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Rattan 司藤 Episode 1 Recap

Siteng came out of his home and walked gracefully in the alley. Everyone was very friendly to her. Siteng also kindly saved a child on his way to the warehouse of Huamei Textile Factory. She took her to the warehouse, which was deserted. Siteng walked in without fear. The driver outside the door angrily visited him.

He actually saw the scene of Siteng’s murder, which scared him to expose himself and was dragged into the warehouse by the rattan. The driver named Jia San, in order to survive, agreed to the request of the cloaked woman and moved to Dana with Siteng’s body, guarding Siteng’s body for generations.

After several years of changes in Dana in 2020, it has become an attractive tourist attraction. It is rumored that there are alien creatures here. An Man is very interested in hearing about the Nerpiles. Qin Fang felt that this is all made up and did not agree. The two of them’s trip was to go to Dana to play and look for Qin Fang’s benefactor by the way. In 1939, the threatened driver came to Dana with Siteng’s body and lived alone here to help Qin Fang’s great-grandmother.

The two did not find Jia’s family in the wooden house, so they had to go to the homestay first. Not long after the two sat down, a man surnamed Ma sat opposite them. Strangely, An Man’s face was very bad. Qin Fang did not notice her abnormality. He thought she had a plateau reaction, so he took her to rest first.

An Man gave Qin Fang Ecstasy, and then drove to the room of Boss Ma, whom he saw during the day. It turned out that this person was her old friend Zhao Jianglong. An Man fell in love with Qin Fang and begged Zhao Gefang, who had spent money for himself. He passed himself, but was beaten by Zhao Ge.

In order to survive, An Man put Qin into the car with a coma, and planned to take him away. She did not know that someone behind him followed her and drove wildly on the rugged mountain road. Looking back on the scene where she missed and stabbed Zhao Ge just now, An Man was a little tranced.

An Man stopped by the roadside and was just about to drive, but was hit. The car was hung on the edge of the cliff. She was pulled out by life and forced to ask where Zhao Jianglong’s goods were hidden. But An Man did not know at all. They threatened her with Qin Fang. An Man had to lie to them. The goods were in her cabinet. The two did not believe An Man at all and directly put Qin. Let the car and people pushed off the cliff.

Qin Fang threw out of the car and was pierced in the chest by a wooden strip, but he was still conscious. In a dream, he saw a mysterious woman in a white cheongsam. Before he could see clearly, Qin Fang suddenly woke up, but his chest was still pierced and unable to move. Qin Fang’s land seemed to be shaking, and the birds and animals in the forest left in horror.

At the same time, a stone tablet in the family behind the Nebula Pavilion burst. He picked up the book under the stone tablet, which said that the destruction of the Nerptorks would be the first major event in his life.

Qin watched a grass deriving into a human appearance. It was the woman’s back he saw in his dream. The next moment he appeared in front of the woman. The woman’s hand brushed the place where he was injured, and he had recovered. Seeing such a horrible woman, Qin put down his consciousness and fled, but was pulled back by Siteng. Qin Fang recalled what happened before his coma.

For a while, he couldn’t believe that he was still alive. Siteng ignored his surprise and told his own name to make him his servant.

The descendants of the Lucky Pavilion should follow the teacher’s teachings and see words like people. It is written in the booklet that if the resurrected, there will be a vision in the Lucky Pavilion. Now their yard collapses, revealing a big well. Qin was rejudated, put on his coat, and was about to pack up the leftovers on the bus. He remembered the rumor he heard on the bus and guessed that she was the so-called yak. Sitengguo really used Qin Fang as a servant.

Although Qin Fang was dissatisfied, she was at least her lifesaver. Qin Fang took good care of Siteng all the way. Qin Fang finally found a place to live, and finally settled down. Si Teng told Qin Fang to give himself hot water for a bath and thinking about who had brought her to Dana for thousands of miles.

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