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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 15 Recap

Tomorrow is the day of the Heroes Conference. Deng Kuan has been in a coma. Gao Xiaolian came to see him in the hospital. Gu Xiang rushed over after hearing the news. She pretended to be sick and fainted on the ground. Gao Xiaolian hurriedly helped her to the next couch, Gu Xianggang He wanted to take out a hidden weapon to hold Gao Xiaolian and force Gao Chong to release Luo Fu’s dream. Unexpectedly, Cao Weining rushed to see Gu Xiang lying on the couch. She was so scared that Liushen Wuzhuo. Gao Xiaolian went to help Gu Xiang get medicine.

Cao Weining asked Gu Xiang coldly and fed her snacks. Gu Xiang’s plan was destroyed. , She was so angry. Huang He and Qingsong forced him to deal with Shen Shen as a proud son and seek justice. Gao Chong tried his best to defend Shen Shen and pushed all the guilt on Guigu, promising to do it after the hero meeting. Fighting with Guigu, the other gangs of the Five Lakes League responded together to eradicate Guigu.

Huang He was reluctant and forced Gao Chong to tell the ins and outs of Liuli Jia. Gao Chong suspected that he just wanted to know the whereabouts of Liuli Jia. The heads of the Eagle Claw Gate and Iron Palm Gang participated in the Qingya Mountain battle. After paying a painful price, they urged Gao Chong to tell the truth about Liuli Jia.

When Zhou Zishu saw a person wearing a veil leaving hurriedly, he chased her. The person threw a hidden weapon and took the opportunity to sneak away. Zhou Zishu recognized her as a scorpion killer and pretty Arhat. Gao Chong was forced to be helpless, so he had to admit that Liulijia was in the Five Lakes League. After the Battle of Qingyashan, the strength of the various sects in the rivers and lakes was severely damaged. Only by the five brothers did the five brothers save the Liulijia in five parts and open them together one day. arsenal.

The Funiu faction leader and Feng Xiaofeng both questioned and forced Gao Chong to hand over the Liuli Jia for redistribution. Gao Chong did not want to see people fighting each other for the Liuli Jia again, and recently some people scattered fake Liuli Jia in Yueyang City. Once again provoking disputes between the rivers and lakes, causing countless deaths and injuries, Feng Xiaofeng suspected Gao Chong’s fake glazed armor, but was strongly protested by other sects, and Feng Xiaofeng had to shut up.

Zhou Zishu came to Wen Kexing to tell about the fact that the poisonous scorpion sent the pretty Arhat into the Five Lakes League. He wanted to know the real purpose of the poisonous scorpion. Wen Kexing thought that the poisonous scorpion only wanted the glazed armor, but Zhou Zishu didn’t think so. It was so simple, the more he thought about it, the more something went wrong. He always felt that someone was doing a ghost behind his back, but Wen Kexing didn’t take it seriously. He wanted the Five Lakes League and the various sects to lose.

Huang He proposed to use Liulijia to open the arsenal first, take out the martial arts secrets of various schools and distribute them, and then go to exterminate the ghost valley. Gao Chong was forced to a dead end again, and he had to admit that even if he had all the Liulijia, he still could not open the arsenal. , And ask someone to confirm this. Yu Qiufeng and Liu Qianqiao secretly came to the dungeon to rescue Luo Fu Meng while the Yueyang faction was unguarded. They did not expect Luo Fu Meng to be carried away by a group of masked men in black. They fought fiercely with those people and snatched Luo Fu Meng back.

Gu Xiang, Gao Xiaolian and Cao Weining came out of the hospital and found that there was no one in the yard. Tao Hong Po and Lu Liu Weng suddenly fell from the sky. Without a word, they came to grab Gao Xiao Lian. Cao Wei Ning resisted and quickly defeated. Coming, Gu Xiang rushed up for reinforcements and was knocked to the ground.

Cao Weining got up to protect Gu Xiang, but was knocked out on the spot. Tao Hongpo and Lu Liuweng took advantage of the frame and flew away. Gu Xiang hurriedly fed Cao Weining the first-aid pills, feeling pity for him. Liu Qianqiao passed by and saw this scene and was very disgusted with Gu Xiang’s actions. Gu Xiang was very happy to see Luo Fumeng being rescued.

Gao Chong invited Long Xiao, the lord of the Longyuan Pavilion young pavilion. Longyuan Pavilion has always used organ skills to travel the world alone. Everyone did not expect Gao Chong to invite a child. Although Long Xiao was young, he was a young man. He told about Rong Xuan in detail. The process of asking his father Longque to build the arsenal shows that the structure of the arsenal is complicated and cannot be opened by the glazed armor alone.

Everyone urges him to open the arsenal. Long Xiao excuses that he has not obtained the true biography of his father, and he cannot open it. He also announced the dragon in public. As for Sparrow, Dragon Sparrow would definitely not open up his arsenal to help Gao Chong to satisfy his selfishness.

Shen Shen didn’t want to listen to Long Xiao’s continued nonsense, and rushed over to reason with him. Zhao Jing also complained that Long Xiao was slanderous, confirming that Gao Chong had never threatened Dragon Sparrow, let alone swallowing the treasure of the arsenal. Everyone believed in Long Xiao’s words. No doubt, they strongly protested against Gao Chong, Zhao Jing hurriedly knelt down and confessed his mistake to Gao Chong, claiming that he was involved in Gao Chong.

Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing watched all this, they both insisted on their own words. Zhou Zishu thought that someone deliberately set up for Gao Chong, but Wen Kexing felt that the Five Lakes League was a mob. He wanted to see how Gao Chong ended. Zhou Zishu persuaded him. Wen Kexing should not be blinded by hatred, he should treat the Five Lakes League in a correct way.

Gao Chong vowed to Heaven and waited for Ghost Valley to be wiped out, and he took Long Xiao and everyone to pass down the secrets in the arsenal. If he broke his promise then, there would be no place to bury him. Everyone was immediately dumb, and Long Xiao had to leave in anguish. Gao Chong pulled Zhang Chengling over, publicly announced his marriage to Gao Xiaolian, and promised to hand over the Yueyang sect to them after getting married. Gao Chong would become a monk, and he would never worry about the affairs of the world.

Gao Chong took out the mountain and river order of the sword immortal of Changming Mountain, and wanted to be an alliance with everyone present. Huang He said cold words on the side. Gao Chong grabbed his hand and pressed the sword on the sword, and the blood dripped into the wine jar. Feng Xiaofeng proposed The issue of the ownership of Liuhe Mind Method and Yin-Yang Book, each sect wanted to claim it for themselves. They did not give way to each other, and they were about to fight each other. Wen Kexing wanted to see them fighting, Zhou Zishu disagreed with him, and finally parted ways. .

Qiao Luohan conveyed the order of the poisonous scorpion to the impermanent ghost. The impermanent ghost first made a noise, framed the collusion between Gao Chong and Guigu and killed Zhang Yusen, Ao Laizi and Lu Taichong, all in order to occupy the Liulijia. Deng Kuan was whistled and bewitched by the whistle. He killed the jailer and went straight to the Five Lakes Monument. He counted the lofty and unjust acts one by one. Deng Kuan died on the spot, and Gao Chong was immediately dumbfounded.

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