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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 9 Recap

Qi Yue went to the bank to replenish his card early in the morning. Wen Xiaoyang explained the situation to Wen Ruxue. After Qi Yue took the money, he asked Wen Ruxue and the others to eat. Wen Ruxue calmly admitted to Wen Xiaoyang.

Dai Xixi thanked Duan Xu for his rescue last night. Duan Xu’s attitude was very indifferent. He also assigned her a lot of work and asked her to sort out the documents as soon as possible. Dai Xixi thought he was waiting for an opportunity to retaliate. Duan Xu explained My colleague had already sorted twice as many documents yesterday, but Dai Xixi was drinking in a bar at that time, so Dai Xixi had to do so.

Ding Huiqiao came to the fencing hall to train on time. Luo Shang was very fond of her and invited her to dinner. Ding Huiqiao refused because of something. She suddenly received a call from Wen Ruxue and learned that the surveillance video showed Qi Yue in the room. She hurried back without saying anything, and Luo Shang secretly vowed to chase Ding Huiqiao. Dai Xixi was busy until late before organizing the documents on that large table. She was so tired that she lay down on the table and took a nap, Duan Xu was watching.

Wen Ruxue called and told Dai Xixi to go home to watch the surveillance. When Dai Xixi learned that she had taken the evidence, she rushed home. Wen Ruxue squatted in the car downstairs and let Ding Huiqiao and Dai Xixi watch the surveillance video and witnessed it with their own eyes. Qi Yue rummaged in each room, Wen Ruxue decided to watch the changes first, and then find a chance to drive Qi Yue away.

Qi Yue made a large table of dishes by himself. Wen Xiaoyang was full of praise for her cooking skills. At a glance, Wen Ruxue recognized that Qi Yue was wearing the latest bracelet of this year. She was curious to ask about the origin of the bracelet. Qi Yue answered yes. A fan gave her to her last year. Wen Ruxue asked Qi Yue about her next plan.

She was going to study abroad and first came to Shanghai to discuss cooperation with the editor. As a result, her wallet and mobile phone were stolen. She could only stay in Shanghai for a while. Wen Ruxue was curious about the whereabouts of the money Qi Yue made from drawing comics for so many years. Qi Yue claimed that his mother was sick and left all the money to her.

Wen Xiaoyang saw that Wen Ruxue was torturing Qi Yue, and he was about to return to the house before he finished eating. Qi Yue followed closely. Wen Ruxue showed the fashion magazine to Dai Xixi and Ding Huiqiao, exposing Qi Yue’s pairing. The lie about the bracelet, the two of them also thought Qi Yue was very mysterious. Wen Xiaoyang brought Qi Yue to the comics to work. Seeing that there were not many customers in the store, Qi Yue offered to go home first to cook for Wen Xiaoyang. Wen Xiaoyang didn’t think much.

Qi Yue bought vegetables and went home. Instead of going to the kitchen to cook, she rummaged through the various rooms. Suddenly she found out the necklace Li Wensen gave to Ding Huiqiao and took it out to try it on, but was caught by Wen Ruxue. Right now. Wen Ruxue called Dai Xixi and Ding Huiqiao to come back for a meeting. Dai Xixi just wanted to get off work, and Duan Xu asked her to correct a presentation, which was needed for the conference tomorrow, so Dai Xixi had to stay and work overtime.

Dai Xixi opened the mailbox to modify the presentation document, but the computer kept crashing. She had to send a message to notify Duan Xu. Duan Xu told Dai Xixi of her computer password and asked Dai Xixi to modify it on his computer. Ding Huiqiao and Wen Ruxue sat down and negotiated with Qi Yue, reminding her to stay away from Wen Xiaoyang. Qi Yue had no air ticket to go abroad and had to stay with Wen Xiaoyang for a while. Ding Huiqiao promised to buy her a ticket and sent her away immediately. airport. On the way, Qi Yue was very sad, feeling like a prisoner on the execution ground, and Wen Ruxue sneered at her.

Wen Xiaoyang came home from get off work and saw a letter left by Qi Yue, only to know that she had left without saying goodbye. Qi Yue encouraged Wen Xiaoyang not to give up his dream of comics, and firmly believed that they would meet again. Wen Xiaoyang broke down in tears. Wen Ruxue and Ding Huiqiao wanted to watch Qi Yue walk into the boarding gate with their own eyes. Qi Yue left one last sentence, persuading Wen Ruxue not to prevent Wen Xiaoyang from liking Belikov.

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