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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 25 Recap

Guo Xingang believes that it is impossible to completely separate academia and politics, and there is no end to it. If a country loses its sovereignty, there is nothing academic to talk about. Hu Shi told Guo Xingang that Wilson had decided to take back Shandong. They are the most important thing for students to study is to have peace of mind. But the students think that the sovereignty of their country depends on the decision of a foreigner. This is ridiculous and helpless.

The work-study mutual aid agency has already begun to retreat. Members can go out to eat if they have something to do. The family can go to the restaurant when they come. The most important problem of the mutual aid agency is survival. It will be difficult for them to continue to support it if they have no income. There are discussions to amend the constitution of the mutual aid society.

During his time at Peking University, Mao Zedong often followed Li Dazhao to Changxindian. Now the first batch of students from Hunan to study in France has already set off. He also wants to go back to Hunan to deal with the Xinmin Society.

Therefore, Telai and Yannian Qiaonian Goodbye. Yannian feels that only Mao Zedong can see what is truly going to the public, and now his mutual aid experiment is about to fail. Mao Zedong comforts him that the road is difficult, but although the road is difficult, he sees that Beijing has its own regal spirit. Now, as new youths, they want to combine the power of the king with the atmosphere of the earth and seek a new way out for China from top to bottom.

Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao came to see Mao Zedong off. Before they left, they were discussing the future of China. Chen Duxiu told Mao Zedong that what was behind China was not culture, but lack of scientific guiding ideology.

They have always believed that China’s traditional culture is extensive and profound, and it will be very pleasant if they can spend their old age in the old paper until Guotai Minan. Mao Zedong gave up the opportunity to study in France and said that if he really wants to study abroad, he still wants to go to Russia, but now he wants to stay and take a good look at China. With a deep bow, Mao Zedong thanked the two teachers for their teachings and turned around to find the way in his heart to save the country and the people.

The Mutual Aid Association held a group meeting, the laundry team has been revoked, the screening team has been disbanded, and the canteen can only be maintained for another week. Guo Xingang pointed out that they must admit that the first experimental group of the Work-study Mutual Aid Society has failed, and that anarchism will not work.

However, some people fail to believe that it is because they have not truly fulfilled the principle of mutual assistance, because of the corrosion of the remnants of private ownership, and others feel that when personal labor is not enough to protect individual interests, mutual assistance is just a kind of idealism. In any case, the failure of the work-study mutual aid society is a foregone conclusion.

The brand of the Frugal Canteen was eventually taken off. Cai Yuanpei brought Chen Duxiu, Li Dazhao and Hu Shi Lu Xun to the mutual assistance agency. Junman gave them the steamed buns, and Chen Duxiu suggested that they would have a good chat with the buns. This mutual aid agency is an experiment of young people in finding a new path in China. The courage they dare to practice is very worthy of encouragement and advocacy.

Cai Yuanpei also admires the non-dismayed attitude of Yannian and others. However, there are different opinions within the mutual aid agency as to the reasons for the failure, and even Li Dazhao and Hu Shi have different opinions. On behalf of “New Youth”, Chen Duxiu formally invited the young people of the mutual aid agency for a draft. On such a failed day, he did not want to put any pressure on the children, but let them eat the last meal made in the mutual aid agency.

The quota for studying in France for the French seminar in Beijing has been allocated. Liu Mei’s father, Liu Wenyao, proposed to let Yannian Qiaonian go back to Shanghai with him. This is obviously something he planned. Chen Duxiu knew what his son was thinking. He agreed to let the children go back to Shanghai. He also believed that although Yannian had failed, he would not be blind with reflection.

He believed that his son could find the right path. Yannian also stated that he would study in many ways, including Marxism, and suggested that Chen Duxiu change his patriarch’s practice, which would hurt his colleagues too much. Chen Duxiu stood up when he heard this, and the children and Junman thought he was going to be angry again. But Chen Duxiu took his wife’s shovel and fried peanuts and pumpkin seeds for his son. His father always remembered his preferences, which moved Yannian Qiao Nian very much.

Hu Shi’s teacher, Dewey, is coming to China soon. Hu Shi has asked for leave to meet him in Shanghai. He hopes that Dewey can set off a wave of experimentalism in China and study like the United States, but Li Dazhao and Chen Duxiu are cautious about this. Cai Yuanpei came to them and told them that Japan was going to use the secret Sino-Japanese agreement to force the United States to submit.

Now it depends on what plan the U.S. government will come up with. Cai Yuanpei is keenly aware that the situation of the Paris Peace Conference will affect the domestic situation, and he is very worried that there will be turbulence on the campus of Peking University. Li Dazhao felt that he could take advantage of the situation, but Hu Shi felt that he must maintain stability and persuaded Chen Duxiu not to be extreme.

Chen Duxiu reacted very much to the word “extreme”, thinking of his son saying that he was a feudal patriarch, and even pouting dissatisfiedly, shouting to eat and then left. Seeing Chen Duxiu’s anger, Li Dazhao also hurriedly left with an excuse, Hu Shi also chattered depressedly, Cai Yuanpei took Hu Shi to invite him to the Bachelor’s Residence for dinner, so as to settle the dispute.

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