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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 12 Recap

Under Fan Yuqing’s introduction, the car repair shop’s business was getting better and better. Dong Chunxiang went to the company to thank Fan Yuqing in person. When she saw the pictures on the wall, she knew that she had been paying attention to Zeng Zhixiang a long time ago. At the same time, Zeng Zhidong left the hotel after completing the formalities, recalling what he had done here, and couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Xiaoqiang and Xiaoxin were very reluctant to Zeng Zhidong, but Pang Wenjing took the initiative to contact Mr. Li to meet after he left.

In the following days, Zeng Zhidong had failed to interview many companies in succession, and the originally scheduled positions were suddenly cancelled. Coupled with the help of his friends, he immediately realized that all this was Pang Wenjing behind the scenes. After Zeng Zhiling’s incident, she planned to find Pang Wenjing to settle the accounts, but Zeng Zhidong thought that the family was already messy enough now, so she didn’t want to cause any more trouble.

Since Zeng Jianguo was uneasy about the relationship problem of the youngest, he took the initiative to take Lao Ni to the car dealership, but happened to see Dong Chunxiang assisting Zeng Zhixiang to get out of the car. The two seemed to be close to each other and did not want to avoid any suspicion. Old Ni saw Zeng Jianguo’s anger, so he hurriedly dragged him away, and carefully analyzed Zeng Zhixiang’s personal situation.

Even so, Zeng Jianguo still didn’t listen to Lao Ni’s words. He took the initiative to call Xing Yaoping to the square to assign tasks. During the day, he went to the car dealership to guard, and at night, he let Zeng Zhixiang live in the old house to monitor the movement. Xing Yaoping went to the hospital to report to Zeng Zhiting about Zeng Jianguo, saying that since Zeng Jianguo decided to return to the old house, he moved back to the dormitory again. Seeing Xing Yaoping’s departure from the back, Zeng Zhiting’s heart is very complicated.

Afterwards, Zeng Jianguo and Lao Ni went to the car repair shop under the leadership of Xing Yaoping. The technicians greeted Zeng Jianguo. Dong Chunxiang personally gave Zeng Jianguo a motorcycle as a gift. Zeng Zhixiang took this opportunity to encourage Dong Chunxiang to take photos with Zeng Jianguo and Lao Ni. Zeng Zhiting smiled knowingly when he received the photo from Xing Yaoping. Colleague Tony came to send the information, which happened to look at this situation, and then felt that Zeng Zhiting is the girl she likes most, but unfortunately she is married.

While everyone was happy, Zeng Jianguo proposed to notify his children and hold family gatherings as usual. Just as Zeng Jianguo celebrated Zeng Zhidong’s return to work at the dinner table, Zeng Zhixiang’s body gradually recovered, and his youngest daughter Zeng Zhiling had a stable job. Unexpectedly, Zeng Zhiting came in aggressively and questioned Zeng Zhidong’s resignation on the spot.

It turned out that when Zeng Zhiting went to the hotel to visit her senior sister, she happened to meet Lao Cui and learned about it. Seeing Zeng Jianguo reprimanding his second brother loudly, the younger sister Zeng Zhiling cried out about Pang Wenjing. That night, Zeng Zhiting took the initiative to apologize to Zeng Zhidong, lamenting that he didn’t know much about his emotional life. Zeng Jianguo also felt that she shouldn’t teach others casually without understanding the situation, but she didn’t want her children to always hide it.

Fan Yuqing saw Zeng Zhiling’s circle of friends, so he called his club and arranged for them to invite Zeng Zhidong for an interview. Zeng Jianguo voluntarily ran to the hotel to question Pang Wenjing, thinking that she had caused Zeng Zhidong to lose her job and even forced her to desperate. Seeing Zeng Jianguo’s emotions, Pang Wenjing called Zeng Zhidong, hoping that the three of them could speak frankly.

According to Pang Wenjing’s calm recount, Zeng Jianguo finally sorted out the grievances between the two. At that time, Zeng Zhidong was unable to study abroad because of his unsatisfactory TOEFL scores. Pang Wenjing had excellent grades, so he decided to marry Zeng Zhidong first, and then let him go abroad as an accompanying student.

However, Zeng Zhidong did not show up for a long time after reaching the agreed date to register with the Civil Affairs Bureau, and so far has not given her a word. It is precisely because Zeng Zhidong failed Pang Wenjing that Pang Wenjing has been unable to face feelings for so many years. Zeng Jianguo felt ashamed, so he bowed to Pang Wenjing and left the hotel with Zeng Zhidong. Zeng Jianguo wanted to ask Zeng Zhidong why he gave up in the first place, but he almost drove Zeng Zhidong crazy. He was shocked and at the same time reflected on his own problems, whether he did not know enough about the child’s heart.

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