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Remember My Boy 我曾記得那男孩 Episode 20 Recap

The teacher came to the school to find Yu Huitong. She said that she resigned because of family affairs and she didn’t need to have too much psychological pressure. Teacher Shi was tolerant to her, but Yu Huitong felt even more sad. When Zhou Jingmang came, Teacher Shi had already left, Zhou Jingmang ran to the school gate, Yu Huitong informed Zhang Yang, and Zhang Yang rode Zhou Jingmang to see Teacher Shi. They met the long-lost teacher Shi at the bus stop. She urged the two of them that the beautiful relationship requires the most beautiful flowers to bloom at the most suitable time. Zhou Jingmang seemed to understand but Zhang Yang knew the location. Nodded.

Zhou Jingmang wanted to help Zhang Yang with tuition, and Zhang Yang came to the classroom early in the morning. Zhang Yang wrote a contract in which he demanded himself strictly. If he fails to fulfill the contract, he will never be able to dance. Since then, he has worked hard, even while eating, and his performance has improved significantly. The college entrance examination is coming soon. Although they are not candidates for the college entrance examination this year, there is also a small college entrance examination that determines the level of the university they are admitted to. Zhou Jingmang wanted to go to Beijing for the exam, but it was because Beijing was good and the competition was great, and also because Zhang Yang had said that he would go to Beijing to be a trainee.

Zhang Yang felt funny, and asked her the truest thoughts, and immediately decided to go to Xiamen, a city near the sea. On the day of the high school student proficiency test, Zhou Jingmang’s parents gave her a thousand warnings that Zhou Jingmang could finally leave for the examination room. The examination room was set up in their school, so Zhou Jingmang did not let her parents send herself. Zhou Jingmang saw Zhang Yang on the stairs and ate fried dough sticks with him. The two ate them face to face on the stairs, with smiles on their faces. After the exam, Zhang Yang pretended to call Zhou Jingmang again in the early morning. His parents thought they wanted the answer, so they didn’t interfere. Zhang Yang checked the answers online and felt very good.

Zhou Jingmang was also happy for him. On the day the results came out, she specially helped Zhang Yang to see the results, but she didn’t. Later, Zhang Yang told her that all her grades were A+. Zhou Jingmang was so happy that her mother could give her the phone. Zhou Jingmang was waiting for Zhang Yang, when she accidentally heard someone confess to Li Yuxiang, she wanted to be like an invisible person. But it was still seen by Li Yuxiang. Li Yuxiang took her hand and said something to his heart. Zhang Yang saw this scene. Zhang Yang immediately turned and left. He misunderstood Zhou Jingmang.

After Li Yuxiang left, Zhou Jingmang waited there for a long time, but couldn’t wait for Zhang Yang. He went back to the classroom and asked, only to know that Zhang Yang had already left. That night, Zhou Jingmang took the mobile phone from her mother and immediately went back to the room to call Zhang Yang, but Zhang Yang’s phone showed that it was turned off. Zhou Jingmang was very sad, and the originally pleasant emotions were wiped out. Qin Zhen and Zhuang Jie talked about this when they were eating. Zhuang Jie said that Zhang Yang had gone to Nanjing to attend class. He probably didn’t talk to Zhou Jingmang. Afterwards, Zhou Jingmang found some free time and buried an iron box under the school tree alone.

In 2015, she took Zhang Yang to find this box again, and inside it was a letter she wrote to Zhang Yang. However, she has asked many questions now, and the others are about dancing. She was afraid of touching Zhang Yang’s sadness, so Zhou Jingmang didn’t show him. Zhang Yang grabbed Zhou Jingmang and kissed her lips gently. The next day, Zhou Jingmang took Zhang Yang to Shen Yanhua’s dance studio. He said he could help her choreograph, and Shen Yanhua thought that maybe he could ask Li Yuxiang to dance with them.

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