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Remember My Boy 我曾記得那男孩 Episode 19 Recap

During the winter vacation in 2009, Zhou Jingmang went to Teacher Shi to help her prepare for a parent meeting with Yu Huitong. She gave Teacher Shi the rock candy Sydney to soothe her throat because she noticed that the teacher had recently become angry and coughed. Zhou Jingmang helped the teacher to unpack the papers, and when he saw that Zhang Yang’s English papers were only ninety points, the look of loss suddenly appeared. Teacher Shi comforted her and said that she would intercede with Teacher Zhou. Later, when the parent meeting was held, Teacher Zhou saw Zhou Jingmang’s mother and did not say anything about her and Zhang Yang. Yu Huitong noticed this and deliberately caught up with Zhou Jingmang’s mother and said that Zhou Jingmang was studying on her own. Write novels in class.

Zhou’s mother was very angry. Together with Zhou’s father, she ordered Zhou Jingmang to hand over the novel. They were not allowed to go online this holiday and confiscated her mobile phone. On New Year’s Eve, Zhou Jingmang offered to use a mobile phone to visit her classmates, but her mother refused. At this time, Zhang Yang was looking for someone to exchange the change for the call, and called Zhou Jingmang’s landline. Zhou Jingmang had been so devastated for a day, and finally became happy after receiving the early morning call. Zhang Yang pretended to be the monitor by calling Zhou Jingmang’s parents. He said something briefly, and when Zhou Jingmang replied, the phone was hung up because he had no money.

The next day, Zhang Yang called again, pretending to discuss the topic with her. Zhang Yang told her on the phone that she had a deposit of the novel she had written, and she could record the novel she was going to write in the repeater and exchange it with him at the beginning of school. Zhou Jingmang was excited and recorded the content of the novel on a tape recorder, while Zhang Yang was responsible for recording her novel. Zhou Jingmang went to school as usual, but the atmosphere in the class seemed very solemn, and everyone looked at her with different eyes. The classmate chewed her tongue behind her, saying that she had reported to the school that Teacher Zhou had poor teaching quality because of Zhang Yang, so both Teacher Shi and Teacher Zhou were transferred away.

Later, Teacher Xiao Ma came to announce the transfer of Teacher Shi and Teacher Zhou, making everyone think that this was really done by Zhou Jingmang. Zhang Yang was worried that Zhou Jingmang was at the cusp of the storm and made people talk at will, and proposed to change the table with her, but Zhou Jingmang was at the same time, and she felt that she hadn’t done something, why should she avoid it. Such Zhou Jingmang made Zhang Yang admire. Zhou Jingmang later learned from Teacher Xiaoma that both Teacher Shi and Teacher Zhou had been transferred for their own reasons, so she didn’t need to worry too much. Teacher Xiao Ma also supports her to continue writing novels, and she will give her some guidance, provided that she can’t delay her study.

Later, a picture went viral in the whole year, Zhou Jingmang’s grievances were washed away, and everyone turned their attention to Yu Huitong. It turned out that Yu Huitong casually said a few words with his father, and his father reported to the school that Teacher Zhou was transferred to the lower grade group. Yu Huitong was isolated by everyone because of this incident. Zhou Jingmang wanted to help her with Shen Lihui, but she did not expect Teacher Shi to return. Now in 2015, everyone knows that Zhang Yang can no longer dance, and they all feel sympathy for him. Shen Linghuan was not angry because Zhou Jingmang and Zhang Yang couldn’t help him perform the ballet. Instead, she let her get along with Zhang Yang and let Zhang Yang forget the trauma.

Later, Zhang Yang and Zhou Jingmang dated for the first time, and she chose the location at school. For a long time, she wanted to hold hands with Zhang Yang and walk in the school openly, but now she finally has this opportunity. She also brought a shovel and said that she was going to hunt for treasure in the school.

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