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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 23 Recap

Everyone was discussing, and everyone rushed in panting, saying that a group of police officers outside the door were looking for Yi Qunxian. First Yi Qun was unwilling to go home and ask his classmates for help. Yannian calmly gave instructions and asked Yi Qun to jump out the window to the French Training Hall. The girls returned to the dormitory to cover, and the boys followed him to open the door. The police search failed and had to leave in disgrace. Yi Qun first came to the French Training Hall and stepped in, and finally escaped.

The next day, the classmates looked for the reporter and stepped on people together. After watching Liu Mei’s identification of Guo Xingang, they discovered that the reporter was Zhang Fengzai. Everyone stopped Zhang Fengzai when they saw the opportunity, Liu Mei pretended to quarrel with Yi Qun first, and asked Zhang Fengzai to say that he hated Chen Yannian deeply, and it was necessary to expose all the scandals of Chen Duxiu and his son. When Zhang Fengzai heard here thinking that Liu Mei had been separated from the mutual aid agency, he was quite proud to unite them with Yi Kuilong, and asked reporters to write articles that vilified Chen Duxiu. He suddenly realized that Liu Mei was full of anger.

Qian Xuantong sent a lot of manuscripts to the editorial department of the new youth. The editors kept reviewing the articles sent continuously, but they were very busy. Here, Education Chief Fu Zengxiang invited Cai Yuanpei over. Although he supports the New Culture Movement, the pressure from all parties is too great, but Cai Yuanpei believes that this is a principle and axiom, not something that can be compromised.

Zhang Changli took the Peking University magazine and filed a complaint everywhere to impeach Fu Zengxiang and Cai Yuanpei. Under the leadership of Lin Shu, many scholars of the Tongcheng faction aimed at Cai Yuanpei one after another. The monitoring list sent by Wu Bingxiang also included the names of Cai Yuanpei and Chen Duxiu. Cai Gong is now an enemy. But Cai Yuanpei stood up indifferently, and he knew what Fu Zengxiang had said. He said that he was not a bull, and he would be accommodating wherever he could, and left immediately.

On the way back, Cai Yuanpei felt distressed. He got out of the car and bought a copy of the “Gong Yan Bao”, but he saw the open letter written by Lin Shu to him. Lin Shu called many colleagues to his home and explained the letter he wrote to Cai Yuanpei quite proudly. In the red building, Li Dazhao listened to the false reports of the Work-study Mutual Aid Association and discussed solutions. Yannian decides to persuade Yi Kuilong first, and find evidence of Zhang Fengzai’s malicious slander before counterattack. Yi Qunxian said that Zhang Shizhao was once the boss of his father Yi Kuilong, and he would be able to persuade him successfully if he could come forward. At this time, Cai Yuanpei sent someone to call Li Dazhao away, which was very urgent.

Cai Yuanpei showed them the novel “Demon Dream” published by Lin Shu in the newspaper, and Lu Xun interpreted the characters and stories in the novel one by one, which clearly satirized Cai Yuanpei and their advocates of new culture as stinking dung. The Anfu politicians also pointed at Peking University, accused Chen Duxiu, Qian Xuan and others by name, and demanded their dismissal. The tree wanted to be quiet and the wind continued. Cai Yuanpei had been so tolerant that they still deceived too much. Cai Gong decided to put on his perseverance and fight them head-on.

Lu Xun publicly criticized Lin Shu’s novel in the Peking University Auditorium, which attracted applause from the students. Li Dazhao took to the streets, gave public speeches to the masses, denounced the hypocrisy of the old forces, and chanted long live the New Culture Movement. Mao Zedong also stepped onto the podium. He called on the masses to pursue freedom and liberation. He firmly believed that one day the reform of the Chinese nation would be more thorough than any other nation, and China would surely usher in a glorious day.

Lin Shu hated Zhang Fengzai’s act of not recovering the “Monster Dream” article. He yelled at Zhang Fengzai for being a virtuous and ethical villain. Zhang Fengzai pretended to kneel on the ground, but Zhang Changli persuaded that it would be okay to tear his face. It must be confronted in court in Parliament. Lin Shu finally understood that the literati and the politicians were not in the same way. He blasted Zhang Changli away, crying and said that he would never see them again.

The students of the Mutual Aid Association held a meeting to arrange to solve the problem of negative reports. They split into three ways to fight back from three aspects: persuading Yi Kuilong, exposing and finding Japanese reporters to report on Zhang Fengzai’s scandal, and collecting and sorting out evidence materials. Zhang Fengzai told Zhang Changli about his inner anxiety.

The letter he wrote to Cai Yuanpei was unanswered. He expected Cai Yuanpei to get angry so that his remarks would be self-defeating, but he failed. Zhang Changli asked Zhang Fengzai to work in the National Police Agency after graduation, but Zhang Fengzai still wanted to stay at Peking University. Zhang Changli unceremoniously said that he was a fake Taoism, and the rogue was wearing a literati’s coat, which made Zhang Fengzai unhappy, and he was not all taught by him now.

Zhang Changli will go to the Congress to debate the proposal the day after tomorrow. He wants to use Yi Kuilong as a gunman, and hides behind himself to watch. But he also knew that it was impossible to take Cai Yuanpei down. He made such a farce to give Cai Yuanpei and others a disarm and put pressure on the government of the Republic of China. At the same time, he arranged for Zhang Fengzai to convene a large number of reporters, and only through public opinion can they create greater momentum.

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