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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 27 Recap

Bai Lan, Deng Zhongxia and others were looking for Guo Xingang, but Guo Xingang was sitting on the lakeside in a daze and had turned his head all night. Deng Zhongxia hurriedly picked up him and went to Chen Duxiu’s residence.

Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao discussed the article all night. Chen Duxiu was full of heartache when he saw Guo Xingang, who had been sitting in the field all night because of the Paris Peace Conference resolution, and made himself like this. Guo Xingang thought of his deceased father. Guo’s father was a soldier who guarded Qingdao, but was dismissed because of a battle with the Germans. Guo’s father died with hatred.

Before he died, he only told his son “Wang Shibei Ding Zhongyuan Day, family sacrifice Never forget to tell Nai Weng”. The Chinese side had been treated like this when the country was victorious, and Xin just didn’t know how to face his father’s last wish. This was the stimulus. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao righteously said that China’s affairs can only be solved by the Chinese people themselves, and no one can rely on them.

Regarding the signing of the Paris Peace Conference agreement, Wang Daxie and other members of the Foreign Affairs Commission discussed and jointly signed a letter and decided to refuse the signing. But Xu Shichang felt that if he did not sign, Britain, France and Italy would attack China. While Lu Zhengxiang said to Wang Daxie that he did not want to sign, he also said to Xu Shichang not to lose big because of small mistakes. Such double-cutting made Wang Daxie extremely angry, patted the table and stood up to reason with the president.

The contradictory point of the Paris Peace Conference is how Germany can bargain with China, but anyone with a bit of diplomatic common sense shouldn’t have so much thought. Xu Shichang complied with the committee’s decision and sent a message to refuse to sign the agreement, and emphasized that it should be issued secretly and not let the young students know about it.

It turned out that after Duan Qirui asked Lu Zhengxiang to analyze the attitudes of Britain, France, Japan and other countries, he went so far as to say that he should not lose too much because of small things. He even asked Cao Rulin to negotiate with Xu Shichang, saying that Lu Zhengxiang advocated signing a contract. Wang Daxie suddenly realized that Xu Shichang was going to use himself to prevaricate Duan Qirui. He was worried about Xu Shichang, and then immediately sent electricity to Lu Zhengxiang in his own name. The Chinese would not allow a second Li Hongzhang.

The students in the Red Building of Peking University made propaganda slogans. Li Dazhao told them that the government refused to sign the agreement. The protests against the Paris Peace Conference were about to begin, and Peking University regarded itself as the main force in the movement. Science and democracy are inseparable from politics.

Democracy itself is politics. It cannot be avoided. China is a country of the people, and the Chinese people must be the masters themselves. The Paris Peace Conference awakened all the Chinese people. If China wants to develop, it must resist imperialism. Only by awakening the consciousness of the people in all corners of the country can the sleeping lion of China be awakened.

Wang Daxie got the news that the State Council’s envoy to Paris agreed to sign the contract. Such a perfidious government made Wang Daxie desperate. When he was determined to resign, he received a distress telegram from Lu Zhengxiang. Wang Daxie scolded Duan Qirui and Xu Shichang as bastards, and once again urged Lu Zhengxiang not to sign. Wang Daxie rushed to Cai Yuanpei’s place. He has nothing to do. Now only the students of Peking University can save Lu Zhengxiang and China.

Cai Yuanpei informed Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao and others about this matter. Chen Duxiu proposed that the people’s country should be the people’s control, and the Beiyang government can only stand up and solve the problems by the people themselves. Cai Yuanpei was deeply concerned. He pointed out that he wanted to use the influence of “New Youth” among young people and mobilize the people with the slogan “Let the people stand up and act directly”. Li Dazhao immediately went to Changxindian to inform the president of the Paris Peace Conference. Workers in Xindian.

Cai Yuanpei urgently called a meeting of teachers and student representatives to inform everyone about the transfer of all rights and interests of China in Shandong to Japan, and pointed out that such a shameful agreement must not be signed at this time. When the country is in danger, the teachers and students of Beijing must make their own contributions, resolutely defend the sovereignty of the country, and refuse to sign contracts. Guo Xingang wrote slogans on the white canvas with his own blood, and the workers from Changxindian also came to Li Dazhao’s place to arrange the deployment of speeches and parades.

The students and workers rallied and chanted “Return to Qingdao and defeat the traitors” and strongly demanded the rejection of the Paris Peace Treaty. The next day, after the student demonstration was blocked, they turned to Cao Rulin’s residence to beat the traitors and set Cao’s house and Zhaojialou on fire. Major colleges and universities in Beijing implemented strikes, and this move quickly spread across the country. This is the famous May Fourth Movement.

The May Fourth Movement was a great social revolution initiated by the Chinese people to save the nation from peril, defend national dignity and gather national strength. It laid a solid foundation for new ideas and new revolutions to embark on the stage of history.

The students marched in the street chanting slogans of “Down with the traitors and return me to China”. Guo Xingang was even more exhausted and finally fainted. The Beiyang government was clamoring about whether to arrest the students. Xu Shichang and Duan Qirui both ordered to rectify the student demonstrations. Infantry commander Li Changtai pointed out that what was even more annoying was the behind-the-scenes master Cai Yuanpei, Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao and others. ,

But the director of the Ministry of Education soberly proposed that the most important thing is the Paris Peace Treaty, which humiliates the country. Li Changtai and others frequently raised troubles with the Ministry of Education, accusing it of accommodating and accommodating Peking University to make things like this.

The president proposed that the infantry commanded the yamen as the army and should not interfere too much in public security management. He also demanded that Wu Bingxiang release the imprisoned students immediately. Unexpectedly, Li Changtai left directly and proposed to go to Duan Qirui, and then the Prime Minister proposed that The most important thing right now is not to let the students convene a national assembly.

The students found that a total of 36 students who were demonstrating were arrested. The students were humiliated in prison, and the enthusiastic students would never stand idly by. At this time, Li Dazhao came in to stabilize the students’ emotions, and then Cai Yuanpei walked in quickly, his face very serious.

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