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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 23 Recap

Princess Yingxue saw that she was unconsciousMurong Ye, Asked Xiyue why he didn’t protect Murong Ye well, and Xiyue would tell the story of Murong Ye’s assassination last night. After hearing this, Princess Yingxue would like to help the Tomb Palace, find out the assassin as soon as possible, and avenge Murong Ye.Murong XianIt was determined that the assassin of Murong Ye was the Tomb Squad, so he immediately summoned the dead soldiers of Wangchuan and went with him to the Guzi Tomb to find the Tomb Squad to avenge him.

Qiu Yuling report to Suo Liancheng, Murong Ye was assassinated on the way back to the palace of the tomb and was later rescued by the people of the Sakura Palace.Luo ShiqiuWhen people were in the cave discussing the creation of a trap for the tomb guard, they heard movement outside the cave.

Chu YunxiBringing injury to Hantianxiao’s tomb, crying and expressing his inner sadness. When Luo Shiqiu and others came to the tomb, they saw Chu Yunxi crying while holding the cold sky.Han QianluoI can’t bear to watch my mother die in front of me, callingLou Man FengQuickly bring Chu Yunxi back to the cave. Chu Yunxi was carried onto the stone bed by Lou Manfeng and Luo Shiqiu, and Han Qianluo treated Chu Yunxi for his injuries.

When Chu Yunxi heard Han Qianluo call her a mother, she was more happy than eating honey. In order for Lou Manfeng to leave more room for Han Qianluo and Chu Yunxi, let the two have a good chat, and put Luo Shiqiu andLin ShuiyaoTake it out. Chu Yunxi apologized to Han Qianluo. Han Qianluo did not blame Chu Yunxi, and said that he would forget all the unhappy things in the past and start over. Chu Yunxi was very moved.

Luo TianchengHe took many disciples and escorted the dead disciples back to Luo Jiazutang. Luo Tiancheng’s wife was worried about Luo Shiqiu’s safety, so Luo Tiancheng told his wife about the current situation. Luo Tiancheng summoned the elders to discuss how to deal with the tomb-guarding faction. The elders suggested that they should fight over, and Luo Tian could gather the people and horses to go to the Guzi Tomb after setting up a horse.

Lonely and indifferent wants to avenge Murong Ye, attack the tomb sect, Qian Ji Dao andMu XueliAdvise loneliness and calmness. Lonely and indifferently concealing Dao Chief Qianji and Mu Xueli,No soul, Secretly led a team of Wangchuan dead soldiers to attack the tomb faction. Go findXiaogu DoctorOn the way, Lin Yukun cleared the obstacles ahead for Qian Yiyi.

Chu Yunxi took advantage of Han Qianluo to rest, leaving the cave to relax. Lou Manfeng persuaded Chu Yunxi to join the tomb attacker. Chu Yunxi worried that she, who was wanted by the tomb defender, would join the tomb attacker. Chu Yunxi heard Han Qianluo say that the Tomb Attacker had found six fragments of the map, but could not solve the clues on the map, so Lou Manfeng showed her the map.

Lou Manfeng unfolded the map, and Chu Yunxi glanced at it and said that the people who participated in the production of the clue map at the time were all former tomb-guarding wizards. They studied with great concentration for many years, and finally drew the inherited ancient map into a picture only The map that can penetrate the mystery is divided into six and hidden in six levels. One of the six people is still alive, and he is the map’s creator-Qi Sheng Bai Chengzi.

Under Chu Yunxi’s prompt, Lou Manfeng looked at the map with the eyes of Yizhe, and later made him understand the Tianlong chess game and find the location of the seventh pass of the Guzi Tomb. Chu Yunxi stayed beside Han Qianluo until Han Qianluo woke up. Lou Man Feng rushed into the cave and told Han Qianluo and Chu Yunxi that he had found the seventh pass of Guzi Tomb. Chu Yunxi said that although Luo Shiqiu had a unicorn arm, he still needed Han Qianluo to become poisonous and transform blood. In order to break through the ninth layer of unicorn arms.

Luo Shiqiu took out the anti-toxin pill, Chu Yunxi said that the anti-toxin pill is incompatible with poisoning blood. Han Qianluo still needs to go through a very painful process before he can absorb the anti-toxin pill, and asked if Han Qianluo is ready, Han Qianluo Declaring that she was ready, Chu Yunxi was willing to help Luo Shiqiu to guide Han Qianluo into poisoning blood.

As soon as Lin Qingfeng got the news, Murong Xian was leading a large number of Wangchuan dead men to the tomb of Guzi, and immediately called Shangmowutang to accompany him to the tomb of Guzi. Lonely Mo brought the dead soldier of Wangchuan to the camp of the tomb attacker, but he was very angry when he did not see the tomb attacker.

Di Gonggong reported to the prince that Murongxian had led the dead Wangchuan to the Guzi Tomb. In order to deepen the contradiction between the offensive and defensive factions, the prince asked Di Gonggong to take people to the tomb palace to assassinate Murong Ye. Under the guise of the prince’s name, Di Gonggong went to the tomb palace and did not support Princess Yingxue. He immediately reported the matter to the prince. The prince planned to go to the palace and seek help from the father.

Lonely Mo returned to Wuying Xuan, Baili Wuhun reminded Lonely Desert, Qianji Taoist commander has lifted Lonely Desert’s command, and lonely indifference is unwilling, Baili Wuhun pointed out a place for Lonely Indifference, let Lonely Mo look around. Han Qianluo took the Nidu Pill, and Chu Yunxi instructed Han Qianluo to practice poisoning blood. Lin Yukun brought Qian Yiying to Xiaogu’s genius doctor’s house, and saw the grandfather who was injured by Xiaogu’s genius doctor, very distressed.

The genius doctor Xiaogu urged Lin Lao to leave, and Lin Lao angered the genius Xiaogu with a few words. The genius Xiaogu was so angry that he fought with the Lin Lao. The Lin Lao used a plan to make Xiaogu the genius willing to give up. Lonely Mo found Luo Shiqiu and others based on the address provided by Baili Wuhun. Luo Shiqiu had a disagreement with Lonely Indifference, so he had to do it.

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