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Vincenzo 빈센조 Episode 5 Recap

The people who had been helped by Hong Yucan were very enthusiastic to help them complete this operation. Hong Cheying felt their kindness and was suddenly moved. The senior of BABEL Pharmaceuticals, although Zhang Hanxu is the chairman, he is just a puppet of his elder brother Zhang Junyu. He was strangled by his elder brother and ordered to do something. After Zhang Hanxu left his eldest brother’s house, although he was in a bad mood, life continued, so he went to the gym to exercise, and Vincenzo had a chance encounter with him.

Vincenzo pretended to be the chairman’s passionate meal, admiring him very much, and deliberately testing him. Zhang Hanxu was originally an embroidered pillow. Vincenzo quickly judged that he was not the behind-the-scenes boss of BABEL Pharmaceuticals. No one thought that the naive intern Zhang Junyu was the manipulator behind BABEL Pharmaceuticals. Zhang Junyu and Hong Cheying still kept in touch. Hong Cheying gloated unsuspectingly in front of him, exposing his involvement in this matter.

Vincenzo has been groping in the underworld for so many years, knowing that if they want to meet the manipulators behind the scenes, they must first pull Zhang Hanxu down, and Cui Mingxi thought for a long time and found the straw law firm and wanted to meet Vincenzo. Vincenzo doesn’t want to expose himself at this time, so he can’t speak in front of Cui Mingxi and expose his voice. Cui Mingxi forced Vincenzo to speak. Vincenzo has been pretending to make Cui Mingxi very suspicious. And Zhang Junyu used his power to make himself a regular employee of Youshang.

Hong Cheying knows many inside stories about BABEL. She explained to Vincenzo one by one. All the important figures who deceived the public from the BABEL Pharmaceuticals partnership have been listed. With their existence, many of BABEL’s crimes have been hidden. Vincenzo and Hong Cheying went to the door one by one, intending to directly use threats to turn the litigation agent into their person first, and Su Xianyu was their first target.

Zhang Junyu called Zhang Hanxu and asked him to bring reporters from Dachang Daily to visit BABEL Chemical, and asked them to create the illusion that BLSD has been developed. Zhang Hanxu obeyed his words. For this big brother, Zhang Hanxu loves and hates him, and he can’t do it without him. Sitting in this position, but leaving him, he is nothing. On the day of the press conference, the employees of BABEL Pharmaceuticals vomited blood in front of the media and hit Zhang Hanxu, scared him to leave immediately to the hospital, leaving the employees dying on the ground, and someone in his ear said something to do. Sign the agreement before going to the hospital.

Hong Cheying boasted that he could deal with the victims and cried bitterly in front of them. Vincenzo had nothing to say, and the victims at the scene refused to believe her. Vincenzo stood up in time to speak for her. He said that their lawsuits would have been lost because they did not have a good lawyer like them. The victims looked around and hesitated. Finally, under Vincenzo’s persuasion, he agreed. Hong Cheying. People from the demolition team often come to the building to make trouble. Hong Cheying and Vincenzo happened to meet them when they returned to the building, and Vincenzo settled them.

Vincenzo won the bet with Hong Cheying, but he didn’t really flick his forehead. The close interaction between the two people made the atmosphere between the two people a little ambiguous. At this moment, Zhang Junyu became a fanatic of a small attendant. Looks like he came to the straw law firm secretly. Zhang Junyu told Hong Chaying that he had become a formal partner and said that he would invite Hong Chaying to dinner. Vincenzo was stimulated by Zhang Junyu’s mockery. The two big men quarreled about whether they could eat spicy food and would not go to dinner together. Vincenzo bit his head and followed.

Several people discussed the case at hand, enduring the spicy food with Hong Chaying again and again, only Hong Chaying was enjoying the food without changing his face, she did not understand the battle between the two big men at all. The research institute who vomited blood at the BABEL Pharmaceuticals conference was Li Yuying, a buddy of a monk in the Golden Building. He actually had chronic blood cancer. After learning that he was working at BABEL, the doctor even excused BABEL, saying that it was the researcher’s own problem.

When the three of Hong Chaying finished eating, they received a call from the residents in the building and hurried back with Vincenzo, who was too hot to walk. They learned about the situation and learned that Li Yuying was killed by BABEL. Yes, the residents begged Hong Cheying and Vincenzo to help the whole enthusiastic boy. After they talked, the host suddenly sat up and said that he would help them deal with the BABEL group.

The host brought the residents of the building to Su Xianyu’s office, cast a spell in it, and drove him out of the office. Vincenzo and Hong Cheying waited for a long time at the door, and Hong Cheying took out a report on the resignation of the lawyer in charge of the plaintiff. It turned out that Hong Chaying had already obtained evidence of his collection of money. Although it was only a recording, Vincenzo also found where he hid the money. Su Xianyu had nowhere to hide. All his money was donated by Vincenzo. .

Hong Chaying and Vincenzo came to Youshang and took out a report to the lawyer in charge of leaving office. As soon as Vincenzo spoke, Cui Mingxi guessed that he had wanted to murder himself, and Vincenzo was not afraid. They asked Youshang to admit the mistakes of BABEL Pharmaceuticals to the world and make amends to the victims. Youshang directly rejected their request, because once they admitted these, their law firm would face bankruptcy.

Vincenzo believes that not every lawsuit must be won. The enemy’s ability, greed and cunning are unpredictable. Although Hong Chaying has been a lawyer for eight years, he did not have Vincenzo to understand those dark methods. Hong Cheying also had to listen to him. Su Xianyu had been thrown onto a deserted island at this time, and Vincenzo also prepared some survival tools for him intimately. Vincenzo intends to use Mafia methods to make this lawsuit invalid. His determination made Hong Cheying a little surprised, but he decided to trust Vincenzo.

Vincenzo planned to leave South Korea after solving the BABEL pharmaceutical matter. Hong Cheying thought he would stay. This question made Vincenzo a little upset. Because of Vincenzo’s help to the residents of the Golden Building and Hong Yucan, the residents showed the greatest kindness to Vincenzo. They ironed his clothes and prepared a big meal for him.

This time, he was unexpectedly satisfied with Vincenzo. . Vincenzo and Hong Cheying are about to attend the court. At the same time, Cui Mingxi and others are already answering questions from reporters. Their arrival has successfully attracted reporters and surrounded them. Behind them, the residents in the golden building began After their performance, they successfully attracted the attention of reporters.

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