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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 13 Recap

Dai Xixi asked Liu Ke to taste the specialty dishes of the chef from France. He was worried that Chen Jiaqian might misunderstand him, so he reluctantly agreed to take the time to attend the appointment, and then hung up the phone. Liu Ke explained to Chen Jiaqian the reason, but Chen Jiaqian persuaded him to come and go with Dai Xixi. , But very uncomfortable in my heart.

Du Jiamu went out to look for work early in the morning. Wen Xiaoyang was preparing for the comic lovers salon tonight and invited him to join him. Du Jiamu promised to come back soon. Due to various objective reasons, the couple decided to change the wedding to Shanghai. Wen Ruxue was caught off guard, and immediately called Ding Huiqiao for help. He wanted to hold the wedding in her hotel, and Ding Huiqiao immediately contacted the lobby. Manager contacted.

Dai Xixi came to Bai Xiangwen to book dinner, and casually talked about Wen Ruxue’s unrestrained attitude towards love. The comic salon officially began. Fans sat together and talked freely. Two people chatted about Belikov. In addition to disrespect, Wen Xiaoyang was furious and forced to drive them away. The two sides fought violently when they didn’t agree with each other. Du Jiamu rushed back in time to relieve the siege, but was injured by the two men. The manga owner rushed to hear the news, and he immediately called the police.

When Wen Ruxue got off the plane, she heard that Wen Xiaoyang was arrested in the police station, so she rushed over to see what happened. Dai Xixi and Ding Huiqiao also came together. The police mediated the two parties and let them go home. Wen Xiaoyang waited for Du Jiamu. After bandaging the wound, Wen Ruxue and the others waited with her. Wen Ruxue showed off the special pattern film on his arm, trying to please Wen Xiaoyang, but Wen Xiaoyang didn’t appreciate it.

Du Jiamu bandaged the wound and came out. Wen Xiaoyang hushed his cold and asked him warmly. Wen Ruxue thanked Du Jiamu. Du Jiamu casually said that he and Wen Xiaoyang lived in the same room. Wen Ruxue was immediately dumbfounded. Wen Xiaoyang didn’t buy it at all, and had a big quarrel with Wen Ruxue, not allowing her to interfere in making friends with her.

Dai Xixi dressed up after get off work and wanted to taste French cuisine with Liu Ke. Duan Xu found various excuses to stop her, and Dai Xixi resolutely went to the appointment. Wen Ruxue brought the couple to the hotel to discuss the wedding process. The two of them were very satisfied. Wen Ruxue arranged for them to go to the western restaurant downstairs to taste food. Suddenly, she saw Dai Xixi and Liu Ke eating together, and Wen Ruxue hid aside to watch. Following them, Bai Xiangwen hurriedly pulled her aside to discuss the wedding menu, and also revealed that the bride was his ex-girlfriend.

Liu Ke first handed the IOU to Dai Xixi, and then naturally helped Dai Xixi cut the steak. Dai Xixi couldn’t help but remember the scenes of the two of them in France, with mixed feelings. Chen Jiaqian recommended Liu Ke’s “One of a Thousand Miles” wedding software to the couple. Wen Ruxue was very dissatisfied when she learned about this and reminded her not to take this as an example.

After dinner, Liu Ke sent Dai Xixi home. Dai Xixi recalled the happy time in France. He just wanted to know if Liu Ke would break up with her if she put aside the family relationship. Liu Ke didn’t know how to answer, so he went. The nearby convenience store bought ginger tea to keep her warm. I wish Dai Xixi a smooth exam tomorrow.

Wen Xiaoyang taught Dai Xixi the secrets of love and helped her get Liu Ke back. Dai Xixi gave her a 166 yuan red envelope on the spot to express his gratitude. Ding Huiqiao and Wen Ruxue did not agree to their reunification. Dai Xixi revealed that she lent Liu Ke 1 million. The two were even more furious, you and I complained that Dai Xixi was too naive, and didn’t want to see her throwing his head on Liu Ke again.

Ding Huiqiao learned that Li Wensen had won Mr. Tang’s project to Chengdu, and the secretary Ye Zi made complaints for Ding Huiqiao, but Ding Huiqiao disagreed. Li Wensen returned from vacation in Sanya and gave a souvenir to every colleague of the department. He also gave Ding Huiqiao a pair of pearl earrings. Li Wensen stated that he would take Mr. Tang’s project to Chengdu to do it. Mr. Tang insisted on using Ding. For Huiqiao’s plan, Li Wensen wanted Ding Huiqiao to accompany him to dinner with Mr. Tang. Ding Huiqiao agreed to cooperate with him, but the performance had to be split equally, Li Wensen fully agreed.

Wen Ruxue didn’t go to work and kept on guarding Wen Xiaoyang. She also found a manga training class for Wen Xiaoyang, and she readily agreed. Ding Huiqiao and Li Wensen went to see Mr. Tang when they got off work. When they were waiting for the bus at the door, Luo Shang came to remind Ding Huiqiao, don’t forget the appointment tomorrow night, Li Wensen was surprised, Ding Huiqiao couldn’t argue.

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