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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 26 Recap

When Chen Duxiu returned home, his wife and children were waiting for him to eat, but he became angry and did not want to eat, especially when Junman said that he did not eat and the children did not dare to eat, he angrily said that he was not a feudal patriarch. But after thinking twice and thinking about Yannian, I decided to sit down and eat with my family.

At the Paris Peace Conference, the Japanese representatives spoke suddenly and insisted on handling Shandong’s rights and interests in accordance with their requirements, otherwise they would refuse to sign the agreement and withdraw from the Paris Peace Conference. Lu Zhengxiang swiftly telegraphed the situation to the country.

The Chinese delegation was exhausted, and all they could do was wait. The content of the Beijing Resume requested that Wilson be asked for help at all costs, and Lu Zhengxiang made up his mind and drank all the water in his glass. Don’t want to face anymore, they have to divide their troops to block Wilson, and see Wilson anyway. Gu Weijun and Lu Zhengxiang almost pleaded for help from Wilson, but Wilson believed that this was China’s self-sufficiency. If there were no China-Japan secret treaties, then China would not fall into such a situation. He has nothing to do. Gu Weijun’s speech may be China. The last hope.

Britain and France have acquiesced to the Japanese proposal, and the US mediation has failed. Tomorrow the Chinese delegation will make a final fight at the conference. Gu Weijun sat at the window exhaustedly, and Lu Zhengxiang came over with milk. They all knew that they were already struggling. Lu Zhengxiang was guilty of signing 21 Articles. All he could do was to find his favorite stinky tofu for Gu Weijun. Gu Weijun understood his intentions and said that he would never back down and he would do his best to make this speech.

Guo Xingang and Bai Lan are enjoying the future sweetly on the campus of Peking University. Guo Xingang is about to graduate and has become the backbone of “New Youth”. The two of them will soon settle in Beijing. Bai Lan wanted to visit Xingang’s hometown, Qingdao. They were reminiscing about the beautiful scenery of their hometown, but they got the news that the rights and interests of Shandong would be transferred to Japan at the Paris Peace Conference.

Cai Yuanpei received a call and learned that Wilson had agreed to Japan’s request. China’s diplomacy failed completely and exploded angrily. He shouted that the United States was a stubborn bastard, which was really bullying. Li Dazhao even denounced imperialism as a hooligan. Cai Yuanpei proposed to make every effort to restore the situation, use all methods to demonstrate the attitude of Peking University, and force the government to use all methods to remedy the defeat. In the middle of the night, Li Dazhao wrote the article “Secret Diplomacy and the World of Forced Prisons” in one stroke. Chen Duxiu also wrote and slicked the ink, turning his inner humiliation into a black and white situation.

The failure of China’s diplomacy at the Paris Peace Conference was a worldwide uproar. Chinese people in China and around the world even held demonstrations, and the door of the hotel where the Chinese delegation was located was surrounded by water. However, the Beiyang government started to play football. Lu Zhengxiang contacted various parties to no avail.

Only Wang Daxie proposed a compromise proposal to seek the United States and Britain, but the scale of compromise was extremely difficult to grasp. Wang Zhengting asked the Guangzhou military government to get the eight-character reply “Sovereignty must fight every inch of land”, but now that the weak country has no diplomacy, how can they fight. Hearing the shouts of “traitors” outside the window, Lu Zhengxiang was very scared. He was afraid that they would take this reputation affirmatively.

Cai Yuanpei was very worried about a major event at the Beijing Conference. At this point, Hu Shi was going to Shanghai to accompany his teacher Dewey, who came to China. He also felt that Beijing University could not control the direction of the Peace Conference. Cai Yuanpei refutes that it is about the destiny of the country, and Piff is still responsible. The situation is never as simple as he thought. What Hu Shi is most worried about right now is Chen Duxiu’s. People who are extreme and excited like him are most likely to make unexpected moves and behaviors. Cai Yuanpei smiled bitterly and looked at the figure of Hu Shi leaving, only to tell him to go early and return early.

The Chinese delegation has worked out a series of negotiating plans and lobbying representatives of various countries, but the British, American, French and other parties have never seen Chinese representatives at all. Lu Zhengxiang had to hand over the plans to the staff one by one, begging to forward them to the President and Prime Minister, and said that they would stay by the phone all night to wait for news, but all countries didn’t care if China’s interests were damaged.

Never thought of it at all. Lu Zhengxiang, Gu Weijun, and Wang Zhengting gathered around the phone on the table with tired faces. They had thought about countless scenes of returning to the country, but they had never thought of such a humiliating ending. The seven-foot man shed tears because of the helplessness she shed for the motherland and for the 40,000 compatriots.

On April 30, 1919, the Paris Peace Conference agreed to transfer all rights in Shandong, China to Japan. As a victorious country, China was treated in this way. The Chinese delegation refused to accept this shameful contract and returned the agreement to the delegates. Upon hearing the news that Shandong had been lost, Wang Daxie and Chen Lu wept bitterly. How should they face the Chinese people who are looking forward to victory.

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