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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 19 Recap

Chu YunxicomeLou Man FengIn front of him, asked if he hated her, Lou Manfeng said he did not hate her, and Chu Yunxi asked againHan QianluoIf you hate her, Lou Manfeng replied. Han Qianluo said that he doesn’t hate anyone, but that the blow was too great during this time, and he was a little overwhelmed. He hadn’t figured out how to face Chu Yunxi.

Chu Yunxi could understand Han. Qianluo’s suffering. Lou Manfeng proposed to arrange a place for Chu Yunxi in the camp of the attacking tomb, which can protect Chu Yunxi’s safety, and secondly, if it is cold in the future, it will open the knot and make it easier to recognize Chu Yunxi. Chu Yunxi accepted Lou Manfeng’s kindness. After all, she was a member of the Tomb Sect. If she lived in the attacking Tomb Sect, she would suffer the cold.

Luo ShiqiucomeLin ShuiyaoIn front of him, solve the misunderstanding with Lin Shuiyao. Qian Yiying overheard the conversation between Luo Shiqiu and Lin Shuiyao, and knew that Luo Shiqiu was interested in Lin Shuiyao and was just a sister to her. It made her very sad. Lin Yukun was sad when she saw Qian Yiying and played a song to Qian Yiying.

At the end of the song, Qian Yi Yin thanked Lin Yukun for his comfort. Han Qianluo discussed with Lou Manfeng and continued to attack the tomb. Lou Manfeng worried that Han Qianluo did not come out of her grief, and suggested that Han Qianluo should not continue to attack the tomb, but Han Qianluo said that he had regarded the tomb faction as his home. , And Luo Shiqiu trained into a unicorn arm and needed her help. There is no reason for her not to go. Lou Man Feng and Han Qianluo promised that from now on, Han Qianluo would not suffer any more pain.

The next day, Luo Shiqiu and Han Qianluo, Lin Shuyi and Lou Manfeng paid a visit togetherLuo Tiancheng, Luo Tiancheng told them to get the map fragments of the first six levels before they could get the information and location of the main tomb. The last three levels, and finally seized the tomb-breaking order, now they have won five map fragments, one is still missing. Can gather together, now Luo Shiqiu is healed from his injuries, let Luo Shiqiu and his team immediately set off to the next place to get the fragments of the map. When Luo Shiqiu and the others left, Lin Yukun asked Qian Yiyin why he didn’t go with him. Qian Yiyin explained that maybe it would be better if she didn’t go.

The prince confirmed with Princess Yingxue about going to the tomb of Guzi. After Princess Yingxue confessed, the prince accused Princess Yingxue of disregarding her identity and went to see you at the tomb of Guzi.Murong YePrincess Yingxue retorted the prince, and the prince said angrily, waiting for him to ascend the throne, if Princess Yingxue disturbed people’s hearts because of Murong Ye’s matter, she could not explain to the Manchus, and he would never allow this to happen. According to the map, Luo Shiqiu led everyone to the Tiankeng and went through the Qimen Dunjia Formation together.

There was no one inside. Luo Shiqiu thought that the Qimen Dunjia Formation did not have a tomb guard. Lou Manfeng explained that it is not impossible. I heard about the formation in front of him. It evolved from the Qimen Dunjia Array, also known as the Hanging Sword Array, created by the Thousand Chance family who are proficient in organ hidden weapons. When this array is activated, it will trigger the organ, and the reliable organ will defend itself.

Lou Manfeng knows something about Qimen Dunjia and takes everyone to break the Qimen Dunjia. When the plan was half-successful, Lou Manfeng had something unclean in his eyes. Luo Shiqiu wanted to stop breaking through, but Lou Manfeng insisted on taking everyone to break through the strange door. Lin Shuiyao accidentally got caught in the smoke, and after a while, there was a chaotic heart, Lou Manfeng informed everyone and quickly covered her ears. Luo Shiqiu was hit by the chaotic heart tactic. He mistakenly regarded Lou Manfeng as a ghost-faced man and attacked Lou Manfeng. Han Qianluo hugged Lin Shuiyao who was stunned.

