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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 10 Recap

Wen Ruxue and Ding Huiqiao sent Qi Yue away. On the way back, Wen Ruxue deleted all the surveillance videos. Ding Huiqiao advised her to leave evidence for Wen Xiaoyang to have a look at. Wen Ruxue would rather let Wen Xiaoyang blame her , And didn’t want her to be disappointed by Qi Yue.

Sure enough, as expected by Ding Huiqiao, when Wen Xiaoyang saw Wen Ruxue, he spread all his anger on her. Wen Xiaoyang regarded Qi Yue as a spiritual support, but he did not expect that Wen Ruxue would cruel her away.

Wen Xiaoyang yelled at Wen Ruxue, accusing her of so many years of distress, she was not happy at all, all to please Wen Ruxue and her mother, Wen Ruxue never said a word. Early the next morning, Duan Xu came to Master Dai Xixixing to inquire about her guilt and pointed out her mistakes one by one. Dai Xixi was very aggrieved. Duan Xu gave her a severe lesson and asked her to take the qualification test as soon as possible.

Li Wensen beat President Lin for Ding Huiqiao. Not only did he lose Lin as a client, he was also punished by the company. Li Wensen weighed in and decided to work in Shenzhen and let Sa Sa act as the acting director. Before leaving, Li Wensen came to Ding Huiqiao to leave. Ding Huiqiao felt very sorry that he was the one who caused Li Wensen to be transferred.

That night, Li Wensen received a call from his father Li Zixue and learned that he was playing chess with someone. Li Wensen hurried home to see what happened. He spoke to Li Zixue and persuaded Li Zixue. Li Zixue knew that Li Wensen was sent to Chengdu, so he thought. Go with him, or take the opportunity to show off in the circle of friends, Li Wensen persuaded him to go again next time, Li is confident that he will not do it, Li Wensen had to book him a plane ticket.

When Chen Jiaqian went to the coffee shop downstairs, he accidentally saw Liu Ke discussing cooperation with investors. The investors rejected him without even reading the plan. Chen Jiaqian saw everything in his eyes. Liu Ke never found a job. He asked Duan Xu to drink, vomited bitterness to Duan Xu, and Duan Xu called clients overnight, and tried his best to recommend work for Liu Ke. Because the Dai family is very powerful in this circle, Liu Ke is in this circle. Was blocked.

Dai Xixi wanted to get the qualification certificate down as soon as possible. She rushed to review all the time and asked Duan Xu humbly. Duan Xu ridiculed her and revealed the news that Liu Ke was banned because of their family. Dai Xixi called her father to find out the situation. Dai’s father made it clear that Liu Ke had not been blocked. Dai Xixi asked his father to introduce Liu Ke to work, but Dai’s father flatly refused.

Wen Ruxue’s client is going to Sanya to take a wedding dress. She is not worried about Wen Xiaoyang. Ding Huiqiao promised to take good care of Wen Xiaoyang. Since Qi Yue left, Wen Xiaoyang ignored Wen Ruxue and Wen Ruxue tried her best to please her. , Also drew a cartoon of the three of them, and Wen Ruxue used that painting as a talisman.

Wen Ruxue lined up at the airport to get a boarding pass. Li Wensen and Li Zixue also took the same flight. Li Zixue stepped in front of her without saying anything. Wen Ruxue was very dissatisfied and had an argument with Li Zixue. Wen Ruxue boarded the plane smoothly and saw Li Zixue sitting next to her. Li Zixue also deliberately changed Li Wensen to the seat inside, not wanting him to be next to Wen Ruxue, and insinuated that Wen Ruxue was Kefu’s life, Wen Ruxue. Snow held him up without sending it.

Ding Huiqiao went to a hotel to attend the press conference, and saw the customer Jessica coming in from a distance. She hurried over to greet him. Unexpectedly, Luo Shang was the doorman of the hotel and was responsible for driving the guests with luggage. Ding Huiqiao mistakenly thought it was Luo. Shang came for her. Luo Shang claimed that he was coming to work, and promised to tell her next time in class. Ding Huiqiao went to the kendo gym for classes. She defeated Luo Shang without any effort. Ding Huiqiao suspected Luo Shang had deliberately released the water and threatened to change coaches.

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