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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 14 Recap

After Zeng Jianguo acted bravely and entered the police station for the second time, Wang Yi found that he was the old man who cried bitterly last time, and Zeng Jianguo also recognized the identity of the other party based on the ring. The two talked about their children on the way back. Wang Yi advised Zeng Jianguo to understand the children’s choice. As a result, this scene happened to be seen by Lao Ni, which caused a misunderstanding.

Early the next morning, Zeng Jianguo ordered Zeng Zhiting and Xing Yaoping to remarry, and he did not hesitate to deceive her into the old house. The three brothers and sisters pleaded for the eldest sister to no avail, so they hurriedly informed the eldest brother-in-law to come back. At this time, Xing Yaoping was in the car thinking about the derailment six months ago. At that time, he was having a dinner with his colleagues, and was so drunk that he was helped by his apprentice that night. The hotel was resting, and when I got up in the morning, I found out that the other party was wearing a nightgown, claiming that he would not be held accountable because he would go abroad in two days.

Xing Yaoping received the news from Zeng Zhiling, and desperately rushed to the old house, voluntarily admitting that the reason for the divorce was his derailment. Everyone was stunned on the spot, no one believed that the eldest brother-in-law, who had always been honest and honest, would cheat. The first thing that broke out was Zeng Zhidong. He suddenly beat Xing Yaoping frantically. Zeng Zhixiang hurriedly took the key and opened the door. Zeng Zeng Zhiting rushed out to stand in front of Zeng Zhidong.

Faced with everyone’s astonishment, Zeng Zhidong expressed desperately that he had completely lost confidence in the marriage, and finally admitted to his family the mental illness that had tortured him for many years. Zeng Zhidong mentioned that Xing Yaoping is a good man’s role model. He has been used to quarreling with his parents since he was a child. He has never believed in marriage and has always lived by taking psychiatric drugs. Since seeing the happy appearance of Xing Yaoping and Zeng Zhiting, I began to believe in marriage. Now my example has fallen, and I no longer believe in marriage.

For the Zeng family, the divorce of the eldest couple and the exposure of the second child’s mental illness are unbearable blows. Zeng Zhidong brought two apples to apologize to Zeng Zhiting. Recalling the events of those years, the conditions at the family were not good, the children were too burdened and couldn’t afford fruit. Lao Ni felt sorry for the children who often brought back the leftover fruit from the dining car.

Because there are too few fruits, the four children are often unevenly divided, so they will fight for the fruits. Zeng Zhiting has taken on too many responsibilities over the years, and the three younger siblings respect Zeng Zhiting as a mother from the bottom of their hearts. Now that Zeng Jianguo has lived in Zeng Zhiting’s house for a long time, he didn’t realize this problem, so he decided not to mention the matter of remarrying again, but I hope Zeng Zhiting will tell herself if he encounters problems, because her family is still the place where she is closest.

Zeng Zhiting was heartbroken and touched, and reminded him that the second child Zeng Zhidong needs to be cared most now in his family. She has already contacted the director of the psychology department and planned to take Zeng Jianguo to find out. The director of the psychology department gave a warm welcome to Zeng Jianguo and Zeng Zhiting, and finally pointed out that Zeng Zhidong is a typical psychological disorder, which belongs to a kind of mental illness. If it is serious, it will affect the life of the patient. Zeng Jianguo felt heavy when he heard it. Zeng Zhiting, who was standing outside the door, heard the conversation and finally realized what Zeng Jianguo had done for the family.

Although Zeng Zhidong found a job again, he was very puzzled. Zeng Zhixiang guessed that the work in Fan Yuqing’s club might be Dong Chunxiang’s help, but Pang Wenjing was the mediation. Zeng Jianguo took the initiative to visit Xing Yaoping in the dormitory. He happened to see Xing Yaoping resting, so he sat next to him and waited for him to wake up.

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