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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 18 Recap

Lin ShuiyaoPicking wild flowers, Lin Yukun came to tell Lin Shuiyao,Luo ShiqiuWoke up. Lin Shuiyao ran to see Luo Shiqiu. Luo Shiqiu and Qian Yixin showed off their achievements. Qian Yixin held Luo Shiqiu’s hand and advised Luo Shiqiu not to be reckless. Before Luo Shiqiu let go of Qian Yiying’s hand, Lin Shuiyao came. Lin Shuiyao ran away in fright when she saw Qian Yipin holding Luo Shiqiu’s hand. Lin Shuiyao pulled the petals to verify that Luo Shiqiuxi did not like her. Lin Yukun came over, and Lin Shuiyao asked Lin Yukun if Luo Shiqiu was injured to blame Grandpa?

Lin Yukun said that he blamed Luo Shiqiu for his bad martial arts, and Lin Shuiyao was very angry.Murong YeDao Master Qian Ji asked if he was prepared for the tomb. Dao Master Qian Ji assured Murong Ye that he was ready. He believed that his Qi Men Dunjia level would not be able to pass the tomb attack. Leader Lin Lao visited Luo Shiqiu, who had recovered from a serious illness. Luo Shiqiu thanked the Leader Lin for encouraging him and giving him the courage to challenge.Sword Demon, Get the fragment of the map. Leader Lin Lao met Luo Shiqiu, and went to Lin Shuiyao again.

Lin Shuiyao didn’t want to talk to grandpa. Lin Shuiyao, the leader of the old league, has vision, and Lin Shuiyao’s angry grandfather leads Luo Shiqiu into the magic hall, causing Luo Shiqiu to be seriously injured. Lin Shuiyao coaxed Lin Shuiyao, but Lin Shuiyao refused to accept, and drove his grandfather away. Lin Shuiyao regretted it until Lin Shuiyao left.Han QianluoSeeing Lin Shuiyao who was crying, and asked the reason, it turned out that Lin Shuiyao had been driven away by Lin Shuiyao.

Xiyue informed Murong Ye that Princess Ying Xue had arrived outside Wuying Xuan, and Murong Ye hurried to meet Princess Ying Xue. Princess Yingxue told Murong Ye that she was investigating the seizure of the tomb by the guards of the tomb and told Murong Ye that Suo Liancheng was insidious and cunning. When the tomb thief conspired against the tomb guard, he was already suspicious. Princess Yingxue wanted to stay and help Murong Ye.

For the sake of Princess Yingxue’s safety, Murong Ye did not accept Princess Yingxue’s help. Lin Shuiyao personally boiled a bowl of soup for Luo Shiqiu to drink, but did not want to catch up with Qian Yiyin to give Luo Shiqiu porridge. Luo Shiqiu ate the porridge given by Qian Yiyi, Lin Shuiyao turned away so angry, and gave the soup to Lin Yukun to drink. Lin Yukun took a sip and gave the soup to her sister. Fortunately, Luo Shiqiu didn’t drink it. Lin Shuiyao took a sip of the soup she made herself, but she didn’t think it tasted good, so she vomited the substitute.

Princess Yingxue remembered the previous scenes of understanding the sentiments of the people with Murong Ye, and asked Xiyue to stay in Wuyingxuan to protect Murong Ye, and Lianhua returned to the palace with her. Murong Ye looked at the leaving figure of Princess Yingxue, remembering that his father had warned him that he was the young master of the Tomb Palace and could not climb Princess Yingxue. Even if Princess Yingxue was interested in him, the royal family and the Tomb faction could not marry him.

At the beginning, she separated from Princess Yingxue and gave the two half-face masks to Princess Yingxue. He put one on the half-face mask. Only Princess Yingxue could see his appearance. Murong YerangNo soulLook forChu YunxiThe matter, leave it to your hands to do it, and he will investigateQiu Yuling。Lou Man FengSeeing Lin Shuiyao depressed, knowing that Lin Shuiyao cares about Qian Yiyi, and Luo Shiqiu was injured because of the old leader of Lin.

It is difficult to face Luo Shiqiu, so Lin Shuiyao can rest assured that Luo Shiqiu treats Lin Shuiyao, unlike others, Lin Shuiyao is very happy.Luo TianchengPlease leave Qian Yixin and talk to Luo Shiqiu about loneliness. Luo Shiqiu woke up the next day and saw Lin Yukun walking by the door. He asked Lin Yukun about Lin Shuiyao’s situation. Lin Yukun was in a bad mood and asked Luo Shiqiu to see Lin Shuiyao by himself. Luo Shiqiu happily broke into Lin Shuiyao’s room and ran into Lin Shuiyao changing clothes. Lin Shuiyao drove Luo Shiqiu out.

Luo Shiqiu did not leave the room, but turned his back to Lin Shuiyao and covered his eyes with his hands. Lin Shuiyao took the clothes quietly, Luo Shiqiu turned around and took a peek, Lin Shuiyao was so angry that he let Luo Shiqiu go out. Chu Yunxi was guarding the tomb camp and was seen by Lou Manfeng. Lou Manfeng returned to the room and saw that Han Qianluo had no appetite for eating. He asked Han Qianluo to see Chu Yunxi outside the camp.

Han Qianluo was not ready to meet with Chu Yunxi. Lou Manfeng didn’t care what Han Qianluo made to decide. Will support it. Luo Shiqiu complained to Qian Yiping that Lin Shuiyao has always alienated him recently, and Qian Yiping blamed Lin Lao Meng for Luo Shiqiu’s injury, and Luo Shiqiu fought the injustice for Lin Lao Meng. In the evening, Luo Shiqiu asked Lou Manfeng to complain. Lou Manfeng pointed out Luo Shiqiu’s problem and asked Luo Shiqiu to correct it. Luo Shiqiu passed Lou Manfeng’s guidance and ran to apologize to Lin Shuiyao. Lou Manfeng called Chu Yunxi out.

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