relieved the siege on the grounds that Siteng was an environmentalist. In the end, Siteng still changed back to different styles of cheongsam.

During this period, Qin Fang received a phone call from her friend Shan Zhigang. Shan Zhigang investigated An Man and found that all her experiences and socializations were fake, even her parents were fake. Qin Fang could not dig deep for the time being, so he had to find An Man first. After all, she brought it there by herself.

When Siteng was going to the toilet in Qin, he saw a little boy catching the doll. After watching it curiously, she tried it herself. Unexpectedly, she finally got into a child’s game coin and directly made the child cry. After releasing Qin, she compensated the child for a lot of game coins. Seeing that Siteng stood still couldn’t walk, she also clipped her.

A doll came out. Siteng smiled softly and gave the doll to the child again. Qin Fang was puzzled. Siteng was not like the aliens in the movie. She had advanced technology. She had never even seen the movie. Qin Fang had no choice but to take her to see a private movie under her doubtful gaze.

Siteng watched the movies in the 1990s, but thought of his boyfriend in those years. He couldn’t help criticizing the man’s infernocentness. Qin Fang didn’t want to argue with her, so he went out alone to breathe.

Qin put it out for a little wine. When he saw someone chatting up a strange girl, he couldn’t help but think of chatting up An Man. He felt very uncomfortable. So he said to stop them and caused trouble. Fortunately, Siteng appeared in time, and the two sides did not do anything. Siteng made Qin Fang lose face and reprimanded Qin Fang. The purpose of their trip was clear. Siteng did not want to waste time on such useless things. Although Qin Fang was annoyed, he had no other choice to live.

An Man was kidnapped to look for Zhao Jianglong. One of the kidnappers attempted to invade An Man. An Man’s struggle voice called another kidnapper to escape. On the other hand, Qin Fang left Dana with Siteng and came to Cangcheng Mountain. Siteng asked Qin Fang to find a suspension named Qiushan.

At the same time, the rattan in the Nebula Pavilion overflowed out of the wellhead overnight. Yan Furuiton, who was deeply influenced by his master, felt bad. He wanted to find Wang Qiankun to think of a way together, but Wang Qiankun was indifferent to this matter. Yan Furui took Wang Qiankun to the Xingyun Pavilion and wanted to take out a saw and saw off the vine. Wang Qiankun thought he was going to chop himself, so he rushed out of the door in horror. He happened to collide with Qin Fang who came to him.

Yan Furui explained to Wang Qiankun for a long time and proposed Li Zhengyuan, which convinced Wang Qiankun to go back with him. Si Teng, who heard “Li Zhengyuan” come out secretly and said a few words with the two young people.

In fact, Si Teng and Li Zhengyuan are not friendly. Knowing that Yan Furui might be the disciple of Qiu Shan he was looking for, Si Teng decided to take Qin Fang to follow the two younger generation. And the two younger generations have gone to the bottom of the well to check. Yan Furui sawed off a section of the vine with a saw, and the green juice flowed all over the ground, which made him aware of abnormality, but Wang Qiankun didn’t care.

The two of them can only climb to the ground while arguing, but as soon as they come up, they can see Siteng and Qin Fang, who does not hide his ability in front of them.

Wang Qiankun didn’t believe Yan Furui’s words. He thought that Siteng was just a legend. Siteng deliberately used magic spells and directly scared Wang Qiankun unconscious. Siteng wanted to know what bad things Qiu Shan and his apprentice had said about her, but Yan Furui was very afraid of her. Seeing his little apprentice Wafang coming out, he was so scared that he picked up the chainsaw and rushed up to protect him.

Protecting him, but accidentally tripped over by a rattan, the chainsaw almost sawed the apprentice. Fortunately, there was Siteng beside her. She trapped Yan Furui with a rattan. Qin quickly saved the tile room with his eyes and quick hands.

After that, Yan Furui obeyed Siteng’s words and read her what he said seriously in the book. After Siteng heard a sentence, “Hanging Master Qiushan destroyed Siteng Yushen in 1946”, his expression suddenly changed.

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