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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 29 Recap

Chen Duxiu was thinking about Li Dazhao’s alarm clock and bomb, Haiwei hurried over to tell them that Guo Xingang was no longer working. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao rushed to the hospital. Guo Xingang struggled to sit up. He knew that his deadline was approaching. Seeing the country and the government so backward and weak, his heart was full of pain and despair.

He begged the two gentlemen to save this country and nation. Guo Xingang handed the banner written in blood to Li Dazhao. Looking back on the dilemma of the first encounter between him and Chen Duxiu, Guo Xingang laughed and said that his temper was too bad. Chen Duxiu hugged Guo Xingang and called him the hero of this country.

Guo Xingang looked at her lover Bai Lan and asked her to bring herself back to Qingdao to be buried with her father. On the day Qingdao is recovered, she must remember to tell her and her father before coming to the grave. Looking around at his lover and classmates one last time, Guo Xingang just left this world where he was so nostalgic and deeply helpless.

Li Dazhao stood at the desk and started writing but then put it down, thinking repeatedly but breaking the brush. Chen Duxiu held the “Return to Qingdao” banner written by Guo Xingang in blood and wept bitterly. Chen Duxiu wrote to Hu Shi, telling the story of what happened in Beijing in the past few days, and told him Guo Xingang’s death to tell Yannian. Director Li of the Ministry of Education came to Peking University, but avoided Cai Yuanpei and handed the order to the teacher of the Education Department. The government ordered Cai Yuanpei to be abolished and transferred the arrested students to the court for trial.

Zhang Fengzai brought a group of dudes to the Qingyin Class I, saying that he was not only a reporter from the newspaper, but also a senior police detective of the Beijing Normal Police Department. The deputy leader of the second intelligence team was ordered to collect news from Beijing schools in order to disintegrate the student organization. .

He wants to develop these people into informants, and Lan Xiangban is where they meet. The next day, ignorant students who feared that the world would not be chaotic began to deceive Cai Yuanpei and betray the arrested students. The unfounded news that Cao Rulin and others were going to assassinate and bombard Peking University spread among the Peking University students.

Lu Xun spoke highly of the May Fourth Movement, but Li Dazhao keenly discovered that although the arrested students were released, the social contradictions have become more acute. The Anfu warlord intends to take advantage of this limelight to sign contracts and suppress the student movement, and Peking University has become a leader, and Cai Yuanpei is in danger.

When Li Dazhao came to Cai Yuanpei’s home, he only felt that his back was depressing when he looked at Cai Gong. The National Police Agency will also call the arrested students to convict them. If the students are arrested again, the consequences will be disastrous.

Duan Qirui wanted to play the legal card, which made it difficult for Cai Yuanpei to think of an appropriate response. Wang Daxie came to Cai Yuanpei’s place and said that Duan Qirui summoned him. He clearly ordered that there should be no more voices different from the government. He pointed out that Cai Yuanpei could no longer serve as the president of Peking University and asked Hu Renyuan to replace him as the president of Peking University.

Cai Yuanpei has already offered to resign three times, and his only concern is not to allow students to go to prison again. Cai Yuanpei said frankly that as long as the students and Peking University are in safety, he can do whatever he does. Wang Daxie and Li Dazhao have always believed that the thirty-six strategies are the best, and now only Cai Yuanpei’s departure is the best way.

Gu Hongming discussed with Huang Kan and others about whether the mother in the rain is married or unmarried. He wants to use this to mean that he will leave after all, and will stay if he wants to stay. When they walked to the bulletin board, they saw a group of students jammed there.

Cai Yuanpei left a notice saying “I am tired” and left Peking University. Gu Hongming interprets it at the request of the students, but only answers the allusions in Cai Yuanpei’s letter, but a group of young people are really learning and not understanding classical Chinese.

Huang Kan privately interpreted that Cai Yuanpei had to run away because the students had caused harm. Gu Hongming publicly refuted his slander on Cai Yuanpei. The reason why Cai Gong left was entirely because of an adulterer. Whether it was a helpless move or a deferment, Gu Hongming publicly refuted him. He firmly believed that Cai Yuanpei would never abandon Peking University.

Lu Xun knew well that Cai Yuanpei was forced away by the government, and he could transfer to him if he walked through contradictions, thus saving the arrested students. However, in order to save Cai Yuanpei, Li Dazhao proposed to immediately organize the establishment of the faculty associations of various schools in Beijing to negotiate with the government. All resign.

The presidents of major universities in Beijing signed a letter to retain Cai Yuanpei. Fu Zengxiang handed over the petition of all Peking University professors and numerous petitions to Qian Nengxun for his subordinates.

Then he turned his head and said bluntly that this position was not made by humans. The resignation letters of the director of education and the principals of major colleges and universities have been handed over to the government. There have been extreme phenomena among students. Some people died suddenly from overwork in speeches, and some left behind very inflammatory wills to commit suicide. The situation has reached an uncontrollable level.

Li Changtai thought that it was because the government’s methods were too weak and it was necessary to use tough methods to resolve it. Qian Nengxun suggested that the root cause of this matter was the Paris Treaty, but Xu Shichang, as far as he was concerned, actually issued a provision to interrogate the students who marched in accordance with the law, and arrest and punish those who disobey the control.

Chen Duxiu, Hu Shi, and Li Dazhao led the students to set up Guo Xingang’s mourning hall. The workers from Changjin shop also came to express their condolences and said that Xu Shichang would dare to sell the workers and would never agree. Bai Lan recalled the Qingdao described by Guo Xingang to herself, and her crying made everyone present feel even more painful.

Yannian Qiao Nian and others also returned to Beijing to express their condolences to their friends. Chen Duxiu wrote in his own hand the elegiac couplet “You go to Qingdao and I will not let the mad slaves shake Taishan”. The destiny of the individual and the country are inseparable, Chen Duxiu I deeply feel that to save the country, there must be sacrifices, and there can be no victory without sacrifices.

Li Dazhao deeply believed that Guo Xingang was the hero of Peking University and the whole of China, and at the same time announced the decision of the Beijing Student Federation and the Faculty Federation to strike a general strike on all schools in Beijing from May 19th. Seeing Guo Xingang’s “Return to Qingdao” written in blood, everyone held hands and mourned for Guo Xingang.

Li Dazhao organized Peking University students to combine class strikes with protests and lectures, and to form horizontal alliances with students and working class in Shanghai, Changsha and other places. Chen Duxiu wrote an article on “Advice to All Aspects on the Shandong Issue” to warn everyone that the Qingdao issue is a matter for everyone in China.

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