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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 26 Recap

Qiao Lianfang sent Mingjing out of the city, who had previously worked for her in the He Medical Center. Now that she heard about the big quarrel between Shiyiniang and Xu Lingyi, she decided to push the matter again and Xu Lingyi made up her mind to divorce her. For this reason, Qiao Lianfang asked Mrs. Qiao to spread rumors outside, saying that Eleven Niang used the banner of Yongpinghou to oppress the victims in Xianling Pavilion. Mrs. Xu Tai put pressure on Xu Lingyi, and Xu Lingyi had to write a letter of resignation and let Luo Zhenxing. Bringing the Xiu Shu to the eleven mother, Luo Zhenxing was upset with Xu Lingyi and left Xu Mansion angrily.

Qiao Lianfang was overjoyed after learning that Xu Lingyi had written the letter of resignation. She came to Banyuepan and happened to see Brother Qian. She told Brother Qian that Eleven Niang was wrong. Brother Qian pushed Qiao Lianyi’s room, but Xu Lingyi’s scold. Brother Qian wanted Eleven Niang to come back. Not only did Xu Lingyi refuse to pay attention to Eleven Niang, he also asked her to clear out Eleven Niang’s things.

Qiao Lianfang was even more delighted in her heart when she saw Xu Lingyi’s attitude. Mrs. Qiao also took advantage of the opportunity to mention Mrs. Hou’s position to Mrs. Xu, and wanted Qiao Lian’s room to be the mistress of the Xu family. Mrs. Xu said that the concubine’s room was not in compliance with the rules. When Qiao Lian’s room became pregnant, they went to the palace together. The grace of a noble man made Qiaolian’s house become Mrs. Yongpinghou.

Aunt Wen and Aunt Qin talked about Eleven Niang. Aunt Wen said that Eleven Niang was planted in the hands of Qiao Lian’s room. What she said was heard by the Qiao Lian’s room passing by, and Qiao Lian’s room beat Aunt Wen Yi. She slapped and said that if Aunt Wen speaks nonsense again, she will drive Aunt Wen out in the future, and she should also thank Aunt Qin if she can have it today. Aunt Wen didn’t understand why Qiao Lianfang’s thanks came from, and Aunt Qin also pretended to be confused, saying that she didn’t understand what Qiao Lianfang meant.

When Qiao Lian’s room received the news, Ming Jing had disappeared. At this time, Eleven Niang was sent to the countryside courtyard by Mrs. Luo. She thought the matter was very strange, and Ming Jing was in Luo’s countryside courtyard in all likelihood, so Qiao Lian Fang took Xiuyu to the countryside courtyard, preparing to kill Mingjing and Miekou.

Qiao Lianfang came to the courtyard of the countryside. She looked at the person tied to the pillar and thought that it was Mingjing. So she ordered Mingjing to be killed. Eleven Niang appeared at the door of the courtyard. She mentioned Qiao Lianfang’s murder of Yuanniang. Qiao Lianfang confessed. Unexpectedly, all this was designed by Eleven Niang and Xu Lingyi. That person was not bright and clean at all, but Linbo dressed up, and Xu Lingyi also knew what Qiao Lianfang had committed at this time. All crimes.

The crime committed by Qiao Lianfang made Mrs. Xu very disappointed and sad. Qiao Lianfang did not expect that Xu Lingyi would always believe in Eleven Niang, and even the letter of leave written by Xu Lingyi was false. In order to deal with Qiao Lianfang, the two performed a scene, Qiao Lianfang voice accuses Xu Lingyi, and even wants to plant Eleven Niang to oppress the victims and ruin Xu Jiaqing’s reputation. Xu Lingyi did not expect that Qiao Lian’s intercourse had not repented until now. He found the eyeliner that Mrs. Qiao had placed in Xianling Pavilion, and the eyeliner confessed everything.

All this was instructed by Qiao Lian’s room, and the coming mother Zhang also confessed. Everything, the killing of Yuanniang, including the puppies that inflicted brother Jin with the disease was also instigated by Qiao Lian’s house. Everything is the truth. Da Ming, Mrs. Xu, will no longer cover Qiao Lian’s house. Xu Lingyi ordered Qiao Lian’s house stick to be condemned to 30 and sent in. If the farm leads to practice, he is not allowed to enter Beijing again in this life.

When the eleven mother returned to Xu Mansion, Xu Lingyi took a lot of time to arrange the room. He was kind to the eleven mother, and the eleven mother watched it bit by bit. When Qiao Lianfang left Xu Mansion, she insisted on seeing Xu Lingyi. Xu Lingyi came to see Qiao Lianyi according to what Eleven Mother had said. Qiao Lianfang repeatedly claimed that she loved Xu Lingyi and only she was qualified to be Xu Lingyi’s wife. I have loved Xu Lingyi for more than ten years, why did Xu Lingyi refuse to accept her? Xu Lingyi is not moved by Qiao Lian’s house. Love is about mutual appreciation, not forcing. What about Qiao Lian’s prostitute, how can she be compared with the kind-hearted concubine Eleven.

The next day, the eleven mother asked Mrs. Xu to be guilty. It happened because of how Mrs. Xu could blame the eleven mother. Not only did she ask Xu Lingyi to help the eleven mother, she also gave the eleven mother a set of jewelry. Mrs. Xu Tai wanted to let the eleven mothers stay in the Fuzhong and teach her sons, but Xu Lingyi knew what the eleven mothers thought. He mentioned that the teaching embroidery of the eleven mothers had become a good talk for the nobles in the palace, and Mrs. Xu asked the eleven mothers. Continue teaching.

Xu Lingyi and Eleven Niang came to Xu Mansion to plead guilty with a generous gift. Xu Lingyi told Master Xu that Yuan Niang was killed by Qiao Lian’s house. After Aunt Yang heard this, she secretly told Mrs. Luo, which stimulated Mrs. Luo’s seriously ill body. On the other hand, Mrs. Qiao went around begging for help. She came to Qiao Lian’s room. She wanted to take Qiao Lian’s room back to the house because she couldn’t bear the suffering of Qiao Lian’s room, but Qiao Lianfang said that she had her wish in this life, and she had no other request. She didn’t want to leave here, for the rest of her life she only wanted to be with the blue lantern.

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