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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 24 Recap

Luo ShiqiuFight with loneliness and indifferenceLin Shuiyao. Lin ShuiyaoheChu YunxiCome forward to prevent Luo Shiqiu from fighting with Lonely Mo. Lonely Indifferent saw that Luo Shiqiu had many people, and knew that he was not too big, so he left first. Lin Laomeng winsXiaogu Doctor, Xiaogu genius doctor is willing to help Qian Yixin heal his eyes. Xiaogu’s genius doctor saw Lin Lao’s leader not pleasing to his eyes, and sent Lin Lao’s leader to run errands.

As for Lin Yukun, he asked him to stay and accompany Qian Yizhen. Chu Yunxi was worried that Lonely Mo would tell their location to the dead Shi Wangchuan.Lou Man FengWaiting for someone to let Chu Yunxi rest assured that they will not disturb othersHan QianluoCultivation poisons blood.

Lin Shuiyao was angry that Luo Shiqiu took her as a trophy and fought with Lonely Desert. Luo Shiqiu explained that he did not regard Lin Shuiyao as a trophy, but to protect Lin Shuiyao and fought Lonely Desert. Lin Shuiyao asked Luo Shiqiu to compensate her, so she could forgive Luo Shiqiu. Luo Shiqiu asked Lin Shuiyao to make any conditions.

Lin Shuiyao hadn’t thought about it, so she asked Luo Shiqiu to agree to her two conditions first, and Luo Shiqiu also agreed. Chu Yunxi assisted Han Qianluo in cultivating poisoning blood, and the last step required Han Qianluo herself. The genius doctor Xiaogu was ready to heal the eyes and handed Qian Yiying to Lin Yukun’s care. Lin Yukun took advantage of Xiaogu’s genius doctor to collect medicine and chatted with Qian Yiyi.

The emperor called the prince Luo Ju late at night, and Luo Ju sued his father that Cai Mo had recently gone to the Tomb Palace, and did not return for a few days, just to take care of the wounded by the tomb attackers.Murong Ye, For the sake of the royal face, the emperor asked Father Gao to deal with the matter. Gao Gonggong came to the tomb palace and passed the emperor’s verbal order, asking Princess Yingxue to drive back to the palace immediately.

Chu Yunxi helped Han Qianluo force the remaining poison out, Luo Shiqiu and Lou Manfeng, Lin Shuiyao guarded the entrance of the cave. Caimo couldn’t defy the emperor’s order, so she had to hand Murong Ye to Lianhua and Xiyue. With the help of Chu Yunxi, Han Qianluo finally practiced magical power to poison his hands. The next day, Luo Shiqiu and Lin Shuiyao flirted and flirted while picking wild vegetables in the woods. When they came back again, they were very happy to learn that Han Qianluo had become a poisonous hand.

Murong XianWhen I came to Wuyingxuan, I first pointed out the fault of Daoist Qianji and others, and then asked them to make up for their mistakes and guard the tomb of Guzi. Han Qianluo lost too much blood and was weak. He needed to use herbal medicine to regulate his body. Several herbs were in the Wuyingxuan pharmacy. Chu Yunxi decided to go to Wuyingxuan in person. Han Qianluo and others couldn’t stop him. She had to let Chu Yunxi go to fetch herbs by herself.

Luo Shiqiu and Lin Shuiyao sent Chu Yunxi away. Chu Yunxi recognized the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword in Lin Shuiyao’s hand and told them that the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword was the key to the second-to-last level of the Guzi Tomb. Chu Yunxi drew out the sword and found that it was a remnant sword. The Flower-Eating and Soul-breaking Sword was divided into two swords, one named Flower-Eater, the other Named Dou-Hun, and the other was a female sword. And the other male sword Broken Soul is not accidental, it should be sealed in the weapon tomb.

Qiu YulingPrepare a table of good wine and good food, treat Suo Liancheng, Suo Liancheng knows that Qiu Yuling wants to eliminate the Wanted and Moyin Island, so he said that the reward will not work, Qiu Yuling only needs to follow him and act according to orders.

Chu Yunxi sneaked into Wuyingxuan, and just got the herbal medicine, she was fascinated. Chu Yunxi was escorted to Murong Xian by the dead soldier of Forgotten Chuan, and Murong Xian let himNo soulTake the traitor Chu Yunxi into the dungeon. Lonely Mo applied to Murongxian and attacked Han Qianluo, but Murongxian said that Chu Yunxi was in his hands and he was not afraid that Han Qianluo would not come.

Based on the location of the weapon tomb provided by Chu Yunxi, Luo Shiqiu compared the map and found that it was not far from the cave. Lin Shuiyao and Luo Shiqiu went to find the Xiongjian together, and Lou Manfeng stayed in the cave to take care of Han Qianluo. After Baili Wuhun locked Chu Yunxi in the dungeon, he persuaded Chu Yunxi to do it for himself. Chu Yunxi prayed for Han Qianluo and never came to rescue her.

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