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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 13 Recap

As a friend of women, Lao Ni was only eager to help the old lady, and ended up in the trap of a fairy dance. Zeng Jianguo and Xing Yaoping rushed to rescue them. They fought against the fraud gang, and worked together to subdue the criminals and call the police. In the police station, the police conducted transcript consultations and found that Xing Yaoping’s transcript information was different from the system’s personal information, and the divorced marital status was written as married.

Seeing Xing Yaoping lower his head silently, without any explanation, Zeng Jianguo’s heart was ashamed. The model benchmark he set up by himself for many years crashed to the ground, and he was a fatal blow. Xing Yaoping called to inform Zeng Zhiting of the matter. At this time, Zeng Zhiting was holding a memorial service for Professor Mao in the field, so he told him to be optimistic about Zeng Jianguo Modern and then clarify the situation after he returned. As the classmates left one after another, Zeng Zhiting stood in front of Professor Mao’s grave and cried, although Xing Yaoping is a good person, she will never let go of the mistakes she made before.

Zeng Jianguo came to the deep corner of the garden alone and cried. Xing Yaoping stood behind the tree and witnessed the scene. It was not a feeling in his heart. Wang Yi happened to be passing by, so out of good intentions, Zeng Jianguo didn’t even lift his head. Mu Ran took it, only remembering that he was wearing a ring on that hand.

Lao Ni came out of the police station and ran directly to the old house of Zeng’s family. The siblings were surprised and sad when they heard the news of the divorce of the eldest sister. Just when everyone did not know what to do, Zeng Zhidong suddenly received a call from his father, and Zeng Zhiling sent a message to Xing Yaoping, asking him to come over and make it clear.

That night, Zeng Jianguo went home without responding to anyone, and simply locked himself in the room. The three brothers and sisters of Zeng Zhidong sat in the living room to discuss countermeasures. The topic mainly revolved around the divorce of the elder sister and his wife. Now Zeng Zhiting has become a star doctor, but in Zeng Zhidong’s view, her so-called success depends on her elder brother-in-law’s help. Now the two seem to be unequal. In fact, inequality has appeared as early as 20 years ago.

Xing Yaoping worked as a senior sound engineer in the art troupe. He fell in love with Zeng Zhiting, a poor student. Later, the hospital planned to focus on training Zeng Zhiting, plus the process of studying for Ph.D. Considering that Xing Haiyang needs someone to take care of him, Xing Yaoping would rather give up his career and opportunities and be willing to be an online hire driver.

Because of this, everyone hopes to save the eldest sister’s marriage. However, Zeng Zhiting returned to the old house. Faced with everyone’s questioning, he briefly and clearly stated that he had been divorced by Xing Yaoping, because the gap between the two was increasing Big, unable to continue life. Zeng Jianguo thinks Xing Yaoping is a good husband, and he wholeheartedly considers the Zeng family. He even mentioned Xing Yaoping’s help to Zeng Zhiting’s Ph.D. Even others think that the eldest sister did too much this time.

In the face of repeated accusations from everyone, Zeng Zhiting remained silent, but took on the failed marriage alone, and did not tell the truth about Xing Yaoping’s derailment from beginning to end. Until he left the door, the tears that had been accumulated for a long time gush out. With Dong Chunxiang’s support, Zeng Zhixiang took the initiative to ask Zeng Zhiting about the situation. However, Zeng Zhiting gritted her teeth and claimed that the two divorced because of their emotional discord. Dong Chunxiang persuaded Zeng Zhixiang not to ask Zeng Zhiting. I believe Zeng Zhiting was also uncomfortable.

Zeng Jianguo went to a lakeside park in the suburbs to relax. He was saddened by the turmoil in his family for several days, and he suddenly saw a man violently domesticating his wife. The passers-by all spoke and criticized. Wang Yi stepped forward to prevent the man who was nearly beaten up. Just as he was about to be beaten by a man, Zeng Jianguo tried to teach the perpetrator and reported the police.

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