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Reya (2021) เรยา

Reya (2021)
Other Title: เรยา

Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Sataporn Nakwilairoj
Channel 8
Release Date: 
Mar 8, 2021
Related Show:
Dok Som See Thong (Thai prequel)


  • Ploy Laila Boonyasak as Reya
  • New Wongsakorn Paramatthakorn as Kietkorn
  • Iang Sittha Sapanuchart as Roibun
  • Yardthip Rajpal as Yaowarat
  • Pete Thongchua as Yordaying
  • Willie Ruengrit McIntosh as Bin

After Raya (Ploy), a beautiful woman but a figure And ambitious Being attacked by the people of the Chen family By sending the youngest son in honor (New) to perpetrate Reya to fall into marriage as well But when the day came, he left the bride to wait alone. Rhea was completely defeated. Because apart from the houses that had been seized Not a single baht left for She decided to come back to Thailand. Find a job and find a new victim that will make her life beautiful again.

She got a job at a multinational bank. In public relations position With the help of Golden Spark (needle), the nobility, the big girl who has been fond of Reyya at first sight. And that new office She met with a new goal, that is, David (Un), the managing director, a handsome young man who has Yaowyod (Yad), a personal secretary as a fiancée. But Reyya didn’t care. Create railing for Yaowiyot Yaowyod had been treated by a psychiatrist, namely Kiatkorn. The more things like this happen, the more she meets him the more frequently. And understanding and intimacy make them both have hearts for each other

On the side of the pair of Reyya was sweet, not even a great year (Pete), the father of Yaowayut. A great general with overwhelming power. Then managed to take revenge for the daughter Until David was thrown out of Thailand into the wilderness

After the marriage was over Reya also had the opportunity to meet many of her future partners. Reya got to know Roy Boon (Eeong), a handsome young man. Grandson of Golden Spark In fact, Roy merit was just a young boy with a golden glow raised him through a deep relationship.

Sangthong introduced Reya to Pramesate (Nutt), a businessman who owns several pubs. Famous for flirting He tells Rayya that he is divorcing his wife Kaewkalaya (Cheekbum) and will marry Reya. In spite of the fact that Poramate was both afraid and not less afraid of Kaew Kalaya The relationship of Reya and Poramate was finally caught by Kaew Kalaya. Kiatkorn assists Rayya in the way that fellow human beings would do. Instead, Raya understood that he still had a heart for her. And the help of Kiatkorn that time Let Reya know Kiattikon and Yaowyot are in a relationship. Reya brings herself out with envy and envy at Yaowayut Meng Huai (Tai), First Mistress of the Cheng Family House. Issuing an order to prohibit any concerns about Rhea.

When a scandal about Rhea was released Causing her to go hide and hide at the golden shining villa With the merit following to look for And the two were passionately in love with each other. The sparkle of gold caught the eye that they were both wearing him. Reya then learned of the true camp of Roy Boon. She was so angry that she was fooled by Roy Boon. Therefore terminate this relationship An enraged gold that was betrayed by Reya. Even though she’s always trying to help Reya Roy Boon begged the sparkling gold not to chase him away. The sparkling golden heart allows him to stay with him.

Reya had a chance to get closer to the top. When the sky is in the side So she started a plan to take revenge on Yaowiyot. With great seduction And this fire is easily ignited as well. Ying Ying takes care of Reiya as a young wife, Ying Ying’s wife Bruised until a heart attack died

The Roy merit side, now there is no one left. Tried to come to Rhea By using the bad things that they both did together to blackmail Reya then sued the supremacy that Roy Boon was the man behind the Yaowiyot’s traction. Makes it shine of gold, those who cut pity and merit will not be broken Even more resentment to Rayya In addition, Reya, who still spoke with a golden glow And threatened to unfold all the behavior of the golden spark This made the golden spark decide to cover Reyya’s no-sphincter mouth.

On the last night of the funeral of Nongyao Rhea went to the funeral and felt defeated. Because the people around her had left her Only one thing left is your treasure. Is the son she gave to the Cheng family. The next day, Reya goes to the Cheng Clan’s Red Mansion to ask to see her child, the last thing she has left in her life. But no one allowed her to meet Reya had a serious argument with Meng Huai. She is still honored. The only man she loved Scolded until she had no fight How will the rest of Reyya’s life journey come to an end? Or if she is real medicine ..

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