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Rattan 司藤 Episode 2 Recap

Siteng has been “dead” for so many years and has no understanding of the new things in 2020, but she also wants to know these as soon as possible, so she proudly asked Qin Fang. Qin Fang pointed to the TV to let her learn, but Siteng arrogantly refused. Qin Fang found a reason to go out. He called An Man again, but no one answered. So he called his best friend Shan Zhigang and asked him to go to An Man’s house to find someone.

Although he did not know what had happened, Shan Zhigang did so. Qin Fang wanted to go back as soon as possible to confirm An Man’s safety, but he could not get rid of Si Teng. He finally found an opportunity and took his ID card to leave, but on the way, he suddenly found himself crazy aging, and Qin Fang jumped out of the car in horror.

Qin Fang ran away and sat on the roadside to call Shan Zhigang back. After this time, he found himself very afraid of death. After one night, he returned to Dana in order to survive, but found that his aging face had recovered.

Qin Fang unbelievingly began to test the extent of his walking. Sure enough, he was tied to Siteng. Once far away, he would die. Qin released angrily returned to the hotel, and Siteng was soaking his feet safely. Siteng knew that Qin Fang could not leave her for a long time, and he would come back soon.

Qin Fang thought she was playing tricks on herself and almost quarreled with her, but Siteng didn’t care at all. She deliberately set aside time for Qin Fang to consider whether to obey her. After all, Qin Fang is inseparable from her now, not Qin Fang.

Qin Fang was trapped in the room and knew that he could not escape. He simply obeyed his fate. Si Teng said his request. The survival instinct could make Qin Fang compromise to Si Teng. He not only began to respect her, but also tried to make her happy.

At the same time, An Man was also kidnapped by two kidnappers. On the pretext of delaying time, she reported to her family that she had got the mobile phone safely. She deliberately sent a circle of friends, saying that she and Qin put it and broke Qin Fang’s mobile phone while playing, but the mobile phone was quickly taken away. Shan Zhigang saw this circle of friends, and he had come to An Man’s mother’s house.

That night, Siteng stayed alone in the room and suddenly found that her spell was not working. She tried several times, but accidentally put the vine into the fire. The plant’s instinct made her subconsciously knock down the fire basin. She wanted to put out the fire, but accidentally caused the fire. Qin Fang returned to the room with green plants, and saw Siteng, who was at a loss in the fire. He could only report Siteng out of the room first, took green plants out, and then ran to put out the fire.

Qin Fang was busy dealing with the follow-up fire and missed the meeting with An Man and the two kidnappers. When he came back, Si Teng was left sitting there alone. Si Teng suddenly asked Qin Fang what his dream was. Qin Fang is now worried about An Man.

He wants to return to the life of ordinary people, not to live without Siteng, like now. Siteng generously told him that he was just a half demon, so he could not make people come back from the dead, and there was no difference with ordinary people.

At the same time, Yan Furui, a descendants of Xingyun Pavilion, saw vines in this well. He originally wanted to go down to check one or two, but he was afraid of the unknown, so he had to go to Mr. Li Zhengyuan of Changmingshan for help.

As a result, he was looking forward to Wang Qiankun, who was also an apprentice. After Siteng had an exchange with Qin Fang, Qin Fang was finally willing to listen to Si Teng’s request. Si Teng wanted to understand the world now, and asked Qin Fang to keep her secrets and help her do things at the same time.

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