Lou Manfeng told Han Qianluo and Lin Shuiyao that Luo Shiqiu was hit by the chaotic heart tactic. They can no longer go through the barriers. Taking advantage of Luo Shiqiu and Lou Manfeng, Han Qianluo followed Lou Manfeng’s instructions and clicked Luo Shiqiu’s acupuncture points. Luo Shiqiu woke up, apologized to everyone, and then took everyone away from Qimen Dunjia Formation. Luo Shiqiu and Lou Man Feng Xiang Luo Tiancheng reported on the situation of the entry, Han Qianluo helped Lin Shuiyao over, Lin Shuiyao complained about herself, and it hurt everyone.

However, it was said that Luo Shiqiu’s ability to withdraw from the interference of Chaotic Heart Jue was enough to show that their strength was still very strong. Luo Tiancheng pointed to Luo Shiqiu’s people. The Qimen Dunjia Formation was operated by someone. Lou Manfeng agreed with Luo Tiancheng’s statement. Luo Tiancheng saw Lou Manfeng familiar with the Qimen Dunjia Formation, and gave Lou Manfeng three days to let Luo Tianwen take the building Manfeng to the library of Jinyinzhai, read the ancient classics needed to break the formation, and find out the broken formation as soon as possible. law. Lin Shuiyao can control the chaos, but Lin Shuiyao’s concentration is not enough.

Luo Tiancheng intends to teach Lin Shuiyao himself for a while, and then send Qian Yiying to accompany Lin Shuiyao to practice. Lou Manfeng and Luo Tianwen went to the library, Han Qianluo went to send Lou Manfeng. Suo Liancheng heard the news that Luo Shiqiu had failed to attack the tomb and was very anxious. They didn’t have much time for Luo Shiqiu and the others to reflect, go to Luo Tiancheng, and use the aggressive method to speed up the attack on the tomb.

Lin Shuiyao practiced meditation, and Qian Yiying supervised Lin Shuiyao. Luo Shiqiu went to find Lin Shuiyao, but did not want to be driven away by Lin Yukun. Luo Tiancheng asked Lin Yukun to help monitor the gate of the gods. Lin Yukun did not know the reason. Luo Tiancheng explained that Suo Liancheng was acting strangely. He didn’t know what medicine was sold in Suo Liancheng’s gourd. Lin Yukun was not a disciple of his school. It was convenient to monitor.

Lin Yukun was willing to assist the Tomb faction. . Luo Tiancheng didn’t want to clashed with the tomb-keeping faction.Qiu YulingCreate a little trouble for the offensive and defensive factions, and strive to make the tomb attackers speed up the tomb attack. Luo Tianwen brought Lou Manfeng to the library, and together with Lou Manfeng, he looked for a way to break the formation.No soulSeeing Qiu Yuling entering the tomb-attack faction, Qiu Yuling, by Murong Ye’s order, asked Luo Tiancheng why he and the tomb thief had joined forces to attack the tomb.

Luo Tiancheng was so angry that he drove Qiu Yuling away. Qiu Yuling left the tomb attacking faction, Baili Wuhun reported to Murong Ye that he had seen Qiu Yuling entering and leaving the tomb attacking faction. Murong Ye thought that Qiu Yuling was an agent of the tomb attacking faction and wanted to treat him in the same way. Body, gave Baili Wuxun a bottle of medicine, saying that the tomb attacking faction also planted the tomb guarding faction. Han Qianluo talked to Lin Shuiyao, and Lin Shuiyao asked Han Qianluo to teach her to make soup, and Han Qianluo agreed. Baili Wushun’s subordinates handed the medicine to the spies who were planted in the tomb attack faction.

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